Cook Strait Ferry Captains call already sinking National


I think we are starting to see a pattern of National Party behaviour now when it comes to Public Assets and it can be epitomised in the Cook Strait Ferry Captains call.

Nicola Willis wrote off the agreed upgrade demanding Toyota Corolla version instead, when it turned out only 22 global ships would fall into that requirement and none of them were for sale.

It’s another example of long term planning for an upgrade in infrastructure which brings us forward from the 1960s to late 1990s and then we end up with a cheap 1980s version we can afford.

National need to find a billion per year to fund tax cuts for the richest amongst us so the response by this Government to Infrastructure upgrades is to cancel them and demand privatisation to get a 1980s upgrade for 2028.

We are always a dollar too short and a day too late in NZ, we refuse to tax the rich properly to fund the infrastructure and look at privatisation as the solution.

Over and over and over again.

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  1. National public-school policy equals moldy, leaking damp rooms, mushroom growing, low paid teachers, fast track teaches courses for public-schools, not private, 60k per student for charter schools though. No good caring about the quality of education when the school buildings are falling apart.

    • Not true – only 1. Aratere was ordered when Bolger was in the chair, Kaitaki arrived when Helen Clark was Prime Minister and Kaiarahiwas leased and only purchased in 2015

  2. Tricola Willis is already back tracking on our country’s deficits payments. This is a government that claimed to be better economic managers than Labour. This is also party that said it will get infrastructure projects done but are talking PPP for a public good. As both a tax and rate payers where is the help for the squeezed middle, we have been promised by this government. Frankly $20 scabby dollars a week won’t cut it.

  3. Now for a slow crippling of the umbilical cord between the islands.
    Every other first world nation invests in such infrastructure.


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