China has launched its biggest military drills yet just days after Lai Ching-te’s inauguration in Taiwan, communicating clearly that the U.S. military is playing with fire when it comes to supporting Lai’s separatist agenda. War is coming, and this video breaks down just how prepared China is for it.

The US and China prepare for war

The confrontation between the US and China led blocs of imperialist powers is now moving inexorably towards war in the Asia Pacific over Taiwan. The US is in terminal decline as China continues to win the race for global economic supremacy. All US attempts to catch up economically have failed as economic sanctions designed to break up the China bloc by weakening Russia in the war in Ukraine have backfired and Russia and China have strengthened their strategic partnership. NATO is exposed as a paper tiger as its proxy, Ukraine, is losing the war. Yet the fate of Ukraine can only be decided by the dual defeat of both imperialist powers engaged in the proxy war.

The war over Palestine that threatens West Asia has also backfired as the Zionist state threatens to drag the US into an unwinnable nuclear showdown between the two blocs. The war is unwinnable because Hamas and the Axis of Resistance led by Iran proved that it can wipe out Israel short of using nuclear weapons and the US has reigned in Netanyahu and is trying to find two state settlement. The futility of a free Palestine co-existing with the genocidal Zionist state means the fate of Palestine is in the hands of the Arab and world masses winnng the struggle for socialist revolution.

Meanwhile, the real target of the US, China, as leader of the rapidly growing trading bloc of the BRICS, is poised as the rising hegemonic imperialist power staking its economic dominance on the global stage. The shift in economic power from West to East leaves the US with no moves left other than an all-or-nothing war with China over Taiwan, or an ignominious climbdown leaving China as winner to take all. It is this ultimate test of hegemonic power that is now making war over Taiwan the epicenter of inter-imperialist war.

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Taiwan the Epicenture of Asia Pacific war

We are approaching this dangerous inflection point, if we are not already there. Taiwan’s new President Lai Ching-te in his inaugural address, “Building a democratic, peaceful, and prosperous new Taiwan”, called for Taiwan’s resistance to ‘annexation’ by China, with the assistance of ‘outside powers’, meaning the US and its allies. This official crossing of the ‘red line’, that Taiwan is part of China, clearly violates China’s sovereignty and puts China’s response to the test.

So China holds this speech to be a blatant provocation to test its response and has acted accordingly. The rapid deployment of its forces in an exercise to blockade Taiwan and the other ‘inner circle islands’ by air and sea is calculated to ‘strongly Punish’ and hence deter President Lai’s secessionist provocation. For a detailed analysis of China’s blockade see ChinaPower. This puts the ball back into the US court.

So far there has been no official US response to what is a clear escalation by China to ‘punish’ Taiwan. Why? The global balance of power is shifting. The Western bloc is falling apart as the EU is riven by disputes between countries divided over support for both blocs. The global South (including ASEAN) is accelerating towards the Eastern bloc with China on the strength of its economic growth and the new BRICS currency which will challenge the US$. Perhap’s its bluff has been called as it has been in Ukraine and Palestine. But solong as the imperialist powers fight over who will rule the world the danger of the declining hegemonic power taking the rising hegemonic power to a nuclear war remains.

Who can stop WW3?

Where to we go from here? Taiwan originated as a pawn in the civil war in China after 1949 when the defeated bourgeoisie leader Chiang Kai-shek of the KMT retreated to what was then Formosa. The indigenous people of Taiwan have a right to their self-determination against both sides of the Chinese revolution. Now that China is a restored capitalist imperialism, any national grouping over which China claims sovereignty, has a right to self-determination. But this is not possible while Taiwan is being used as a proxy by the two global imperialist rivals. In the event of ‘annexation’ by China claiming its sovereignty, the US would intervene and any escalating war would be between two rival imperialist powers. In such as war workers must reject both sides and call for the defeat of their imperialist ruling classes, and their allies dragged into the war on either side, as the main enemy of the global working class.

There is only one way to stop WW3 between the rival imperialist powers and that is the revolt of the masses against imperialist war by turning these wars into class wars. When the rule of the imperialists depends on genocidal wars including nuclear war, workers have nothing to lose but their lives. Like the Palestinians, the Yemenis and the Kanaks, armed resistance is the road to liberation. Workers in every country have to unite across borders and refuse to fight other workers. We refuse to allow our bodies to be used as cannon fodder for the ruling classes. We have to create workers’ militias to defend ourselves. We need to take power from the warmongers, create workers’ governments and a new international party of socialist revolution to lead the struggle for a socialist world and put an end to the destruction of nature and humanity.


