TDB WARNED YOU: Here comes the big data fascism, next stolen generation and social investment privatisation of welfare

Wellington Bureaucrats worship their new Big Data Fascism, Orac

TDB warned you, here it comes…

Mental Health Minister Matt Doocey sought advice on ‘social impact bonds’ to fund services

The coalition is interested in the idea of ‘social impact bonds’ for mental healthcare and social housing. Officials have warned they’re not without risks.

I have deep fears that removing 7AA from Oranga Tamariki will green light a tsunami of uplifts and create another lost generation of Māori kids.

The Social Investment Model uses big data algorithms to pinpoint when a child needs uplifting. For it to work properly and deliver the savings downstream to the State, the uplift must be as soon as Orac tells the State to uplift.

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When they switch it on, it is going to generate an enormous tsunami of uplifts.

Removing 7AA removes the requirement for OT to talk to Māori, which is a green light for mass uplifts.

Placing uplifted Māori children into Māori Community Groups rather than the statistically likely abuse within State care is an actual solution (as long as the funding follows the child).

What ACT, National and NZ First are really fighting for here is to turn Orac on and let the magic of AI determine which child gets uplifted and which one doesn’t!

Think of it as a cross between Kindergarten Cop, Minority Report and The Handmaid’s Tale.

If the realty of this hard Right Government gaining the power to use AI to invade your life and rip children from parents doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you, I don’t know what will.

The State taking a child from a parent is the most extreme power imbalance we have in a liberal progressive society. If we uplift children into State care where they statistically stand to be abuse more than if they had been left in the community, you have a very damaged and broken system that requires more oversight, not less!

What the Social Investment Model intends to do is unapologetically supercharge the uplift process and weaponise it against those Orac warns us will cost the State more money down stream.

We need more oversight here, not less and the willingness of this Government to embark upon this radical yet invisible welfare experiment should be ringing alarm bells everywhere.




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  1. Apparently the court of appeal has overturned the high court decision concerning 7aa whateva that means? Remember Maori neva ceded sovereignty so why are Maori taking these govts seriously when they don’t give two fucks about the law and obligations????? Isn’t the treaty an international document that gave certain rights for the cosigner to uphold its side of the bargain?

    When ACT started its treaty principle bill I haven’t witness in my lifetime how calvinized Maori across the Motu have become and this will get stronger. Does these plastic Maaaaris really want to bring Maori nationalism to the forefront and turn our peaceful country to its knees????

    Free Aotearoa

    • ‘Apparently the court of appeal has overturned the high court decision concerning 7aa whateva that means?
      Means fuck all, policy is already moved on
      Moot decision!
      Lol, wahh wahh wahhh

  2. Don’t worry, there are trustworthy companies like Palantir with headquarters in New Zealand run by young blood enthusiast Peter Thiel to build the statistical models to steal the children. No ulterior motives there!

  3. Minority report OT uplift plan – classic bureaucracy.

    Step 1. Politician changes stuff to look like they get paid to do something.$
    Step 2. Have some change consultants commission a computer program and some rebranding.$
    Step 3. Tell the public OT are taking children off maori gangs. require a bigger budget. $
    Step 4. Dump the kids in over crowded care homes and request more money to run them. $
    Step 5. Create and abuse the next generation of unhappy lost mental health patients and criminals.
    Step 6. Review the KPI
    * more work for police. Bigger police budget. $. tick
    * less mental health. Bigger mental health budget. $. tick
    * next generation of parental fuck ups. Bigger OT uplift budget.$. tick
    * bureaucrats $ winners. tick

  4. “I have deep fears that removing 7AA from Oranga Tamariki will green light a tsunami of uplifts and create another lost generation of Māori kids.”

    Does this mean that you believe that there is a ‘tsunami’ of kids out there that need to be removed from their current situation. If that is the case, does not leaving them where they are also create another lost generation of Maori kids.

    Which of the two evils would you prefer.


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