Here they come for State Housing – how compromised is Bill English?


This week the Government released a damning report into Kianga Ora’s balance sheet with claims of huge debts that demand a social investment model.

This report has been overseen by fanatcal Catholic fundamentalist and former National Party leader Bill English, who has championed social investment which is a right wing ideological experiment using big data to undermine universalism to fund just the cases that cost the State the most.

ImpactLab is a social investment company that Bill English has founded, is run by his daughter and just had New National MP Emma Chatterton leave them to join the Government.

How the living Christ Bill English can get away with reviewing Kaianga Ora, pronounce a massive debt problem and offer his company up as the solution is all a tad beyond me.

Right now, 1 in 7 new homes in NZ are being built by Kāinga Ora, National says they want Kāinga Ora to build fewer houses & charities build more but the majority (8k out of 15k) of public housing built under the programme has already been by Charities – without confirming more funding, how will those charities build these houses?

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When National say they want charities to build more social housing through a social investment model minus the funding are they really saying they want private investors to front the cost and get involved directly into an area that Government has a social obligation for?

Kāinga Ora has only 15b of debt on 45b of assets while creating assets with its borrowing – surely the issue isn’t debt but the fact there is no new money to build?

At the press conference Bishop ruled out a mass sell off of state houses.

Yet when asked,  Luxon refused to say how many houses would define a “mass sell off.”

The last time National were in power they embarked upon a purge of social housing tenants whose houses tested positive for meth, yet after National were kicked out of power Chief Science Advisor Sir Peter Gluckman announced the meth testing regime was utterly wrong and that National had wrongfully thrown hundreds of state tenants onto the street and wasted $100million on pointless decontamination costs – how certain are we that National’s latest state house experiment won’t end as stupidly as their last?

The new mechanics of social media polarisation means we are awash in a cacophony of social media wounds where feelings trump reason and fuels resentment politics. This cruel culture tribalism means the weak and most vulnerable become the whipping boy of every neurotic fraction as culture war bitterness over rides basic common decency and that’s partly why NZ has such staggeringly high Homelessness rates, we hate each other now…

NZ among world’s worst developed countries for homelessness as Chris Bishop says action on Bill English report ‘very soon’

A new paper from the OECD has shown New Zealand has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the developed world, with more than 2 per cent of New Zealanders recorded as being homeless by one definition.

Bishop confirmed that Ministers have received a report from former Prime Minister Bill English about Kainga Ora’s financial performance and sustainability.

“Very soon you will see announcements around that… we have received the report, Cabinet is considering it, and soon you will see decisions around that,” Bishop said.

…it will not be a solution, it will be an amputation and his new social investment model will benefit.

Kiwis are being scammed into believing Kaianga Ora is unaffordable so National can stop funding it.


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  1. Will they sell off Housing? Probably. Will they introduce Market rents, and throw impoverished people onto the street? Definitely. Will they then house exploited migrants into those homes? Yes, yes they will.

    • @ S_A_C

      All I can do is draw your attention to this.
      Amazon Prime.
      The Men Who Stole The World
      “They’re bankers, traders, investment funds executives. They forgot all about morality to make money. The entire world had to suffer the consequences of their actions. They impoverished countries, drove millions of workers into unemployment, and contributed to the rise in extremism. So who are they? And, after the 2008 crisis, were the real culprits condemned? Could there be another?”
      The Banksters.
      Banksters / prime video
      A Hong Kong banker once described Nu Zillind as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
      Hong Kong. The home of the HSBC bank.
      Farmers? You know that money every Kiwi wants to sequester to make themselves billions and millions?
      That was, and is, your money. You do know that, right?

    • The naive deluded God- botherers, Luxon and English and Seymour, all clearly believe in fairly tales as well.

      Whoever voted these fucking zealot clowns into power should lock themselves in a closet and stay there !!

      They are a disgrace to New Zealand!

      • They’re neoliberals – of course they believe in fairytales. Neoliberalism is the biggest fantasy around.

    • There was no small print Stand Alone.

