MEDIAWATCH: Spinoff doesn’t like the culture war harvest they seeded

the way Spinoff tried to paint the Rosie Parker protest vs the reality

Fear, hate and a putrid stench: Inside the Unsilenced anti-trans event

Joel MacManus endures five hours of fear and hatred as some of New Zealand’s most controversial figures – and a sitting MP – gather to fight against trans rights.

Note: This article contains quotes that may offend. They have been included to present an accurate report of what was said by public figures, including a sitting MP. Please take care. The names of individual attendees have been changed.

The Spinoff doesn’t like the culture war harvest they seeded.

The backlash we are seeing in real time to alienating pure temple identity politics has been a long time coming and we have been handing the Right culture war ammunition for at least 5 years.

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I was very vocal 5 years ago when the middle class woke started their disastrous war on free speech that all they would do is inadvertently rupture dormant political fault-lines on the Right.

ACT was on .7 until woke activists gave Seymour the free speech ammunition and he’s now 7%.

For many Woke, their social media clout was the first taste of power they ever had, and many, especially The Spinoff went drunk with power.

Imagine if MeToo hadn’t mutated into a Salem witch trial where the new evidential threshold becomes ‘whatever a women says on Twitter’.

Imagine if BLM acknowledged that far more white people were shot by Police than black people and instead of rioting had progressed their argument with solidarity?

Imagine if the Trans community had not been so screamingly militant?

Imagine if the woke hadn’t started cancel culture deplatforming?

Imagine if the entire Identity Politics movement had sought to build class solidarity rather than alienating bullshit?

Since 2016s #MeToo moment, a coalition of 5th wave feminists, non gender binary activists, Critical Race Theorists and Critical Gender Theorists have manufactured a faith based woke dogma, the holy trinity of which is:

1 – All white people are irredeemable cross burning racists.

2 – All men are rapists.

3 – Everyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans Community.

Woven into this woke Identity Politics Holy Trinity, is the ‘BELIEVE ALL WOMEN’ mantra, because intersectionism decrees all men are part of a power dynamic which means they can never be victims and because women are morally superior to toxic masculinity males, they would NEVER lie about that abuse.

When it comes to the whole Trans debate, I’m old fashioned. I think finding your true self and being comfortable in your own skin is one of the most important journeys of the human experience.

The idea that there are some men who believe they are women and some women who believe they are men and some people who believe they are both and some people who believe they are neither is as uncontroversial to me as the range of human skin, eye and hair colour.

Referring to someone by their preferred pronouns and identity is just basic good will courtesy offered to every fellow citizen.

If a trans person wishes to share a prison cell or locker room with me, I don’t care, but where I get cancelled by the woke is when I also agree that biological women have a right to philosophically and intellectually challenge some of the identity politics dogma that is being used here.

There is a legitimate debate between gender critical feminists and trans activists but what does it say about that debate when gender critical feminists have been pushed all the way over to the side of Nazis?

I have many self declaring feminist women who privately tell me they have real misgivings with some of the Trans woke dogma but are terrified of saying anything because the Fourth Wave Feminists, non-binary activists and trans ally vegan mommy bloggers rip them to pieces on social media. Part of the problem is that the Trans activists themselves have helped make this debate so radioactively toxic with their cancel culture dynamics.

For me the true tragedy here for the Trans community and the rest of the Idenity Politics movement is how quickly their alienating and over the top attacks along with their fourth wave feminist allies have eroded and burnt so much of the good will the rainbow community had built in the 80s, 90s and 00s.

The rainbow community pre Trans activism had worked to make love and family inclusive, the new woke Trans activists built pure temple cliques that created diversity by cancelling everyone who didn’t agree with them.

This entire issue has caused immense damage on the Left and rather than debating the material well being of citizens, we are lost in middle class identity politics virtue signalling that censors rather than answers and in that cultural space, anger grifters like Posie Parker flourish.

Imagine if the Woke, BLM, Trans and MeToo movements had listened to the 1990s Rainbow Community on how to build solidarity instead of their own alienating intersectionist subjective rage?

That alienation the woke generated is now being harvested by fringe Right wing fear grifters who use it to push a platform of malice and spite.

The middle class woke Left have generated identetarian division, not class solidarity. Left Universalism, properly funded social services and infrastructure by taxing the mega rich are  where we need to forge bonds of common ground and the common good, a tribal allegiance to your genitalia, skin colour or gender identity is of use to no one.

We need less I/Me and more Us/We.

We need to be kinder to individuals and crueller to Corporations.

My fear is the toxic polarisation of politics that hate algorithms have mutated the debate into will be impossible to counter and we have locked ourselves into a constant psychological civil war with the most petty of our natures.


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  1. sadly women have become experts at gaslighting everyone that suits them .Just ask the thousands of kids that never see their father after the age of 5 ,and those same fathers who over night become rapists and molesterers along with many other labels and are thrown out of the family home onto the street with no where to go .Then they hook up with some other bloke or worse put their kids in a dangerous relationship situation .

    • beliving ANYONE I’ll repeat that ANYONE in the absense of actual EVIDENCE is so stupid it defies all logic and process

  2. Martyn – The Spinoff might be a goner soon, National – ACT – NZ First is not funding the Spinoff.

  3. Joel MacManus account of the Inflection Point conference is the most dishonest piece I’ve read for years. His misrepresentation of Jan Rivers address is particularly offensive and his dismissal of Di Landy’s unforgettable oration beggars belief. Both of those conference contributions should be sought out by anyone wanting to understand these issues. Joel Mac Manus suggests he was intimidated by Destiny church members for note taking. I attended the conference myself from start to finish. I took notes throughout, the Destiny people around me showed no other reaction than good will. An alternative report to Spinoff’s effort is available to all on my facebook page.

    • Di Landy constantly bemoans transgenderism and the ‘erasure of women’ in this country, but seems to look more and more masculine day by day.

  4. The people at this conference are basically the Christian Taliban who want to impose Old Testament Biblical law in this country. This will involve mass incarceration of the LGBT community, and out lawing things like abortion, birth control and sex outside marriage.

      • Well if people from Density (not a typo) Church are there then there’s some evidence. If you think homosexuality causes earthquakes you wouldn’t look out of place heading across an arid landscape in a Toyota Hilux waving an AK 47 about

      • Thanks Ennius. Extravagant, emotional claims as made by millsy above are bound to shutdown the thinking parts of readers’ brains and go straight to hot-head agreement or take an immediate negative line.

  5. These righteous and downright aggressive trans activists have a lot to answer for and are creating more amd more anger whenever the topic come up³. When the backfire comes, it will be bad for them, when it shouldn’t be. Everyone loves a good Priscilla QOTD and you can be whoever you want, really, but don’t ask us to change our entire way of life, or reorganise an entire sport, or build special toilets, or change laws just because you made a highly personal choice. It’s not all about you you you you. Actually it’s about us, the other 99.5 %.

  6. The article was incredibly lazy and incurious. Joel MacManus makes fair criticisms of Brian Tamaki and other fringe figures whose rhetoric tends towards unhinged violence.

    But the reporter makes less than zero effort to understand the core arguments of the GC position – it is a literal smear job.

    The media loves to platform the loonies and ignore the left wing GC feminists who stick to the science and human rights arguments. In this the Spinoff (and idpol left) is a mirror image of the emotive bullshit from Tamaki and Posie Parker.

    And why is it always low-T millennial dudes taking these potshots?

    • Interesting question. Where do you think Reece Williams testosterone levels rank? I’m sure they’re high, for a lesbian woman.

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