Economic damage from climate change far worse than predicted and what is this Government doing? Giving Shane Jones fast track powers!



This ain’t good…

Economic damage from climate change six times worse than thought – report

The economic damage wrought by climate change is six times worse than previously thought, with global heating set to shrink wealth at a rate consistent with the level of financial losses of a continuing permanent war, research has found.

A 1C increase in global temperature leads to a 12% decline in world gross domestic product (GDP), the researchers found, a far higher estimate than that of previous analyses. The world has already warmed by more than 1C (1.8F) since pre-industrial times and many climate scientists predict a 3C (5.4F) rise will occur by the end of this century due to the ongoing burning of fossil fuels, a scenario that the new working paper, yet to be peer-reviewed, states will come with an enormous economic cost.

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…this is why your insurance costs keep sky rocketing and why the never ending increases in sea temperature are so concerning…

…remember when the Doomsday Glacier would never melt and be a threat?

Ocean water is rushing miles underneath the ‘Doomsday Glacier’ with potentially dire impacts on sea level rise

Ocean water is pushing miles beneath Antarctica’s “Doomsday Glacier,” making it more vulnerable to melting than previously thought, according to new research which used radar data from space to perform an X-ray of the crucial glacier.

As the salty, relatively warm ocean water meets the ice, it’s causing “vigorous melting” underneath the glacier and could mean global sea level rise projections are beingunderestimated, according to the study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica — nicknamed the “Doomsday Glacier” because its collapse could cause catastrophic sea level rise — is the world’s widest glacier and roughly the size of Florida. It’s also Antarctica’s most vulnerable and unstable glacier, in large part because the land on which it sits slopes downward, allowing ocean waters to eat away at its ice.

…and what is this new racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government doing in response to all this climate change?

Why they are giving 3 of the worst politicians fast track powers which every single environmental agency warns will cause deplorable results for the environment.

We are so screwed.



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  1. Wow a abstract version of a modelling paper that has no peer review held up as solid evidence and science.

    • Wow bow to superior skills gained in study and ignore the visual and felt evidence on the ground. Only special people know anything and we are jerks so STFU us.

  2. Imagine the uproar if a Labour led government tried this shit? We would never hear the end of it.

    Given that the government’s majority is pretty thin it beckons the question … do they actually have a mandate to push this sort of shit through?

    No – end of story. Have a nice day.

      • Who cares if they have a mandate. Is it sensible? No.
        Will they be affected as badly as everyone else? Yes.
        Is there any way for the wealthy to escape the inevitable and leave the poor to face the problems? NO!
        So why go ahead and make things worse, quicker? It’s stupid.

      • Jonzie /Sour Kraut, remember when National had 9 years and fucked the country, well they’ve done it in 7 months this time.

    • Funny, I don’t remember a fuss here when Labour ran roughshod over democracy to remove the rights & legally purchased property of LFOs, all I remember is the gleeful cheering.

  3. You couldn’t make it up. I think everyone with quarter of a brain will be given pause over such blatant mendacity. Most ordinary people have a grasp on climate change and care about the environment…and not only this but borrowing to pay for tax cuts that nobody wants. The amounts are too pathetic to make any material difference to the majority so not really vote winning strategy. Rip, shit and bust.

  4. and yet Winnie and Mr Pork both repeatedly deny the existence of climate change or indirectly acknowledge via minimising the evidence. You are right – we are screwed unless something gives … snap election anytime soon?

  5. The prediction … a 3C (5.4F) rise will occur by the end of this century due to the ongoing burning of fossil fuels, a scenario that … will come with an enormous economic cost.