      The millions from donors were to always ensure an influence across the entire housing ‘ market ‘ .

      The issue here was not lack of houses ( over 9000 empty) , it’s that rentals are extortionate and unaffordable.

      To exploit this situation, deceptively change the ‘ story ‘, bring in unbiased Bill English and market a new story .

      Implementing ANY means to lessen provision of social houses ( owned by the State), then forces people out of social housing and into homelessness OR whether subsidized by government or not fattens the wallets of private landlords whom this CoC will divert money to.

      No secret, the English report was just another sneaky way of the privatisation of social housing. Follow the money flow in the months ahead…

      • “… The English report was just another sneaky way of the privatisation of social housing”. Correct. And if the market doesn’t front up, Luxon, English, and Bishop won’t really care.

  2. This ongoing rubbish about the “social investment” model is nothing more than a rebrand of the “deserving” and “undeserving” poor (in terms of eligibility for charitable support) from the 19th century UK and Europe.

    For English’s company to be involved in delivering of any support services for Kaianga Ora would be a blatant example of political nepotism, the type of which we all thought would be more likely in “banana” republics rather than “God’s own”

    • Bob. Keeping people homeless and making it hard for them to buy homes, can inculcate a “ learned helplessness “ in them, making them more manageable, possibly more so with Anglo-Saxon types not hugely predisposed towards revolution.

      Any corruption here is firstly upon the part of the government which appointed English to head a task force on housing when he has a vested interest in the issue.

  3. From the Herald:

    “Rent arrears have increased from $1 million in 2017 to $21 million” [in the last six years]

    • If rent arrears have increased, then the government through MSD needs to fix it. When I was on the DPB living in a cold flat with no carpet in the bronks (where they put all the Maori back then) Social Welfare were able to take my rent out of my benefit before I got any money int my account this was a good process as people never fall behind in their rent now why aren’t they doing this they do it with fines. But then you probably can’t relate to any of this aye Andrew.

      • “When I was on the DPB living in a cold flat with no carpet in the bronks (where they put all the Maori back then) ”

        Mate nothing has changed except its not tribal ethnicity anymore its all colours who are treated like shit and abused by their economic class.

        In Aranui here in Christchurch there are Maori , Pacifica and Pakeha all marginalised and treated like shit because of where they live and the fact that most are working poor or on a benefit with no rights and no political representation. But most are proud and decent people who are being done over because they don’t have wealth or influence.

        Most will help their neighbours if they can. Everyone is in the same waka pa.

        At least Maori have their own party.

        That’s more than the mostly forgotten people of Aranui and many other deprived areas have.

        • Yes mosa I know what u mean but we aren’t all in the same boat we are fighting daily to keep our language and culture alive. The colonisers want to see the back of us they see us as inferior they are also responsible for bringing immigrants into our country and not looking after them. And they use divide and conquer tactics they did this with PI and Maori for decades it’s worn thin now and many PI have realised they don’t care about them either. The CoC have no PI representation this shows how much they care. And our poor Pakeha whanau many are also treated like shit and look down upon by the elitist currently in power. We all need to wok together for the common good. If the CoC carry on with their political destructive agenda we may see an uprise in civil disobedience.

      • covid is pa – Unless the tenant refuses to authorise those payments to Kainga Ora…i.e. sign the automatic/direct debit payments form.

    • Also from the NZ Herald…

      Most National MPs own several homes. Luxon owns seven, while House Speaker Gerry Brownlee owns five.

      Andrew Bayley has a large portfolio with a family home in Bombay, a farm in Auckland, a share of a house in Waikato, a Coromandel apartment, a share of a Wellington apartment, commercial property in Pukekohe and residential property in Onehunga, Auckland, all in a trust. He also has a share of residential property in Queenstown through Paparimu Land Limited.

      Barbara Kuriger also registered three dairy farms, two family homes and an apartment.

      Hardly surprising landlord rebates were reintroduced under a National government. Thinking those rebates will trickle down to tenants and a reduction in rents is pure planet Key thinking.

