What NZ First’s slavish worship of pollution means for climate change


We are in so much fucking trouble here, we just don’t understand!

Look any this jump in CO2…

Record-breaking increase in CO2 levels in world’s atmosphere

The largest ever recorded leap in the amount of carbon dioxide laden in the world’s atmosphere has just occurred, according to researchers who monitor the relentless accumulation of the primary gas that is heating the planet.

The global average concentration of carbon dioxide in March this year was4.7 parts per million (or ppm) higher than it it was in March last year, which is a record-breaking increase in CO2 levels over a 12-month period.

The increase has been spurred, scientists say, by the periodic El Niño climate event, which has now waned, as well as the ongoing and increasing amounts of greenhouse gases expelled into the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

“It’s really significant to see the pace of the increase over the first four months of this year, which is also a record,” said Ralph Keeling, director of the CO2 Program at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography. “We aren’t just breaking records in CO2 concentrations, but also the record in how fast it is rising.”

The global CO2 readings have been taken from a station perched upon the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii since the measurements began in 1958 under Keeling’s father, Charles. The concentrations of CO2 have increased each year since, as the heat-trapping gas continues to progressively accumulate due to rampant emissions from power plants, cars, trucks and other sources, with last year hitting a new global record in annual emissions.

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In June, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announcedthat global concentration of CO2 had hit 421ppm, a 50% increase on pre-industrial times and the highest in millions of years. The latest reading from Mauna Loa shows the world at around 426ppm of CO2.

Before the point where humans starting expelling huge volumes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, CO2 levels were around 280ppm for almost 6,000 years of human civilization.

The rapid rise in the heat-trapping gas threatens the world with disastrous climate breakdown in the form of severe heatwaves, floods, droughts and wildfires. Recent research has suggested that CO2 levels were last this high around 14m years ago, causing a climate that would appear alien to people alive today.

…Jesus wept!

The last time we had this much C02 in the atmosphere was 14million years ago.

We. Are. So. Fucked!

To gain those levels of c02 naturally in the biosphere takes accumulation of CO2 over hundreds of thousands if not millions of years.

We’ve done it in less than 3 centuries.

We know when the accumulation is is the hundreds of years that the flipping moments can take decades to go Fromm extreme heat to ice age.

It is these intense fluctuations of temperature that cause the mass extinctions because few things can adapt within the space of decades.

The solution here is renewables.

The solution here is better insulating our cold homes.

The solution here is solar panels on every roof and localised wind farms linking to the grid and powering that grid.

The solution here is to move beyond coal, petrol and gas because the enormous catastrophic weather events coming our way will require and demand a much more flexible adaptation capacity.

That solution is not the solution this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government wants…

Government hypes gas crisis ahead of restarting drilling

Solar power is the cheapest form of energy in the Pacific but the Government says New Zealand’s only choices for keeping the lights on are gas or coal

…this Government is paid for by those representing the polluter interests of the status quo and they will not allow NZ to start a trend they can’t stop…

Shane Jones slams ‘woke-riddled left’ amid energy debate, Chlöe Swarbrick fires back

Resources Minister Shane Jones has come out swinging at the “woke-riddled left” during an energy debate in Parliament. 

The NZ First MP accused Opposition parties of a “faint green vision” to “keep the lights on with unicorn kisses”. 

It comes after the Government said earlier on Wednesday low gas production is threatening New Zealand’s energy security.  

Figures released by the Gas Industry Company show production reduced by 12.5 percent during 2023 and by 27.8 percent in the first three months of this year – beyond what was projected. 

The figures are concerning for those who rely on gas – such as schools, hospitals, universities, food and chemical processors and electricity generators. 

It’s causing companies such as Genesis Energy to resort to importing coal, which has higher emissions. 

“Today, industry sees the long-term consequences of the shallow, emerald, mannikin thinking that’s driven energy policy for the last five or six years,” Jones said. “Today industry throughout New Zealand is confronted by the fact as a consequence of that juvenile, woke-riddled, foolish belief that we don’t need our natural resources, that we don’t need our natural gas, that we don’t need coal – has been laid bare.” 

“You voted for it” and “Look in the mirror” were among several interjections Green Party co-leader Chlöe Swarbrick made while Jones spoke.  

Jones was referring to the 2018 decision to ban all new oil and gas exploration in New Zealand, except for onshore Taranaki. The decision was reluctantly backed by NZ First, which was in a Coalition Government with Labour at the time. 

The current Coalition Government said it would repeal the present oil and gas exploration ban. 

Jones, gesturing to the other side of the House, said left-wing parties are scaring away overseas investors for a “faint green vision that somehow we can keep the lights on with unicorn kisses”. 

“Hopefully, these emerald manikins will retire and let the serious politicians address the unresolved issues in our economy,” Jones continued. 

