Rise of the NuZilind Gumboot Ubermensch: Why not let redneck muppets rewrite the laws of black holes as well?


There has always been a dark side to NZ Egalitarianism.

Negative Egalitarianism.

The, ‘Oh you think you’re smarter than me’ mindset so many have when their ignorance is challenged.

Post Covid, the hatred towards ‘experts’ has been weaponised by the Right to exploit personal bigotries and prejudice and we see it most vividly in the Treaty Principles debate and the antivaxx movement.

This whole argument that “we the people didn’t have a say in Lord Cooke’s 1987 ruling” utterly misunderstands the nature of our democracy and is the intellectual equivalent of being a book burner demanding to run the library!

We have a representative democracy, not a participatory democracy.

We elect people and pay them well and resource them with the best advice to make the best decisions, if you don’t like them you kick them out of office once every 3 years.

Demanding a say in issues requiring deep wisdom, experience and technical skill like Constitutional Law and vaccines is like letting children design airplanes FFS!

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You are all honestly smarter than Lord Cooke and the vast majority of medical experts promoting the vaccine are you?

The arrogance of so many of you is just jaw dropping in its level of self delusion!

I want an expert making decisions as important as this, not slack jawed yokels who are frightened every time there’s an eclipse that the moon dragon is eating the Sun God!

In fields that demand intelligence, why the Christ would you ask morons for their opinion?

It’s like getting them in to have a say over brain surgery FFS!

Why not let redneck muppets rewrite the laws of black holes as well?

Why would you listen to a redneck on advice for brain surgery, or vaccine science, or building a legislative constructional framework that allows indigenous people to access promises made by a Treaty the conquering culture never wants to acknowledge?

This hate of the expert because apparently the experts advice hurts your feelings is woke snowflake trigger level pathetic.

Right wing feelings from the Anitvaxx perma-grievance movement and the anti-Māori settler klan are what is deciding policy here, not expert analysis!

Ill informed, stupid, ignorant, right wing ‘feelings’.

Fuck your feelings.



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  1. clearly Maori are being abused for the benefit of everyone else .Now they are being deniged proper health care .In the mean time we flood the country with people to take the jobs off maori so we can call them bludgers and lazy cunts .Those same imports are allowed to setup shops and peddle drugs such as alcohol and nicotine to the very maori whose job their cousin has taken .Once they have done that they are then allowed to exploit their fellow country man by under paying then and treating them like shit .

    • Setting up shops is not taking jobs off Maori. Driving ubers is not taking jobs off Maoris. No one is forcing Maori to buy alcohol and nicotine. I’ve been to countries (in Asia) that sell alcohol like water and there are few social problems as a result. Countries in Northern Europe legally sell hooch in shops and there are few social problems as a result. Are you saying Maori have less self control than other races, if so that is extremely patronising if not borderline racist.

      • While you might be technically correct regarding the jobs I believe that we are overrun by parasitic businesses that rely on a flaw in people to ensure their repeat business. The likes of gambling, selling addictive products etc are a transfer of wealth from people who earned it in another industry & do not actually improve the wealth of the nation. In this case I support Gordon especially when you see some immigrants exploiting their fellow countrymen.

      • Maori were adverse to alcohol & cigarettes when Pakeha introduced these drugs into Aotearoa in the early 19th Century. Ova time Maori experimented like many peoples around the world became addicted. This addiction became rife after Maori dispossession of their lands and livelihoods coupled with european introduced diseases that decimated the Maori population and was the ultimate reason for population decline not the musket wars that many uninformed pakeha bigots would like us to believe.

  2. That bloody idiotic “sovereign citizen” idea seems to have taken root in these people as well. The idea that NZ laws don’t apply to them. Which is far as I can see gives all right to hunt them down like dogs and shoot them. I doubt they’d approve of that though.

  3. “I want an expert making decisions as important as this, not slack jawed yokels who are frightened every time there’s an eclipse that the moon dragon is eating the Sun God!”

    Pure gold.

      • To fit their narrative! When Cmore claims that he knows better than historians that have spent years and years of studying our country’s’ history reduces them publicly as ‘knowitalls’ than what hope do we have letting the wider public have their opinion then having a referendum on the TOW remembering that these majority ignorant NZers don’t like Maori would vote against there interest is that fair?

  4. I agree with this article although I would also say that any experts are only as reliable as the evidence they use. My reason to doubt experts is when they rely on assumptions that differ from what I believe is revealed truth. It is an unfortunate reality that many people use the same reasoning that I do yet come up with crackpot ideas so I do not advocate blind faith in anyone.

  5. Are the rednecks’ ‘reckons’ any worse than the progressives’ dreams of a perfect society (with them in charge naturally) and their own personal role played in the great arc of history?
    TBF, the woke have a lot of magical thinking as well.

    A plague on both groups.

  6. Mark, I suggest you look at the indigenous incarceration rates why are the prison fill of indigenous people in their own countries, are they all fucken lazy? what do the people marginalized have in common? high prison rates, high premature death rates, low home ownership, lower educational qualifications etc etc why is this ask yourself before you make broad assumptions.


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