      • To be honest, you could pay for tax cuts without cutting a single public sector job by getting rid of all these rebates, claim backs and deductions

      • The landlord rebate had been there for 128 years since ce taxing as we know it began. Labour removed it with no thought how it would impact those providers of a needed item which was rental accommodation. All it achieved was high rent inreases.Natipnal put it back which remove a need to I crease rents even more

        • So we will never see rent increases again?
          What a ridiculous post by you Trevor. Your ingrained trickle down theory has been debunked for the same 128 years Trev.

        • Trev national are full of shit my sisters been looking for a house for months and the dog policy of paying more bond it doesn’t work it’s a load of bullock like the people who created it. And then we still have to factor in if you’re a Maori policy it’s called racism and discrimination. And now the TURKEYS in power are giving money to themselves and their mates and pulling the ladder up again from working people trying to make it. And to say the 10k grant doesn’t make a difference is more spin as I got it, that is how I managed to buy my house.


          Trevor, you are factually incorrect.
          There is no significant difference in average increases since 2008 although it appears that landlords have jumped at the chance to increase rents this year prior to Nationals rebates kicking in. So much for the ” remove a need to I crease rents even more”. It is simple greed, that muck is obvious.

          Below is a link to the correct result of such rebates…

  4. New Zealand used to be a country run by politicians who could actually run business.

    The State Advances Corporation / Housing Corporation provided government funded (book entry without borrowing from private banks) low interest loans to First Home Buyers, Widows, Solo Mums and other low income people. The profit made on those mortgages ran the govt department and built more State Houses, otherwise known as assets that produce income for hundreds of years.

    Since 84 we have had politicians who are happy to believe there is no alternative to a Freidman’s world view of less government less tax. The fault in the argument is if the government doesn’t do smart business like low cost housing then it must high tax to provide good service or low tax to provide shit service.

    Since the sale of the government mortgage book and state house stock (and immigration policy privatised to consultants) NZ has seen an explosion in homelessness.

    Roger Douglas’s Big Rort has turned housing from a solved problem into an unsolved problem.

    If governments want to make ‘evidence based decisions’ here is my evidence to suggest turn the clock back. In 25 years prior to 1984 I saw one homeless person. Now I can see ten, in one day, in one suburb.

    • That’s how a lot of older people managed to get themselves into homeownership, including Maori. I really think the 3% housing corp loans should be brought back, and also people should be able to capitalise their WFF payments for a deposit.

      • On this we would agree .The best way to keep rents down is to have an oversupply of quality homes

      • Actually agree with Millsy. The govt should be doing everything to get people into home ownership.

        Sure not everyone wants to buy, but the social benefits of people owning their own home is huge.

        They put down roots, they have a sense of community, they look after their asset, kids stay in the same school their entire life, etc

        Funnily enough I agree with Countryboy too, the banks need to be held to account.

    • Hear, hear on all this. So clear, so what is stopping it happening. State Housing Corporation, official and legal as a functioning NZ people’s citizens’ enabler for personal housing. Willing workers working to build their assets and homes paying money to the government, adding value to the country, adding to NZ nation’s assets.

      Why abandon? New obsessions, replacing old (Ali Baba and the forty? thieves), middle class amorality replacing social concern and commitment, respectability replacing religion that was heart-felt and considerate. Now felt are feelings of I am entitled, I am deserving, the winner takes all, the hard worker gets rewarded and the losers are lazy; roll up to get your ticket to win the latest collection of cliches, prejudices and truthies. This way to the pile of money (don’t look down as it is on a cliff edge), specially tailored for lemmings.

  5. All fundamentalists are bad news, Catholic, Muslim, or Jewish. English is further handicapped by being a pint sized male who apparently never really fitted in anywhere. When Key notoriously yelled at Andrew Little to get some guts and send New Zealanders off to fight in America’s war, other politicians were visibly shocked but Bill English didn’t even flinch, and that looked sub-human to me. English’s stating that he knew what it was like to be different because he had acne as an adolescent was, IMO a chilling revelation of an ignorance detrimental to the efficacy of any working politician.

