Waatea News Column: We have money for a Mega Prison, More Military and Landlord tax breaks – but not enough for the people


As we approach the Budget it seems our priorities and our values have somehow become warped.

We have $1.7billion extra to help build a Mega Prison, but not enough for kids to get subsidised public transport to get to school.

We have hundreds of millions more for the military while cutting back on education buildings.

We have $1.9billion for tax breaks to richest landlords but have gutted public services for that money.

MSD predicts these policies will push up to 13 000 kids into poverty.

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Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor, this Government is mugging the poor to give to the rich!

Throwing 50 000 beneficiaries off welfare (including those with a disability) into a job market that is seeing unemployment rise because the Reserve Bank Governor is crashing the economy so middle class wealth doesn’t evaporate from inflation is fine if you have capital you can fall back on, but is disastrous is you are living week to week.

This Budget looks like it is being written for the rich, by the rich and in the interests of the rich.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. While I suspect that Nicola will be regarded as the worst finance minister in NZ history the budget should confirm that view. She talks about tax cuts for 80% of tax payers but how they are set and taking account of the extra costs this government has imposed is necessary before passing judgement on them.

  2. Martyn – Labour needed to built another prison once the 501s started arriving …but, decided not too…the poor communities had to wear it instead.

  3. We need responsible Government and in the Coalition that’s what we have.
    The alternative proved beyond doubt,after a 6 year reign,they are not capable of governing.

  4. If we want to purchase good military hardware than let’s not beat around the bush and purchase it from the best battled tested weaponry and that made from the Iranians. The west has underestimated this country as no good ragheads however even under immense sanctions have manage to build drone & missile technology that supasses NATO.

  5. what’s the betting that like the uk some bright spark suggests napoleonic prison hulks….no money for nationally essential ferrys but I bet they can lease prison ships cheap


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