Dave Brownz is TDBs guest marxist because every left wing blog needs a guest marxist


  1. I wonder why the hard right-wing KMT is now on the same side as the CCP… could it be that the CCP is actually now also a hard-right, dictatorial and racist ethno-nationalist outfit? *crickets chirping*

    • lol, or both parties are run by reasonable, sentient humans, while the CIA tools of the DPP are not?

      • Good luck with that interpretation; happy to pay for your one-way ticket to the PRC dictatorshit. Hare ra

  2. @ D.B. I wholeheartedly agree.
    “Workers in every country have to unite across borders and refuse to fight other workers. We refuse to allow our bodies to be used as cannon fodder for the ruling classes. ”
    We in AO/NZ must endure useless multi-billionaires, multi-millionaires and four now foreign owned banks as being the second most profitable in the world to Canada. We also have 600,000 people living in polite poverty and 200,000 kids going without basics, as reported here, so we’re already at war. We have kids murdering each other in street brawls and we have rival armed-gang confrontations reported on almost daily.
    The rich, criminal classes are in control aided and abetted by the now 40 year old neo-liberal mechanism and our lazy, she’ll be rightedness born of a deliberately, politically diminished sense of hope and good will to divide us then concur us to make a ‘good coin’ will be our undoing. She, will not right mates. Don’t let the evil zombies drag you to war.

  3. Dave Brownz wrote “.. armed resistance is the road to liberation… We have to create workers’ militias to defend ourselves.”
    “We have to”? Who? You, I or Dave Brownz? When? Now?
    I’m not knocking the idea, and I would join up if it was to be managed prudently, with wisdom and commitment, but if Dave is the one saying these things then I would expect him to take the lead.

  4. “.. armed resistance is the road to liberation… We have to create workers’ militias to defend ourselves.”

    Some would say that sounds like the second amendment. Or something.

  5. When you’re used to being the undisputed leader of the world, aka the world’s sole bully, then you believe that everyone is like you, aka a bully. That’s the fundamental problem here. There is only one imperialist power in this world – end of story. Look forward to those that believe otherwise, and the verifiable evidence that supports their views.

    As for Taiwan, the USA has long acknowledged Taiwan to be a part of China despite all its hi-jinx ever since.

    “The US side declared: The United States acknowledges that all Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China. The United States Government does not challenge that position.”

    The world’s sole bully will do whatever it takes to stay on top of the world, this includes throwing all of its ‘friends’ under the bus, let alone destroying all its enemies. The simplest option our government can do is to say no to imperialism. Then, we should change sides, side with the non-imperialist bloc of the world, the mob that used to be under the fist of imperialism, the bloc now known as BRICS. Of course, they are not perfect, but at least, they are not looking to destroy the world just to keep the world the way it has otherwise always being.

    The simplest action we can is to understand that the entire global political system is broken – corrupted – led by the one, failing imperialist power. Thus, our start point in regards to any matter/policy, what have you, that may have US or international push to it should be one of disbelief, bordering on no thank you. War being the obvious example. No funding, no sending Kiwis to fight in typically US instigated war. Armed (ironically) with understanding, we can push/pressure government into acting against rotten outside interests. But we have to understand first, understand the true nature of the world today…this in of itself – is the greatest battle of all!

  6. Brownzie is not wrong in his prescription of international working class solidarity for the current world wide shit show. A materialist would say…ok…but how is that to be achieved…and that is the challenge.

    US Students have led well on solidarity with Palestine, and suffered nasty violence for their efforts from the likes of the NYPD, Kanaks have risen again and snotted French Colonialism significantly, so direct action is the answer to most problems.

    Will the international working class develop new leaders and get cranking is the question…and how can you help…

  7. Yes, the US economy (and there by their ongoing military might) is largely dependent on the global demand for the US dollar.

    The formation and growing uptake of the BRICS is challenging the US dollar advantage. And with it, its economic and military might.

    The options for the US are limited. Sabotage the BRICS. Go to war or face ignominious defeat.

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