The Daily Blog Open Mic – 16th May 2024


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    Suspended Green MP Darleen Tana has been off work and away from Parliament for half its sitting days this year despite continuing to collect her full salary.
    Tana was stood down by the Greens on March 14 after Stuff reported allegations of migrant exploitation relating to her husband’s e-bike company.

    Not a good look for our country, government and parliament!
    And the Green Party don’t want this sort of mendacious behaviour showing up in its MPs and supporters. Is there some sort of equivalence here – that this is the way that pakeha- business-first government behaves so it’s okay for us too?

  2. How can this bee?
    Burns me up. I can imagine beekeepers would feel devastated. This is a hands-on good earner for the country. Bees need care. They must get looked after, and are part of supporting other business mostly in the horticultural line. Whereas poor dairy cows are left to stand up to their hocks in mud and gunk, inside or outside, and may be in fields in all weathers in some places and owned by crooks nestled into warm leather arm-swivel chairs in front of computers that can be designed to open and close gates from a huuuge distance etc.

    Let’s put bees in the Beehive and transfer parliament-the talkfest – and their fellow enablers, out into the fields where they would have to come up with something good in short time or freeze their bums off.

  3. Is this what middle class well-incomed people come up with when setting their minds free to chat and discuss matters beyond everyday, especially their thinking on left politics. A fine menu of matters for consideration but is it real consideration of 21st century matters speeding forward, spreading mayhem, and as unstoppable as the Tangiwai rail crash.
    ‘A village of books – Featherston Booktown 2024’

    Citizens, people, being hounded by machine-minded people men and women. It isn’t a good country to live in. We are just a small population, living far away from the continents. Are the authorities from overseas who have come to show us how the big countries do things? Is that why we don’t have local representation perhaps? Australia is a bit similar to us only in a bigger country.

    We can’t be happy with the system we have, and we’re like the personification of a cartoon Frankenstein, blundering around knocking into things. Or perhaps Mr Magoo from way back. How can we get a simpler society, that is more efficient than the one we have been saddled with, that is not controlled by a monopoly electronic system and does not pay inflated salaries and profits that seem to leave us poorer and yet being given austerity doses like purgatives.

    Making a spectacle of ourselves like Magoo!
    Being seduced with fancy gee gaws (Jack’s beans?)

    The NZ/SO disease, selling up; cutting off the good meat of the breast and only leaving the chicken carcase to be boiled for soup.

    Maori had better hurry up and get what they are aiming for from the gummint. Because it and any Kiwi in business is quite prepared to sell off everything profitable and solid in the country – it is just another form of goldrush which apparently taints our blood. No-one has steadfast faith and honours the country and wants to see it as a whole ‘brand’ of excellence and achievement. We haven’t big enough intellects or souls.

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