    The WEF allegedly wants nobody to own their own homes and part of their reset is apparently freeing people from the responsibilities of private ownership. Homelessness goes a brutal step further, and is inexcusable and inexplicable in a non-poor country like New Zealand, and, as an aside, it is contrary to the teachings of all the great world religions, but it does keep people weak and vulnerable and exploitable, and has the potential to scar and cripple our greatest potential, our children, even if it provides the fodder for English’s experiment.

    National’s refusal to commit to providing state housing and its wishy-washy inanities about invisible hands stepping in to do so, seems to be in line with the WEF and the trend in many western countries with homeless people now living on the streets, and tent cities a new norm. Never forget Pharmac’s Bennett’s utu against Hurimoana Dennis for successfully accomplishing at te Puea marae, what she was inept at in Parliament, and a tobacco lobbyist like Bishop as apologist for government’s social and moral failure adds insult to injury.

    • Bill English suscribes to Catholic teachings about subsidarity, which is bascially getting rid of welfare and having churches deliver public services.,

      • I remember a NZ top Anglican Bishop coming out with that. Seeing providing charity to the poor as the real religious calling. Saying leave it to us to the gummint. Yet op shop prices remain high – the middle class and those rising, have trouble thinking poor, thinking being non-poor is having $5 in your purse.

        • Grey W. The purpose of the Op Shops is to raise money to help the poor in a myriad of ways, not just to provide them with cheap or free clothing. Unofficially, the Salvation Army and Vincent de Paul, do give stuff away, and at a practical level both religious-based charities do more both for and behalf of the poor than any government has.

          I know from the Sallies’ Wellington tax accountant, that they barely break even with the profit from their Op Shops in spite of some staff being unpaid volunteers.

          I volunteered for years at a M.P. Hospice shop, where only the manager was paid, and the other workers, all good people, often older people, giving freely of their time, were not treated particularly nicely by an area manager. I sometimes wonder if she despised us for working for free. Same old. Same old.

          At a local WCC recycling centre, good discarded clothes are available at Fill a Bag for $2.00. I sometimes do this, clean them up, and redonate them to another local church Op Shop, again staffed by volunteers, because I’d hate to see it go under, as some of the bigger charity shops, like a local V de P did last year. Importantly their volunteers are mainly older ladies, some from retirement facilities, who are able to continue to contribute as useful members of society instead of being put out to graze or sit around in Capri pants sipping wine as in a Ryman or other ad.

          The bottom line here is the massive wastage engendered by our materialistic consumerist society, where not just clothing, but furnishings and furniture gets discarded because it is no longer in fashion. Some consumers will dump 5 wine glasses, simply because the 6th of a set has broken, and I’ve acquired some lovely Italian flutes and Waterford crystal goblets this way, and rather like that my crockery is mismatched, and all the prettier for being so.

          It’s not ex-politicians who staff the Op Shops, they’ve mainly feathered their own nests courtesy of the taxpayer and continue with their own narrow self-centred little lives elsewhere as usual.

    • These economic units deciding that people don’t need to own their own house, The psychological values of having your own place are too great to count.

      The WEF is the World Economic Forum – it sounds like a friendly helpful community!

      Reimagining Regulation for the Age of AI: New Zealand …
      The World Economic Forum › publications › reimagining-…
      29 Jun 2020 — These frameworks provide Governments with innovative approaches and tools for regulating AI that can be scaled. Download PDF. License

  6. KO seems to be a disaster. In Chch they have a 24 room block that has been empty for 2 years after being refurbished .There are 100 registered homeless. In Dunedin they have a holiday Park purchased 4 years ago just sitting empty. Private providers could do the job better.

    • Trevor That’s not the point. Bill English should have declared a conflict of interest if Luxon was too stupid to see it.

    • Private developers/builders did not want to build state homes not enough profit they choose to build the home 800k and up this was a known fact. Although they were happy to acquire state owned land and properties many knocked down to build many high-rise apartments/duplexes squeezing as many as possible on the quarter acre sections.

