Political Caption Competition

the dead eyed hard right

The dead eyes.

An ocean of dead eyes.


  1. Rich people find out they too could be victims of state violence


    “Anytime the fbi takes an adversarial action like executing a search warrant, there is a deadly force policy,” former DOJ official and ABC News contributor Sarah Isgur tweeted. “If there is danger to you or public and there’s no alternatives, you are authorized to use deadly force. This is standard policy.”

  2. Seymour, ugly on the inside and out. He is about as real as a Ken doll. You’d have to be a fucking idiot to think otherwise.( see Bob above)

  3. Actually they remind me more of Dr Who’s Cybermen, or the Daleks.
    Same robotic singleness of purpose, “exterminate!”
    I wish someone would fucking exterminate them…

    • Because they rationalise the fuck ups in their parasitic world.
      Little Dave’s army conference…
      ” Blah blah … that the homeless people would just be left to die in the gutter is utterly false in a Libertarian system…( parasitic rationalism button ON ) . The gutter would be private property and the homeless will need to fuck off and find somewhere else to die. So there…. ( electronic beeping..)

  4. Prototypes for future AI avatars, holograms or robots – judged to be all-purpose archetypes after psychoanalysis.

  5. What, in your view, ‘has to be done’ bob the first? What, about roger douglas, a two term Labour finance minister who then left Labour to create the ACT Party has anything to do with anything that had to be done? I’m officially, publicly and directly asking you officially here and now what it was that seymour and his “real and brave people” are about to do was which had to be done, to use your words? This is how I see it and I solemnly request a counter narrative from you. Now. Here. Today. seymour etc and ACT are method actors for the privateer criminals now too afraid to show themselves lest someone ask ” How come 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires and four of the second most profitable banksters in the world? roger douglas and other traitors parasitically hidden within Lange’s Labour government who begat the seymour saw the truth coming and would have freaked out at it’s looming and unstoppable approach laden with inarguable truths. When the national party became the national party in 1936 that event almost directly coincided with the abolition of The New Zealand Farmers Union and Federated Farmers was born. A useless, toothless, cadre of old interbreeding tea sippers and biscuit nibblers.
    The Net.
    Who created the New Zealand Farmers Union?
    I don’t know, but I do know there was one because I have a brass and enamel badge stating NZ. Farmers Union on it but from what I can find here the Union became the useless national party ball cupping Federation in 1955. I thought the rich abusers sipping and nibbling within Federated Farmers killed off the Farmers Union well before that. Research pending.
    I know full well Bob that you’re full of shit. Your weak-tea logic just doesn’t stand up. You puff out quips and logical fallacies as though you were programmed by a boring AI. But now, I’m directly challenging you to clearly explain your logic and your agenda’s.

    • Having the courage to make the required changes to improve the Economy so we can spend more where it desperately needs to be spent Education and Health,to create new businesses that create jobs and provide wealth.
      More planned considered environmentally friendly oil,gas and mineral exploration.
      More friendly to our farmers upon whom we depend.Under Labour our farmers were quite frankly picked on to appear to be saving the planet which is nonsense.More accountable Government spending which under Labour was horribly out of control.
      “Sensible Courage”
      I’ve had to endure the endless drivel put out by a countryboy,complete rubbish embellished more often than not by offensive language and a great deal of cut and paste.
      The left of politics is full of critics,the right of politics full of innovative people who create opportunities.

      • how can we actually be kinder to farmers(illustrations required) bob the last….isn’t the freedom to fill our waterways with shit enough…is allowing foreign slave labour unfair to farmers?

        • Kinder to farmers by being realistic with policy not imposing unnecessary costs to look good in the eyes of the flat earth society aka the Greens.

          • We have had to endure the endless drivel put out by a Bob tf, complete rubbish embellished more often than not by biased right wing rhetoric of which was just a jumbled pile of excrement.
            Theright of politics is full of critics,the left of politics full of innovative people who create opportunities.

    • Billy England the Android – ” That does not compute…static void… blip blip… a human life IS a production unit that can be monetized and profitable…. “

  6. ACT party members keep a straight face as they pose with a stolen store mannequin they affectionately named Brooke.

  7. Not those of the Tamaki MP, she has destiny in her sights. By attaching herself to Rimmer she can be a stella nova.

  8. Winston’s decided he’d rather be a whiskey soaked cancer stick than this sorry lot. They’re definitely on the spectrum. Hopefully as soon as he’s got the travel bug out of his cistern, and realises Shane’s in it for Shane, he’ll pull the plug.
    Thankfully @ Brookey wookey and @ Karen, VOYCE have got your numbers

  9. Seymour says:

    “Everyone stay calm and ACT natural – maybe no one has actually read our policy manifesto. We might still get away with this.”

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