Ukraine Flashpoint Approaching


What every Western Military Expert seem to have under estimated is Putin.

They have underestimated Putin’s personal Christian faith and its drive within him for legacy.

They have underestimated Putin’s recognition that remaining within the rules based order was always going to neuter Russia.

They have underestimated his nonchalance towards the 370 000 Russian troops he has killed and maimed for this chaos.

In each way we have underestimated Putin and we are now at a crucial flashpoint within the Ukrainian conflict.

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Zelensky knows a Trump election will be the end of American military support and that he needs to urgently use the next generation weaponry he has been given by the West to launch an unforgiving strike into Russia proper in the hope of creating a disproportionate miscalculation by Putin that drags Western attention away from Israel’s ethnic cleansing war crime in Gaza.

Zelensky either generates a miscalculation from Putin or he has Trump cut support in November.

Things could get a whole lot worse and the timeframe of that is between now and November.


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  1. “Zelensky knows a Trump election will be the end of American military support “. I’m not sure that i agree with this. I think Trump might surprise people.

    I also think the biggest flash point is that another NATO nation will put boots on the ground in Ukraine (something France has spoken about). I believe that that is going to happen.

    What I am also interested in at the moment is what is happening in Georgia.

  2. I don’t think V will have to worry about Trump winning an election, he’ll be gone before then. To tell you the truth, I’m surprised that Ukraine hasn’t had a coup yet.

  3. “remaining within the rules based order was always going to neuter Russia.”
    Well yes, being subject to American imperialism and its lust to genocide anyone who stands up against zionist power would have neutered Russia, yes.

  4. Last week Ben had Ukraine stabilising the front and Putin over reaching…. another week another excuse.

  5. “drags Western attention away from Israel’s ethnic cleansing war ”

    Neo liberal competitive bidding by War Providers Netanyahu and Zelensky for US tax money payments to MIC. But lobbyists will ensure both wars are continually funded until…

    Trump to Putin and Netanyahu: I’m crazier than either of you so Stop It. Give me my Nobel Peace Prize.

  6. “”Queen of Darkness” Victoria Nuland is back, demanding that the Us openly facilitate strikes by Ukraine on targets inside Russia — something the Biden Administration had previously insisted would never happen. A once-unfathomable escalation, which now barely raises an eyebrow.”

    She is like a degenerate gambler who keeps doubling down …..

    She may be sidelined but there are plenty of other idiots in the Usa and NATOstan who would bet our houses and lives ,,, in their high stakes reckless gambling.

    The next BIG war will be the last war ,,,, and if we survive at all we will go from nuclear weapons back to clubs ,,,

  7. To be still asserting that this war is based on a Putin whim, to satisfy his ego or some “legacy” fetish, is simply ridiculous and an insult to the intelligence and integrity of the Russian people, suggestive of someone still under the influence of US cold war propaganda. With a long history of dealing with those who lust after its territories and resources Russia today is a very savvy modern 21st century state, and if it hadn’t been Putin who stood up to lead them in this fight against US Fascist imperialism it would have been someone else.

    • “Russia today is a very savvy modern 21st century state”


      >65% of the population are still using long drop toilets
      >It has little manufacturing industry outside of weapons
      >It has no civilian aircraft industry
      > It doesn’t even have the technology to maintain its own oil & gas industry
      > Most of its IT expertise left the day the war started

      Russia is fucked, regardless of the outcome in Ukraine

      • Propaganda Andy

        Download as PDF
        US Radio Liberty misrepresents Russian outdoor toilet statistics
        The Radio Liberty article quotes what it says are new statistics on outdoor toiletsRADIO SVOBODA
        The Radio Liberty article quotes what it says are new statistics on outdoor toilets
        US-funded Radio Liberty has misled readers with an article reporting that new official Russian data show that a quarter of Russians live without an indoor toilet.

        The statistic has since been widely quoted on social media, including by opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

        However, the figures quoted are not up-to-date, but several years old.

      • All those poor Russian women are having to wash clothes by hand since the chip in the washing machine got stolen for a hypersonic missile. And Mr Khinsal, crap chip and all still gets through. How sad is that?

  8. “Rules based order ”
    is a lie . Everybody knows it . Please try to restrain yourself in the use of this meaningless phrase .

  9. Wow! I never knew putin had two penises. We should move Ukrainian people to precisely the opposite side of the planet ( Pitcairn Island) and hope to God putin will be good with that because never, ever, ever, ever fuck with the Russians.

  10. Russia has recently opened up a new front on the Ukraine/Russian border with the aim of taking Kharkiv.
    Russian soldiers can fire artillery from Russia and Ukraine cannot fire back with any US weapons including artillery. Ukraine soldiers at times have Russians soldiers a few hundred meters away from them and they can’t shoot them.

    Zelensky is asking for a defined buffer zone to allow Ukraine to fire on military targets with artillery when fired on. Ukraine is not asking, nor has the capacity to launch an unforgiving strike into Russia proper.

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