Weekend Political Podcast: AUKUS + Economic recession + Mega Prisons


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Panelists tonight: NZ Herald Columnist Matthew Hooton, Labour Party Jedi David Parker and the Libertarian Cheerleader Damien Grant.

Issue 1 – AUKUS vs Pillar 2 vs Independent Foreign Policy vs China’s reaction

Issue 2 – Unemployment up, more liquidations up and house values slumping – can the NZ Economy survive borrowing for tax cuts?

Issue 3 – Nationals new Mega Prison – we won’t feed hungry kids at school but we will build mega prisons

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  1. Damien Grant depiction of the Yemenis are not only false but bigoted as well. How does this clown get away with spewing such trash. The Jewish yemenis moved to the newly created apartheid state for a better future not because they were oppressed. The discrimination that they endured on their arrival was something akin to Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp treatment as they were treated inferior by european jewry standards because of their arab ethnicity. The yemen babies that were taken off their mothers by stealth is a whole new sargar that Damien knows nor cares fuck all about.

    • It’s funny how these genocidal liars who claim that jews who invaded Palestine were driven to do so because they were ‘persecuted’ by Arabs always avoid mentioning the terror bombing campaigns that the Mossad ran against jews and Arabs alike in those nations. Even though their terrorist group that calls itself ‘israel’ has openly issued awards to the vile zionist terrorists who conducted the ‘Operation Susannah’/Lavon Affair attacks in Egypt and elsewhere.

  2. Aotearoa, fool not, only whit fright, lock up them dare, be coining back to our new Panticon prison construction. Eh what a selection, WHO, YOUR WING,they say.
    Henukei, care like eh! care, not.

  3. Hooten- need prisons for ” all the Jake Hekes ” eh ?
    What about the other 51% of non maori VIOLENT offenders . Never mind the bashed white wifey eh ?
    Your theory – That women without these ‘Jakes’ can then feed their children school lunches.
    Have you researched how many women harm, abuse or neglect their infants particularly under 1 years of age ?
    What stereotypical ‘delulu’ Hooten.


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