Democracy Project freaks out: Unemployment up + MPs wages up vs Grim Public Service Job Cuts + Huge tax breaks of rich landlords = A narrative of discontent that is only starting


NZ First apologist platform, The Democracy Project’s Alt Right Folk singer Chris Trotter sounds frightened that his hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government is not being seen as the wondrous saviour for culture war boomers he had hoped it would be.

Trotter should freak out, his hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government have in just 5 months from winning an election become as popular as puberty blockers at a MAGA rally.

Culture war boomers like Trotter love ACTs attacks on woke food and NZ Firsts Toilet Police to check your gender in a public toilet despite the counter productive nature of those policies because attacking the imaginary enemy of whoever hurt you is more important to Culture War Boomers than actual results.

This is all fine and dandy for the right wing spite and malice electorates of AntiVaxxers and Qanon extremists but to middle NZ, this spastic twist of culture war uber allas is just too much especially when other issues have quickly managed to symbolise this Government more than sushi and unisex toilets.

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Unemployment is set to spike as MPs award themselves vast new wage increases.

Rich Landlords get their $1.9b tax break while we throw 50 000 beneficiaries off welfare.

4000 public service jobs are gone when we need more from our Public Services.

The  means in which the donor class bought and paid for this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government as the poor suffer.

The only thing that binds National, ACT and NZ First together is a shared hatred of the people their redneck voters despise, they must use that culture war noise to deflect attention as they run a corrupt crony capitalism that benefits their rich mates.

No wonder the Democracy Project who have wasted so much credibility and capital to pimp for NZ First sound worried.


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  1. Running a country should not be a popularity competition especially when tough decisions need to be made .We had 6 years of a government that wanted to be kind and not upset the natives.Smiles and sausages rolls di not cut it on the World stage .
    The vote in 2 plus years is the only one that matters mot a poll of 1000 people on a phone .

    • But that’s exactly what is Trevor. Incredibly popular for knuckle dragging, climate change denying, redneck, bullshit artists.

      They are not making sensible decisions at all, but they will be popular with people with zero vision for the future.

    • Bring it on Trev. A National government have shown in the space of just four months how they can ruin a country, Labour are now a shoe in.

  2. I think a vitally important thing to remember, no matter how unpalatable it might be, is that we don’t have a government. Yeah-yeah, I know. Votes-in-so-then-there-they-are etc. Avoid the preposterously absurd truth if must but the facts is the facts. We have 3132 mega riche, we have dire poverty and we have as our only export income a few cockies who are either suiciding or are growing pine trees. Great for fletcher challenge who export pine trees but for the rest of us, we’re fucked.

  3. Your headline tells how corrupt and Narcissist this government is. Thank you for highlighting this Martyn.

  4. Ahhh… the First Act is David Seymour’s mess, yet to see what comes is the 2nd Act, the good ole Winston First party… wait didn’t people vote National? …bring the comet now…

  5. Paula Bennett Pharmac. Paula Bennett Pharmac. Paula Bennett Pharmac. Paul Hauptmann Gestapo. Paula Bennett Pharmac. Paula. Remember Te Puea Marae. Be warned.


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