      • Many of those high-rise apartments/duplexes become slums and not always the most suitable places for children, but the green girls on the WCC will demolish anything that they can lay their hands on to build them.

      • I refer to Salvation Army and Habitat as social housing providers. I am told they are better landlords as well as builders

        • Yes Trevor because they align with the left with wonderful socialist policies.

        • Trevor. The Sallies could do a jolly good job running the country. I worked with one of their nice bonneted officers once, who bought new shoes in her lunch break. Came back and asked us whether we thought they were too worldly. Compare that to Key’s vulgar mansion, Luxon commandeering a gleaming Mercedes to get a few yards up Bowen Street, a double-dipping PM swanning up to Auckland to see a wailing pop singer, and a poor old pensioner mum on the defensive about making the same trip to hear Placido Domingo. Pox on the ratty lot of them.

    • Bill English is a liar. Bill English said our young guys were useless unemployable layabouts. Some may be, but anyone who has ever worked with them knows that the majority are ok, and some may be better men than Bill will ever be. If he can shaft our very own people in this way, seems to me he’s either a dimwit or decidedly dodgy.

  7. 14,000 brand new well insulated homes must be worth a bit on the open market hey Bill . We are really talking about ideology here. We are talking about this coalition of clowns future proofing their tax cuts for the rich and landlords. They are talking about a fire sale. How a Christian can get up in parliament and say he cares deeply about bottom feeders is beyond my understanding. There are so many blatant lies being said under the guise of parliamentary privilege. Luxon even said yesterday culture doesn’t matter in state care just safety, well he is so bloody ignorant doesn’t he realize cultural safety is all encompassing.Have a look at children who have been taken from their homelands and brought up in a different culture , they may have been physically safe however their mental health certainly took a bashing.

  8. There’s two things that need to be said about the housing crisis in NZ.
    First, look at the declaration of interests from MPs, and you’ll find that all but a few have huge trusts that are based on – wait for it – yes, you guessed it – rental properties. Which explains why there’s fuck all interest in government of any colour really trying to fix housing. They just footle around the edges, like increasing that rort of rorts, accommodation supplement. Taxes paid straight into landlords bank accounts.
    Second, let’s ask the question: when people are thrown out of home and job, and denied benefits, what do they turn to on order to survive. Answer: crime.
    Conclusion: NZ will have as much crime as it votes for. You think the “gang problem” and extremist rabbit hole conspiracy nut jobs are the worst we’ve got. Just wait till survival crime hits. That’ll make the current crime stats look like a quarrel in a sandpit.

    • Yes Richard, it is obvious to all that can see that this is corruption by National at the highest level.
      It is also obvious that if this government continues with it’s policies our police force wont be big enough to quell the violence and crime that will be the result of such policies.

    • ” First, look at the declaration of interests from MPs, and you’ll find that all but a few have huge trusts that are based on – wait for it – yes, you guessed it – rental properties. Which explains why there’s fuck all interest in government of any colour really trying to fix housing. They just footle around the edges, like increasing that rort of rorts, accommodation supplement. Taxes paid straight into landlords bank accounts. ”

      That’s why a new political realignment is overdue.

      This new political landed wealthy class are the new enemy and they belong to the current political parties in parliament.

      Until a new force is prepared to oppose everything the plutocracy of all the parties sitting in parliament and beg for re election every three years to carry on imposing their status quo then nothing will ever change.

      The founders of the NZLP in 1916 realised they had to mobilise and oppose , resist and defeat the common man and woman’s enemy.