    Things are not looking good for the future, irrespective of the modelling. Clearly already bad at present for some parts of the world, but 70 odd years hence the potential for far, far more disruption. Economic woes per se are only the tip of the iceberg it seems as global warning induced climate change alters the spread of infectious diseases, especially from tropical regions, disrupts food production, increases migration and intensifies conflict. What’s the narrative we’ve been fed: adaptation with some regions benefiting from new opportunities. But if the modeling is anywhere near correct, changes will be local AND global. Mitigation is looking better every year. But even that is a long shot it would seem, given some global players don’t seem to be taking it seriously. The tyranny of fossil fuels, cheap energy and the promise of endless economic growth. Ice caps melting and sea levels rising? Changes in interocean currents? Wait until the monsoon rains intermittingly fail.

  6. National’s answer to problems is to drive a tractor over them, or call up an urgent appointment with their mentors offering professional accounting and management services – slogan Klimb to Peak of Mostly Gross.

    Labour’s was to watch workers half-build structure and then blackmail for more whatever while unions negotiated, did not finish the job. BNZ stood with exposed steel for poking into the sky for nine? years.
    (Later strike in 1982 to show solidarity with Polish union movement. In 1984 a bomb killed the caretaker of the Trades Hall, Wellington!
    Now – call up an urgent appointment with their mentors offering professional accounting and management services etc.
    .. Construction began in 1974 and was delayed by a political standoff between the Muldoon Government and the Boilermakers Union. Ongoing strikes and go-slows eventually led to the union’s deregistration and to steel construction going out of favour in New Zealand for many years….

    …The big Bank story of the 1970s – and 80s – and 90s probably too, was the building of the BNZ bank tower on the corner of Willis and Lambton. The big black one. Darth Vader’s pencil case. Wellington’s tallest building, possibly New Zealand’s tallest building for a while too. You know the one – the one where the steel frame was left rusting for 9 long years, unclad, unfinished, unhappily shouting out to the world that we had a problem with our building industry. Such a big problem in fact, that the entire industry abandoned the use of steel and moved into reinforced concrete instead.
    Fun Fact: you can date the year of a building’s construction reasonably well by looking at its structural skeleton. All steel beams and columns: pre 1975. All concrete beams and columns: post 1980. Even more fun fact: I’m not 100% certain that is true, but it’s a start. It’s 90% true I think. Maybe 80%. True enough. OK, moving on now…
    the big black BNZ (image showing finished building see link)

    Neither of the main political parties know how to run a country that manages to stay in the international money system and encourages its citizens to work and provide for themselves by enabling effort with reasonable controls, wages and allowances ie for tools, travel. They have wrecked NZ/AO and now moan about Maori gangs which is a follow-on from such societal mismanagement coupled with the cruelty of shared political anti-citizen immigration policies. Yet pollies and their minders’ income is phenomenal for make-work incompetents.

  7. There is literally nothing New Zealand can do about Climate Change (regardless of it’s cause – man-made or natural). Many people think that if we “do our part” that it will somehow (magically?) locally affect the climate here. Any Government that damages this economy for ideological reasons (i.e. deliberating damaging the economy while fully knowing it will have no effect, which it won’t in this case) should be immediately removed from office.

    • eff the economy – I vote for the ecology. I can still feed and shelter myself in an ecology – the fake tokens in an economy do jack shit.

    • We definitely have to do something about limiting climate change. We can’t complain about others if we don’t do anything, and will get all the slavering money hounds setting up business here. (Already?) We are already a fair bit wrecked – we have responsibility for reasonable action and good vibes overseas, while not going overboard and hurting our people. It is balance we need not bursts of mad or mawkish and feverish reaction.

  8. What to say? God help us sums it up. The god-believers being right behind not addressing our greatest crisis. I value farts more.

    When the wave curls up before our country the Right will be just as good a crisis manager as the Greens. Just, that will be entirely too late.

    Only 10 years to the end of comfort for us fat westerners. We kill our children and grandchildren for a nice couch, good food and funny shows — and mortgages.

    From that I’d like a striking Left leader, not surfing a wave but shouting the truth , persuading, pushing this reality. Not how it’s done, I know, but it NEEDS to change. No talker politicians now however.

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