The Working Group with Duncan Garner, Matthew Tukaki and Stuff Columnist Damien Grant


TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

Streaming live from the palatial new podcast studios at Mediaworks, we are live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, The Daily Blog and ROVA .

TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

Panelists tonight: Broadcaster Duncan Garner, Māori Media Barren Matthew Tukaki and the Libertarian Cheerleader Damien Grant.

Issue 1 – Woke food + Toilet police + Tribunal appeal against Minister Chhour – can this Government do anything beyond culture war revenge fantasy virtue signals?

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Issue 2 – Banks vs first time home buyers – who should Government bail out?

and Issue 3 – Are Fascist Fast Track Powers the best democracy donors can buy?

It’s Shakespearean vaudeville politics

TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

The podcast broadcasts live 7.30pm Tuesdays from the new podcast studios at  Mediaworks on TwitterFacebook, YouTube, The Daily BlogApple Podcasts, Spotify & Rova 





    • whilst I like Damien as the libertarian foil and as a juxtaposition, he needs to keep it succinct and to the point. my 2c. he definitely gets people going – lol. tukaki and garner were good.

  1. Who the Hell does the sound on these podcasts? If you keep them, do you think we could have someone doing sign? Perhaps you could get one of the RNZ cadets that regularly stuff things up


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