      • I certainly hope so. I’m 68 and have seen it all; cradle to the grave, disestablishment, government by regulation, corporatization, privatisation, monetarism, defunding, benefit bashing, union bashing, cim bashing, public/private partnerships, subsidies, de-subsidization, development, re-development, retirement (of land), urbanisation, urban sprawl, infill, vertical development, – the list is endless.
        Suffice to say, the majority of it is pure BS designed to rip off the taxpayer and put taxes into a few private families hands. NZ is too small a country not to know who is doing the rip off. We all know who they are, but no-one dares name names, for fear of retribution.
        We need a political party that commits to the basics: wages and housing first, health and education second.
        Entrenched legislation setting the benefit and pension levels at one seventh of the average top 10% of income, and the minimum wage at two sevenths. Entrenched legislation mandating compulsory rentals fixed at no more than 25% of income, and a minimum house building program equal to the birth rate. Entrenched legislation mandating public schools and public health (including dental) with private schools and health banned.
        Do those four things and you’ll banish the income/wealth gap to history, banish homelessness, banish education inequality and banish second world health care to the dustbin of history.
        The rest of government will take care of itself.

    • Maybe why Kelvyn Alp describes Parliament as Parasite Palace. He’s not far wrong in my opinion.

  9. Oh look the rental investers are now back in the market now these fuckers have shafted the first home buyers who were making head way in the market .We will see a rise in homeless people who will be labeled as fucken usless lazy kiwis .

  10. More jobs for the boys here .If English and his daughter have any morals they should step away now that the old coot has delivered his list of lies .Corruption comes to mind and the ombudsman and others should step in and put an end to it

    • Gordon walker. “ Step away “? Who dreamt the whole thing up in the first place ? The borer in my book shelves are more likely to have morals than any money bug has. Labour won’t be calling them out on this corruption and whether the ombudsman can isn’t that clear and God forbid there could be worse to come.

    • If Cabinet papers show that Bill English billed nearly $65,000 for 26 hours work he might be doing more of a fox trot than a quick step – and Mrs English should never have got him baptised Bill.

  11. Anytime Chris Bishop opens his mouth he’s either lying or at best, distorting the truth. It’s all he knows after years of lying for the tobacco industry,

    • Yep. It’s mighty difficult to accept that a promoter of the harmful tobacco industry like Christopher Bishop, the boy from Naenae College, has anybody’s best interests at heart. I don’t.

  12. Yes mosa I know what u mean but we aren’t all in the same boat we are fighting daily to keep our language and culture alive. The colonisers want to see the back of us they see us as inferior they are also responsible for bringing immigrants into our country and not looking after them. And they use divide and conquer tactics they did this with PI and Maori for decades it’s worn thin now and many PI have realised they don’t care about them either. The CoC have no PI representation this shows how much they care. And our poor Pakeha whanau many are also treated like shit and look down upon by the elitist currently in power. We all need to wok together for the common good. If the CoC carry on with their political destructive agenda we may see an uprise in civil disobedience.

    • ” Yes mosa I know what u mean but we aren’t all in the same boat we are fighting daily to keep our language and culture alive. ”

      Until I worked on my te ao Maori module of my qualification which covered colonisation and the effect on Maori did I understand the crimes committed by my ancestors in this country and are being perpetuated by the the state even today despite all the hard work to highlight and address many wrongs.

      I can see clearly now how the Maori language and the ” culture ” that is the people themselves have been marginalized in their own land.

      Our whenua is our tūrangawaewae, our place to stand. It connects us to our whānau, our ancestors and to our future generations.

  13. All the KO units that have gone in, in our mixed neighbourhood, seem pretty functional. No idea how cost effective they were but now we have a dozen families where previously there were only 3. If the NACTZI’s in the neighbourhood had their way they’d house 1 or 2 families., a cpl of dogs, a pool and a Bentley and Merc. Personally I would have preferred a park and a playground because there’s nowhere for kids to play, but I have no issues with the vibrancy all these families now bring.

  14. A dearth of houses was, partially, the last result of English’s ‘social investment’ tosh. Helped lose National govt. Twyford’s building programme resulted as a flagship Labour policy. I appreciate your info about him carrying on with the crap. ‘Social investment’ means to me over-specific detailed twiddling around while the poor go to hell, to comfort his catholic conscience while keeping costs down to comfort his conscienceless plutocratic side.

    Nothing on the social side is new. Same old shit. The economic side, I don’t expect much better.

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