This maniac will doom us all.

NZ First have courted industry donations and those donations are getting policy that lower water safety standards, grant fast track powers for trans national mining interests and slash environmental protections.

Nothing these goons are pushing for recognises the danger we are in and only grants those causing climate change more pollution rights.

Late stage capitalism smugness has become an existential threat to our species.

NZ First must be destroyed.


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  1. Shane Jones lied about the use of coal, but this just seems to get ignored. Both how much was being used and where it was from. He will be doing same with other issues no doubt. That’s because he is a rather basic individual who has been bought and manipulated. Like saying cameras on fishing boats invaded privacy! Like he really gives a toss about privacy.

  2. Labour scaring off gas exploration companies was one of their silliest moves .We will need fossil fuels for some time yet.

    • No we dont.
      A huge solar power station is being built in South Canterbury right now and will have enough power output to power 30,000 houses. So screw fossil fuels.

      Thats not the only one planned.

      • Bob the first, and the last. They broke the mould after they made you, because everyone makes mistakes. At least they had the wisdom to realise that.

      • So both stop being the flea on the elephant’s backside and piss off for good! Like the flea you are, you won’t be missed.

    • The entire article here is over-dramatic to the point of being silly. We are so not fucked, we are just too NIMBY to get the gas, oil and coal out of the ground. And what’s more, we so badly need a few nuclear power stations, but try telling that to do the zealots. They keep talking about progress, but will do the damnedest to stop anything from happening. But ask them to give up their petrol cars and their cheap nylon clothing…no way!!!

      • You mean like Shane Jones. He’s over dramatic to the point of ridicule. In the photo he’s explaining his experience with viagra.

        • Yes, Wheel maybe shame jonases experience with viagra was when he was watching tax paid porn perhaps while he was doing a five finger mary (sorry mary)

      • ” And what’s more, we so badly need a few nuclear power stations ”

        No we need safe forms of fuel that don’t leave tonnes of nuclear waste that has to be dumped in the ocean or buried in the soil poisoning our environment for thousands of years.

        Solar , thermal and wind and any clean energy that is safe and in plentiful supply and once we work out how to harness it effectively and extort the consumer to use it we are on our way.

        ” we are just too NIMBY to get the gas, oil and coal out of the ground.”

        New Zealanders by a small majority voted to give Shane Jones and the Natz wealthy donors the all clear to do just that and with authoritarian new powers that will ensure that the NIMBY you refer to will not stand in the way of harnessing these energy sources despite all this meaningless bullshit around carbon credits and the pollution and severe effect it will have on the environment.

        The studies have been done and covered by TDB so many times but money talks when it comes to buying policy and slipping those notes into those back pockets.

    • That’s demonstrable nonsense. Gas as a transition fuel has already been thoroughly debunked, because we cannot afford any more GHG emissions as we “transition” via intermediary fossil fuels.

      We also don’t need it, if we actually had coherent energy policy. Our renewable capacity can be easily upped while retaining current fossil fuel capacity as emergency back ups.

      Cancelation of Lake Onslow is another short sighted bit of nonsense.

      You not understanding energy generation doesn’t mean policies by those who do are silly.

    • Bullshit Trevor.
      There are still exploration permits in play both off shore and onshore.
      There are known reserves of gas available and this has been known since the days long before labour came to power.
      You need to ask why the owners of these reserves have never bought them on line.
      You also need to ask why the owners of the exploration licences did not proceed since they have held them for years before Labour canned the issue of NEW LICENCES.
      But hey Trevor don’t let a good opportunity to join Dr Pork and Simian in telling blatant lies. Some other of your ilk will be delighted.

  3. China is building so many more coal powered energy plants… they hit an 8 year high last year.

    Nothing we do here will make a difference other than to punish the poorest with higher energy costs

  4. Nuclear, oil ,gas or coal. Or the lights go out!
    People love to have the planet till it inconviences or costs them. Then all bets are off
    Welcome to the real world

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  6. The most anti environment government in this country’s history.

    The profit motive will always trash the water, air and forests.

    The Southern Alps will be strip mined.

  7. Shane Jones is a ranter for hire. He’s a professional politician who’s theatrical speeches are tailored depending which party he is in coalition with. I’m pleased to see NZ First struggling in the latest poll hopefully they will be in the political wilderness at the next election. Best ignored as he is another talking head with no moral compass.

  8. If the stupid government was to use the Landlord tax grant away and use it to bulk buy solar systems then sell them at cost to the public we would have a massive power supply for a couple of billion dollars .
    But NO we would rather burn coal and gas and whinge about a non exist power crisis .This government will create a power shortage so they can pander to the gas industry .I see on news room they are looking at allowing them to walk away from wells when they run dry .The government is also looking at subsidising exploration and other costs .


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