Why would anyone trust anything Chris Bishop has to say? National are manufacturing housing crisis for Landlords


Bishop announces no mass sell off of state house, next day Luxon refuses to define what ‘mass’ is.

Bishop has a track record of saying one thing and then being unable to back it up.

He claimed a renters rights group loved his plan to allow Landlords to throw you out onto the street but then refused to give anyone the name of that organisation.

He claimed he understood the pain of renters because he was a renter, when asked if he was renting from family, he said no, only for it to turn out he was renting it from his in-laws and he didn’t consider them technically ‘family’.

He has this habit of lying to deflect criticism even when the lies can be easily discovered.

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By attacking Kianga Ora, he is manufacturing a housing crisis for the benefit of landlords!

National don’t have $60m for first time home buyers but they do have $2.9b for landlords!

This is what we are now, this is who we is.

We are witnessing a class war but don’t have the political vocabulary to describe it in a country blinded by its egalitarian pretensions.


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  1. Bishop is supposed to be a lawyer…
    He therefore should not be trusted.

    I know 5 lawyers…4 of them are lying untrustworthy overcharging petulant manipulative psychopaths…the other one is a good honest trustworthy bloke.

    I think it’s obvious what camp Bishop slots into…However it should come as no surprise!

    National draw in people like Bishop like moths are attracted to a
    lightbulb….it’s the way they roll!!

    • Bishop is proving to be an astute politician getting on with things.
      It doesn’t matter what he does the left will criticise him for sake of criticism only.

      • Chris Bishop announced the Budget would allocate $140 million to fund 1500 new social housing places.
        NOTE it says ” places “.

        What would $93,333 per place buy ?

        What would $2,900,000,000 from our pockets straight to landlords buy ?

      • You are right Bob many posters on this sight see lists and backroom deals in all that National does .In the main National is bringing the country back down to earth after years of irresponsible spending.

        • how is spending to train tradies ,double nurses pay increase spending on education ,building more schools and finishing massive roading projects such as trans gully,jonstones hill to warkworth ,the express way from mercer to cambridge and the new expressway from manawato to hawkesbay irresponsable spending .They also built a new hospital at northshore which this government refuses to fund because it was built and paid for by labour .Grow the fuck up man

          • Gordon, what Trevor has said is actually hypocrisy at the highest. What you have stated is why he can’t b taken seriously. Let’s use his own words to describe he and his brother Bob thick fuck…

            “You are right Gordon, many posters on this sight see nothing in all that Labour does .In the main Labour has brought the country back down to earth after 9 years of irresponsible spending by National.”

  2. John Key and maxy and the two pimps will own all the state houses next year .That why key sold his shares in the tech company so he could free up the deposit and now he no longer works for ANZ they will stump up the rest at 3% .

  3. We are witnessing a class war but don’t have the political vocabulary to describe it in a country blinded by its egalitarian pretensions.

    I don’t think you can say this any longer. The demographics of Aotearoa New Zealand have changed so much in the last 40 years that any previous ‘pattern’ of sociological connectedness, fairness and communal responsibility of any kind has been trashed by neoliberalism and its (me first, gimme gimme gimme) individualist adherents. Margaret Thatcher’s famous “there is no such thing as society” was the start of the end of social justice and egalitarianism. Given the current hegemony of neoliberal dogma I wouldn’t expect much change anytime soon.

    • Bob Breakdown in community maybe began to begin with the advent of television, tho’ initially it was quite exciting going out to a cafe to watch it. Now it’s unwatchable. A universal breakdown in electronic devices could bring about more social connectedness in the way that any cataclysmic event can, but the brutality of neoliberalism is the only dialectic that most of our own politicians know, and the deliberate insecurity of housing and jobs, and acceptance of corruption as norms is bad, and they know this.

  4. This government does not hide its agenda. If you paid your donation pre election you get what you paid for. Big Money and the real estate industry made their donations so landlords get eviction rights and tax relief.
    I’m sorry struggling first home buyers, your association didn’t really support us so here’s a kick in the teeth for you.

  5. ” We are witnessing a class war but don’t have the political vocabulary to describe it in a country blinded by its egalitarian pretensions ”

    The Hobbits are just like sheep , they get chased and moved to the paddock where the farmer wants them and one by one the follow the dag in front.

    Most are so disenfranchised they have just accepted its a rich mans paradise with each government elected re affirming that belief despite all the bullshit , promises and MSM propaganda it now can never change after 40 years in July when the coup de tat was unleashed. Many have no memory of how once this was a proud egalitarian nation because for the generations since it doesn’t exist.

    Once it was a scandal if a politician was suspected of being corrupt or lied and then covered up the crime and it had the potential to seriously undermine an elected government.

    No more.

    Bishop , Jones and the rest of the current government are untouchable and can get away with it. Its acceptable now to bullshit , get found out , deny it and then like a badge of honour celebrate when you get away with it unscathed.

    Its actually not the politicians at fault here as Bomber has said many times the responsibility is with ALL of us.

    The government is a reflection of the New Zealand people in all their worst form.

    They are our representatives and I don’t see anybody protesting at parliament or anywhere else against the entire rotten mess and the class conflict being waged so viciously against so many of our good people.

    This is who we are Bomber ?

    And we all have looked in the mirror and don’t recognise what we see staring back.

    Yeah its over and has been for a long time.

  6. His columnist pa, John, in his later years in the papers seemed to be understanding Old Zealand better, being Scots. So, till blocked by him, I twitted Chris with our Scots base principles: first, get on, then a fair go for everyone. He’s still in the unscrupulous phase, like Trump. Yeah, the Scots philosophy is laughable.

    My own NZ Scots family bought their impeccable morality in the last 100 odd years on top of 300 years of helping the English exploit the world for personal profit. Let me say, NZ, UK, Canada’s morality. Why I understand the corruption over the Tasman.

  7. It’s reassuring to see some wit and humour coming in. Seriously, there’s some funny stuff going on here. Humour is extremely powerful and influential stuff. Go you’s.

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