The Working Group with Sue Bradford, Simon Wilson and Stuff Columnist Damien Grant


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TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

Panelists tonight: NZ Herald Columnist Simon Wilson, Left wing Jedi Sue Bradford and the Libertarian Cheerleader Damien Grant.

Issue 1 – How compromised is Bill English and National over Kianga Ora reforms?

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Issue 2 – 1 weekend, 3 political parties, 4 speeches – who won?

and Issue 3 – OCR, Economy and next weeks budget – predictions

It’s Shakespearean vaudeville politics

TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

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  1. Wow, watched it. Sue Bradford is literally amazing -such a sane voice. She IS a serious person when almost everyone else ‘aren’t serious people’. Can she please be brought back into the Greens, somehow, any way…. Not liking the mainstream makeovers of co leaders either tell those stylists to fuck off.
    You did a sterling job oh Martyn Bradbury. Thanks.

  2. The great Sue Bradford. Have you Lefties ever changed a jot of Damien Grant’s mind — you know the failure of the freemarket and it driving us accelerator full-down over the cliff of climate change? I can see why you keep him on, to expose the ludicrousness of the plutocratists. They wouldn’t get a seat at the table in a social-democracy, ie the old Welfare State in which I grew up. They have all the power but they don’t make any sense.

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