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  1. A further sign (if any were needed), That a second Trump presidency would be a fascist state where no one, not even the highest in the land are safe.

    Could Joe Biden be interned under a Trump administration for an alleged attempted assassination of Donald Trump?

    Trump falsely claims Biden, FBI had plan to assassinate him during Mar-a-Lago search
    The FBI issued a rare statement saying it followed standard protocol in 2022.

    ByAlexander Mallin
    May 22, 2024, 9:41 AM

    “Anytime the fbi takes an adversarial action like executing a search warrant, there is a deadly force policy,” former DOJ official and ABC News contributor Sarah Isgur tweeted. “If there is danger to you or public and there’s no alternatives, you are authorized to use deadly force. This is standard policy.”

  2. Efforts to draft a pandemic treaty falter

    “The accord’s aim was to set guidelines for how the WHO’s 194 member countries might stop future pandemics and better share resources. But experts warned there were virtually no consequences for countries that don’t comply”

    When guidelines have consequences for failure to comply they go from being guidelines to becoming rules one has to follow.

    • Britain’s department of health said it would only agree to an accord if it adhered to British national interest and sovereignty.

  3. and with Sir Ian Taylor in mind, Are David and Shane the ultimate Mary’s?
    Just asking for a friend because I happened to be in Blackball a few days before the Almighty God descended on Blackball – and a couple of other places where he graced them with His presence.
    I had my own ‘close-to-home’ issues to resolve: such as how fucking funny it is that one of the mining lobbyist spin doctors is spinning. A total soak (ex? johnolists) who is desperately (and probably successfully) re-inventing herself..
    Gore Vidal. FFS! Josie.. You’ve NEVER been a Vi Dahl. You’re a Vidal – as in Idle with a V.
    You’re ancestors a busy rolling in their graves laughing. But no doubt that won’t concern you or your remaining.
    It’s as funny as a fart

  4. I put up some seemingly good links in the Mike King I am Hope post –

    These are directed to helping parents having poorer income and social conditions to get both a better education and help them ensure their children had a good start.

    In New Zealand/Aotearoa:
    Parents as learning partners
    Educational Leaders › Parents-as-learn…
    Parents as learning partners · Kaitangata community · Lifting new entrant achievement · Parents as first teachers · Reporting to Trustees · Data-driven
    Teachers, parents, and whänau working together in early …
    New Zealand Council for Educational Research › system › files   PDF
    by TEROAMÖ TE · 2006 — There are few reported studies of how teachers in New Zealand early childhood education centres can strengthen their approaches to
    In USA –
    Five Protective Factors are the foundation of the Strengthening Families Approach:
    *parental resilience,
    *social connections,
    *concrete support in times of need,
    *knowledge of parenting and child development,
    *and social and emotional competence of children.
    Strengthening Families Protective Factors
    ‘What We Know: Families thrive when protective factors are robust in their lives and communities’
    A Parent Education Project for Low-Income Families
    ResearchGate › publication › 25438178…
    4 Mar 2024 — To create socially aware virtual agents, we conduct research along two main research directions: 1) develop richer models of multimodal …
    collaborative learning intervention associated with small …
    Taylor & Francis Online › doi › pdf
    by R Keizer · 2022 · Cited by 4 — Collaborative Learning aims to improve parents’ home-based school involvement, their parenting skills, and the quality of
    Engaging Parents in Preventive Interventions for Young …
    National Institutes of Health (NIH) (.gov) › articles › PMC10782850
    by S Dawson-McClure · 2017 · Cited by 45 — To reduce racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic disparities in the USA, parenting interventions must be accessible,
    The new War on Poverty: Tackling two generations at once
    The Washington Post › blogs › 2014/05/07
    7 May 2014 — The parents learn financial skills such as budgeting and tax filing, resumé writing and interview skills, as well as parenting education. And …
    Educating our Children Together: – ERIC
    U.S. Department of Education (.gov) › fulltext
    by S Carter · 2003 · Cited by 52 — This back-up system has increased the amount that children share with parents and has families feeling like our school is doing…

  5. If we want to withstand the forces against we people trying to be civilised and retaining human values into the future, then we need to think outside our own accepted knowledge. So read about Hannah Arendt as I am, that’s my recommendation.
    Anyone you learn of who has practical wisdom to impart advise us and try for others please.

  6. We Scots have so much blood on our hands as the henchmen of the English in their empire. We had zero scruples at profiting from other people, coming from a dirt-poor country. When you saw a Scot coming over the brow of a hill you knew you were entirely fucked. And our Presbyterian religion is the mother-lode of America’s religious insanity (see Paisley, Northern Ireland).

    But our dirt-poor mother country kept generating principles. Pinkerton of the Agency refused to allow his vile sons to use the agents to break up strikes. We produced the first British Labour leaders, one a ‘Good Scot’, the other a ‘Bad Scot’, appropriately.

    We have ideals, ‘A man’s a man for all that’ (Robt Burns), which goes direct down to our NZ ‘Fair Go’. Should be on our flag.

    I understand you English don’t understand us or our importance in NZ. In Oz the taste was Irish, in NZ it was Scots. Just off to tell my youngers this tale, not too much more receptive.

  7. What do I think of a Left that doesn’t like me? Not Left. Yeah, I know I’m an individual.

    I want generous welcomingness. Not the ever-slighting division we meet.

    None of the 3 ‘Left’ blogs are up to that standard.

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