Dear NZ – the last time we had this level of c02 was 14 million years ago


Last week the largest ever recorded leap in the amount of carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere was taken at 4.7 parts per million.

The last time the Planet had this amount of CO2 in the atmosphere was 14 million years ago.

Sea surface temperatures last month were 9.1sigma outside the normal standard deviation 1940-1989 baseline.

The mathematical enormity of what is happening to the climate real time should be screaming from every news headline.

Bewilderingly, it’s not.

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It takes hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years for that level of gas to build up normally on the planet and when it does we know from the geological ice record that the climate can catastrophically flip between brutal heat to ice age within the space of decades.

We have managed to create this level of gas build up in the space of 3 centuries and we have no comprehension of what happens next because it’s never happened before.

The heating we have already created  takes us across invisible tipping points that unleash a climate feedback we can’t turn off.

When NZ First wax lyrical over gas and oil exploration, it’s a charmless prose devoid of any context based in reality.

We face an existential threat to the species from global warming and all this Government is demanding is more wood to throw on the fire.

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  1. I see that Genesis was sourcing more coal to keep the electricity supply up – WTF? Another example of how shit planning at the governmental level can undermine any effort at reducing greenhouse gases … of course, this government have released policies which exacerbate the problem – above example a case in point.

    This government is great if the outcome you seek is extinction.

    • I see an article on RNZ tonight about the effectiveness of Labour subsidies for business such as NZ Steel to replace their furnace.
      Puts the Coalition in a difficult position because 800,000 tonnes of carbon credits will become available. They will need to do something or other emitters will be able to buy the credits so cheap they will be able to just emit at no real cost.
      Labour would have had the same problem but along with the greens would have been prepared to bite the bullet.

  2. The wealthy believe if they accumulate enough wealth they will be able to bugger off to Mars, or at least a nice underground bolthole on the alpine fault.
    Of course they are lost in fantasy land, Planet Key, where no toilets or slaves are necessary. But the point is that what they believe is the narrative of the media, which they control.
    You can rest assured they are busy preparing for the end, but their arrogance will be their undoing.
    Take solace in that, there won’t be much else to feel good about.

  3. All those rich pricks will be rushing around burying all the cash they have ripped off the work force because they think that being rich they will survive .If one of us cooks all of us will cook even the rich pricks .Their billions will not save their arses .They can fly to the moon or where ever but who will be there to wipe their arse because they wont know how to do fuck all and where will the supplies come from as the world will be burnt to a crisp .

  4. Aw stop your whinging. It’s not like we don’t have a few other planets that may support life close by.
    The closest extra-solar planets overall to Earth are Proxima Centauri b, c, and d, each located 4.22 light years away. Proxima b is the closest potentially habitable planet to Earth so no worries then. ( Source Astronomy-Wiki)
    It’d only take us 6500 years to get to them at the fastest we can go right now so pack a change of undies then kick back and enjoy the ride. You’ll be the 65th generation to get there and that’s if y’awl live to be a hunnert.
    When the cyphering’s been done I think it shows we’re fucked. Our flower’s bloomed. Our grass has ris.
    The freedumbs of capitalism’s fucked us. Our grotesque greed has done us in and do you know who’s at the top of Mount Everest of Garbage? No? Then I can tell you. It’s The Banks.
    AO/NZ’s four foreign owned banks are second only to the Canadians for being the most profitable in the world.
    The Press
    “Over the past five years, the average annual return on equity, which is a measure of profitability, was 12.5% for New Zealand’s big banks, topped only by Canadian banks, according to its analysis.”
    India’s Mount Everest of Garbage
    This is a thing that can happen here.
    Ask. Why did the national gubbimint under the weight of muldoon’s flabby arse cheeks Think Big then pulled up our freight and passenger rail infrastructure in favour of the road freight mafia? Did you know? Muldoon had a numbered Swiss bank account when the shrivelled pig was Prime Minister? Why?
    There’s a great little farmers market under the dead train station in Invercargill. Farmers roll in with their organic spuds and carrots, damn foreigners too with their loveliness and smiles with cheeses and herbs.
    They all cower under the brutalist architecture as the Sou Westers howl through. It’s bloody awesome.
    There are also five or more conventional super markets in Invercargill hawking packaged salt, sugar and chemicals to the mindless masses.
    Our entire way of life is one of slavery and acquiescence to greed motivated bullyboy thuggery we’ve been conditioned into believing it’s our governance and it’s for our own good so buy that heart attack and eat that sugar and salt or more likely that MSG.


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