Simeon Brown’s stupid drug testing and 25% off medicinal cannabis at the Chemist Warehouse


‘Biggest killers on our road’: Government to roll out randomised roadside drug testing

The Government says it’ll roll out randomised roadside drug testing later this year.

Legislation’s being introduced to allow Police to randomly screen drivers for drugs, similarly to testing for drink-driving.

Doing two roadside tests would make false positives less likely.

Transport Minister Simeon Brown says it’s one of the biggest killers on our road.

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“In the last 10 years, it’s been, I think a third of deaths on our roads have been because of people who’ve taken drugs and driven. So that is something that we need to do everything we can to reduce.”

Let’s be very clear.

In 2021 road crashes cost $9.77billion – that’s 4% of our GDP!

We must reduce this appalling cost to our public roads.

We all want safe roads, we need safe roads.

What Simeon Brown is recommending here however is stupid.

Right now, Chemist Warehouse are offering Medicinal Cannabis at 25% less than the Green Drs!. 

My fear with the current legal Medicinal Cannabis market in NZ is a bit like how I felt about the Psychoactive Substances Act in 2013, in that the Politicians had no idea what the Psychoactive Substances Act did and I don’t think Simeon understands you can legally buy cannabis right now in NZ.

This is all very problematic because cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug and it stays in your system longer than the impairment.

What is going to happen is drivers with legitimate medicinal cannabis in their system will get caught in this new roadside testing because the Test isn’t testing for impairment, it’s simply testing for it in your system.

This is a misuse of the technology and won’t actually make things safer.

Arresting people for cannabis in their system, when it’s not impairing you, isn’t a solution.

Watch as Simeon gasps when journalists point out to him that you can legally buy cannabis in NZ.


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  1. It works in Australia. If you have a prescription for medical cannabis you are allow the THC in it to be in your system .

  2. “What is going to happen is drivers with .. cannabis in their system will get caught in this new roadside testing because the Test isn’t testing for impairment, it’s simply testing for it in your system.”

    That clearly ilustrates the inherent injustice, corruption, dishonesty, incompetence etc of our so called justice system. You would think some legal team would be able to make the argument that impairment wasn’t tested for and so the defendant can not be said to be impaired on the basis of that test.

    • Re @ seer! A shock wave resonates throughout AO/NZ! Common sense is suggested!
      I’ve done a lot of driving and this is what I know. I’d quite like for my next car to be an armoured personnel carrier. With a cannon and a ballistic ejector seat with a parachute attachment.
      The mafia enterprise AKA the Nu Zillind trucking industry is destroying our tarseal roads. For example, SH1 between Invercargill and Bluff is shredded. There are huge holes, slumps and mounds in the edges of the road and heading into a wet night into on-coming traffic they’re impossible to see so you either run off the road or head-on into on-coming traffic. Just recently I followed a logging truck @ 120 + who ended up tail-gating a light flat deck and one of those ugly fucking people-mover things both doing 100k. I’ve got pictures. That’s a 40 tonne pay load going at 120K an hour.
      Who forced OUR rail out of business? Who said pulling up branch railway lines was a great idea? Who most profited from that 1970’s lunacy? Who, has turned us who live on a rich few islands into scavengers and dysfunctional’s? Who did that to us? And why? We, are being abused. Our societal and casual largesse is creating rich monsters who in turn bully and abuse us. Semen Stains and Baldy Locks are wanting to lean into my car, into my mouth and sniff my breath and test my spit and blood are you? Then you’d better come prepared you little fuckers.
      The only good thing about this circus pretending to be a gubbimint is that it’s making us sit up and take notice of what’s coming up at us from the insides of their all bought and paid for pockets.

  3. Don’t bother with legal pharma weed, get a med card for $99, which gives you a legal defence for possession of underground.
    Same goes for growing your own for personal use. Keep it under 6 plants like other legal countries have, and wait and see if they take you to court for growing medicine.

  4. Martyn – The Green Doctors are a scam in terms of the prices they charge for access to Medical Cannabis…

  5. gotta say if anything reduces the number of dickwads murdering people on our roads, give it a burl

    • Even at the cost of criminalising the innocent (that aren’t impaired, thus won’t be murdering people on our roads) while using up funding that could potentially (with government approval) be spent improving our roads?

  6. It is supposed to test for recent, not historic use – thus is a measure of impairment.

    It includes all prescription medicine, not just marijuana.

    Those evading the test will end up in prison faster than the others.

    In that it is an imprisonment programmes – but without an drug addiction treatment capability – it is imprisonment of addicts who drive.

    • It is supposed to test for recent, not historic use, yet historic (as in pervious use and not just on the day) use is also detected.

      Thus, it is not an accurate measure of impairment.

      Where did you get the info it will be an imprisonment programme?

  7. gotta fill that mega prison – what an effing joke – they have bugger all evidence around the impairment of driving from cannabis – this is just nanny state puriitanism from arseholes playing at lord baron god botherers. Our only hope with these losers in charge, is Maori.

  8. A very informative discussion here

    More than 150 experts have signed an open letter calling on the NZ Government to legalise and regulate all psychoactive substances. The letter marks the launch of the Harm Reduction Coalition Aotearoa, which aims to reduce the negative consequences of drug use in a way that upholds people’s dignity and rights. It’s an idea already in practice in different corners of the world – including Portugal where possession of illicit substances for personal use was decriminalised in 2001. Canada followed in January 2023, with the province of British Columbia, kicking off a three-year trial that allows adults to possess up to 2.5 grams of heroin, fentanyl, cocaine or meth without being arrested, charged, or having their drugs seized – except around schools and airports. However, just over a year into the project it has come under increasing pressure from opponents who have called it a ‘harmful experiment’. Recently some of the measures have been rolled back. Public drug use is now re-criminalised, while drug possession in private homes is still legal. Joining us to discuss are Dr Nuno Capaz, of Lisbon’s Dissuasion Commission of Drug Addiction, Dr Lindsey Richardson from the BC Centre on Substance Use, and Dr Fiona Hutton, a member of the Harm Reduction Coalition Aotearoa.

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