Political Caption Competition


Minister: I managed a press conference without burning down the podium or shitting on the stage!

Everyone else: The look on Coster’s face though.


  1. Minister: If those cops really want to catch crims they can go to Australia and catch them all there.
    Everyone else: But who will cuddle the lost dogs here at your low pay rates mein herr ?

  2. “I don’t have the numbers or the facts. I don’t understand numbers or facts. Numbers and facts are hard. Don’t ask me about numbers or facts. Numbers and facts are not what our policies are about. Numbers and facts are woke. That’s all for today.”

  3. I’ve seen Stuart Nash age quickly in his time in orifice, so I have had botox to smooth out past wrinkles and look smooth and innocent like a baby heh heh.

  4. “ Take away patches and put makeup on tats so no one will know what’s what and we won’t need no more cops.”


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