Waatea News Column: Simeon Brown’s roadside drug testing will produce racist results against Māori

The Government’s new roadside drug testing laws will produce more racist outcomes for Māori.
Māori use cannabis at a higher rate than non Māori and these roadside tests will only prove if someone has smoked cannabis, it won’t prove impairment.
Cannabis can stay in people’s system well beyond its impact on your ability to drive, what these roadside tests will do is show if someone has smoked cannabis and claim that is enough to punish you.
Of course we want our roads to be safe and we do not want people who are impaired by drugs driving on them, but these tests won’t prove that, all they will prove is that someone smoked cannabis over the last month!
With Māori smoking cannabis more than non-Māori and the ‘unconscious’ bias against Māori by NZ Police, these roadside drug tests that won’t prove you are impaired, and will only prove you’ve smoked cannabis, will immediately start producing negative outcomes for Māori.
With medicinal cannabis now legal in NZ, many drivers are about to get caught up in a drug testing regime that will be unfair and biased against Māori.
We need our roads to be safe from impaired drivers, these roadside tests will not do that.



First published on Waatea News.


  1. Will roadside drug testing that doesn’t prove you’re impaired stand up in court?

    Should we be wasting police and the courts time with unprovable accusations?

      • Because it’s not a fair collar.

        When the justice system acts unjust, people lose faith in the system.

        Furthermore, this is meant to address road safety. it’s not a fishing expedition.

      • Thank goodness Chair for a broader view. Pygmies have been given a bad press especially when one views smallness in a so-called civilised milieu.

      • You are welcome to contest the results of the test in court if you feel it is inaccurate or unfair.

    • Don’t take your medication either and don’t drive the next day if drinking alcohol is still in your blood stream and did, I say don’t breathe cause the COC is suffocating, controlling and authoritative.

  2. The need for testing for stupidity is now. We can call it the Simeon test.

    • Yes, but there are reasonable ways to do that. Like getting rid of all speed cameras and ticketing anyone who fails to indicate properly at an intersection or roundabout instead.

    • Just because the mad cabbies of Naples and most of India drive better than Kiwis do doesn’t make us crap…really…

      • Oh yes? Compare our driving license test to that of Germany. There you need 30 compulsory lessons for a start.
        NZ drivers, on average, are crap.

  3. Spend $99 to get a med card and when stopped they can’t touch you unless you are visibly impaired. The law is clear even if the average plod doesn’t understand it.
    So no point cops revenue gathering testing someone legally using medicine.

    • so al1ien you endorse the murder of other motorists/pedestrians by drugged up no marks?

      • If you could have backed that up you wouldn’t have chickened out and needed to phrase it as a question.

    • And many prescribed medicines recommend not driving whilst taking them. A $99 card isn’t a get out of jail free card and if you play it, you better be able to pass a roadside impairment test or be prepared to argue your case in court. Better get a lawyer son, better get a real good one.


      • You won’t need one if you follow the guidelines as outlined in Chris Fowlie’s last post but yeah, don’t be fucked and drive obviously because the card won’t save you.
        It’s a valid medical defence and, given the sub par testing, shouldn’t be abused.

  4. Frankly I’m more worried about people texting while driving – and surely that’s easy to prove photographically.

  5. The two Mouseketeers of the all bought and paid for Natzo’s very own iteration of the Mickey Mouse Club.
    I say mandate being stoned while driving and criminalise all lobbyists.
    Do you honestly believe those two give a fuck about whether you die in a car accident of not? Seriously!
    Driving should be regarded as a social event. You don’t know that person coming at you at 100kph but hey! Smile! Wave! Because it’s a sunny fucking day man. Avoid each other with a couple of meters to spare because remember, what’s two cars full of people colliding with each other head-on while traveling @ 100kph going to look like? Unfriendly is what.
    Road safety is an attitude thing and you’re not going to improve a person’s attitude by treating them like dirt you dumb, ugly, greedy, fucking natzo scum.
    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself and neither should you.

  6. Don’t take your medications either and don’t drive the next day if drinking alcohol as it is still in your blood stream and did, I say don’t breathe cause the COC is suffocating, controlling and authoritative.

  7. Martyn – I understand your concerns…but, impaired drivers can be lethal…so some action is required to put people off driving impaired.

  8. Sucks to be a maori smoking the wacky baccy then. Them maori will have to kick the habit.

  9. if your worried about drugs being in the system after impairment has worn off we can go back to—-
    walk in a straight line sir and ‘the leith police dismisses us’
    would that suit the pro-dickhead contingent?

  10. I regard evangelical christianity as a serious philosophy held by our rulers as so ridiculous as to disallow them. Let alone the connection to nihilistic fascism. Though our lot are too dopey to recognize the American connection. Yeah, the dopeyness disallows them.

  11. Pseudoephedrine is a drug , unfortunately there are many people taking legal prescribed drugs that could impair their driving ability. How Seymour got away with advertising pseudoephedrine is beyond me especially when Marama Davidson was pinged for standing with a bar of Whittaker’s chocolate

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