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  1. WTF?

    Greens’ investigator won’t talk to key witness

    The Greens say: “Our understanding is that someone who chose not to be interviewed for two months has very recently changed their mind. It is in everyone’s best interests that the investigation concludes as quickly as possible and we are confident that natural justice principles will be upheld.”

    Although most would like to see this investigation concluded as quickly as possible, surely most would also prefer if the key witness was interviewed. Failing to will bring the investigation findings into question. And that’s not in everyone’s best interest. Silly Greens

    • I can see where the Greens are in a bit of a bad spot here.
      On one hand, they’ve got the media hounding them about why the report has taken 2 months and for some reason why Darleen is still being paid, which of course she should be.
      She hasn’t been found to have done anything at this stage, as far as we know.
      There’s no reason why Jack Tame had to question that, he’s an idiot.

      On the other hand, it’s a really bad look to rush a report out without talking to a key witness.
      I would assume that them trying to talk to this witness, who had apparently not wanted to talk for two months, is the reason it’s taken this long.

      With that said, now that the witness wants to talk, the response from the Greens investigator and the party should be to postpone the report again for another week or two, so that the investigator can interview the witness.
      If the media is going to hound them for it again, they can explain this away easily enough.
      Now it looks like they’re hiding something.

      I’m hoping the reason they’re not going to talk to this witness is that they know the report is going to find against her, and they’re gonna have to kick her out anyway.
      If that’s not why, we could see the Greens getting crucified for another month in the news cycle.

      Thankfully, it’s a long way from the election and people have short memories; so this shouldn’t massively impact their electoral chances in 2026, so long as they don’t have too many further incidents.

    …In a statement, StraitNZ Bluebridge spokesperson Will Dady confirmed the Strait Feronia ship briefly lost power in Wellington Harbour, before being restarted minutes later and continuing on to port.
    Dady said the power outage was caused by a minor electrical fault which had since been resolved…

    (That’ll teach them to employ underage technicians!)

    It was a more reliable trip coming to New Zealand/Aotearoa when they used sails!

    This is what holds us back in NZ/AO – a government, narrow-thinking and self-serving, and not aimed at backing a society that is more highly educated than the scions of farmers, who consider themselves and wealth the pinnacle of success as people. It’s a Tom Sharpe situation that has yet to be told by one of our satirists. Would it be Grantchester or the one with the elephant gun?

    Back in the Industrial Revolution the upper lot didn’t want the workers to learn to read and write or they would choose not to go down the mines from say 8 years. The lords didn’t always bother with higher ed as they lived on their investments and might get money from their estates. Reading Georgette Heyer’s Regency tales of social jockeying they had something called the Consol. which was a general fund that paid good returns. Let the poor live over smelly middens with their innumerable offspring some of whom could be used for cleaning chimneys from say 6-7 years old with periods off to recover from nasty burns. or later the mines.

    The malady lingers on in NZ/AO with an inadequate basic and largely theoretical education that hasn’t prepared us for practical needs in the era of neoliberalism and managing down with climate change, still imperfectly acknowledged. And fining those who try to keep up by studying more and saddling them in an ailing economy with deflating wages, with student loan punishments. The old adage that most only have a reading age of 12 may still be relevant. But it doesn’t compute not with our sorry present and slide into tomorrow.

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