Well, well, well – so Intelligence Apparatus DID let us down over Christchurch terrorist?


We have had a white washed report into the Intelligence Failures of the Christchurch Terrorist.

TDB has been critical of this enormous security failure since it occurred.

We spend hundreds of millions on the Intelligence Apparatus in NZ and yet their focus is on Environmentalists, Unionists, Māori, Muslim students and Left wing Political figures NOT white supremacy…

Christchurch terrorist discussed attacks online a year before carrying them out, new research reveals

In March and August 2018, up to a year before he attacked two Christchurch mosques, gunman Brenton Tarrant posted publicly online that he planned to do so. Until now, these statements have not been identified.

In fact, for four years before his attack, the terrorist had been posting anonymously but publicly on the online message board 4chan about the need to attack people of colour in locations of “significance”, including places of worship.

In its final report in 2020, the royal commission of inquiry into the terror attacks wrote:

The individual claimed that he was not a frequent commenter on extreme right-wing sites and that YouTube was, for him, a far more significant source of information and inspiration. Although he did frequent extreme right-wing discussion boards such as those on 4chan and 8chan, the evidence we have seen is indicative of more substantial use of YouTube and is therefore consistent with what he told us.

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Given the importance of online environments in radicalising lone actor terrorists, we questioned this and set out to investigate whether right-wing websites were important in the terrorist’s radicalisation.

What we found overturns a great deal of what we thought we knew about him. It also raises serious questions, not only about why this posting was not detected before the attack, but also why it has not been discovered in the five years since the March 15 attacks.

…these new insights go alongside warnings made from his shooting club about his behaviour and shooting stance alongside extremist material downloaded near his address.

If the NZ Intelligence Apparatus had made white supremacy a focus, they would have seen him.

Add to this white supremacy as a red flag an anti Islamic fetish, anti Vaccine propaganda, Qanon Conspiracy theorists and Sovereign Citizen movements and you have a boiling swamp looking for the stillborn embryo of extremist violence.

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  1. Is complacency a good enough word to describe the failure to detect his plans? While other places around the world had suffered this type of attack I suspect that I was 1 of many who did not expect such a thing to happen especially in my home town. While I have my differences with the Muslim religion you only need to read the list of those killed to see what a valuable contribution they made to our city and the thought that people can decide to kill people who they don’t like is repugnant. While I am not a fan of state surveillance if it is the only way to prevent further attacks then those state agencies need to do a better job at it.

  2. It is sheer nonsense for New Zealand governments to claim they had no prior knowledge of Brenton T. No Australian citizen who travels to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea could do so without the knowledge of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, thus also becoming a person of interest to the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service. The New Zealand Police “failures” to act in response to Tarrant’s actions in the lead up to the massacre have to be seen in the light of this basic fact.

  3. Hell, he said shit on his Facebook pages didn’t he, which should have raised a few bloody eyebrows. Particularly as he was applying for a military style small arm. Jesus Christ, when I remember the hoops I had to jump through just to get ordinary hunting rifles it makes my blood boil.

  4. I think wanting to kill things for the fun and power of it rather than that of necessity, and even then, is a mental illness as defined by being emotionally half cooked.
    If the police suspect someone of getting all fired up to express their madness by killing others then arrest them then slip them good and proper MDMA and a sack full of new born lambs, kittens and puppies and a box of tissues for the crying with joy that’ll soon follow.
    God’s clearly not paying attention so give Drugs a go.

      • Surely you should also be asking who was the chair of an executive committee which in 2018 ushered through amendments to the Arms Regulations 2002, to allow online processing by Police concerning the issue of firearms licences and weapons transactions.

  5. It is disturbing that the Key/Ardern governments allowed this man to be radicalized into the zionist counter-jihad ideology, leading him to carry out a copycat version of Baruch Goldstein’s original terrorist attack against the al-Ibrahimi mosque. The need for bans on zionist speech has never been more clear.

    • Then we would need to ban all of the eco-fascist Green ideology which Tarrant was a zealot of and quoted at length in his manifesto (freely available to read offshore if you’re wanting a little holiday anytime soon) and to which Bill Gates and western world leaders adhere. You’d also need to ban anti-semitism and Islamism as Tarrant was a proper little anti-capitalist, anti-semitic neo-nazi, motivated to commit his mosque attacks by the Islamist terror attack on 11-year-old Swede Ebba Åkerlund.


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