Here they come for the Beneficiaries

Aunty Upston is here and wants to punish

More beneficiaries to face sanctions under new Govt – minister

New Social Development Minister Louise Upston says she’s expecting more beneficiaries to face sanctions under the Government’s plans to shake up welfare.

During the election campaign, National promised a range of changes to stop what it said had become “entrenched welfare dependency” under the previous government.

The party had said a “lax application of sanctions” had contributed to the problem.

Speaking to Q+A, Upston said of the number of people sanctioned: “I would expect it to increase. It’s a consequence of people not taking actions to help themselves.

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“We now have 190,000 people on Jobseeker benefit – 67,000 more than six years ago.”

She continued: “We have seen an absolute blowing out of welfare dependency under the watch of Carmel Sepuloni and the Labour government.

“I don’t think that’s good enough.”

Here’s Aunty Upston and she has the stick.

No more carrots for the bennies, they gonna git da bash!

And that’s the way this new hard right racist climate denying Government loves it!

One of Jacinda’s true legacy’s was ‘kindness’ and it forced the State which previously loved bashing anyone too weak and poor enough to be able to fight back, into being kind and stopped them from using cruel sanctions.

This new hard right racist climate denying Government however LOVES using the State to bash the poor and so we have the beginnings of the purges and the sanctions and the cruel penalties alongside the new rules to kick out State Tenants which will inject a tsunami of homelessness, poverty and desperation back into our already withered social infrastructure.

Add these sanctions to ACTs desire to punish drug addicts and the mentally ill on welfare while targeting welfare fraud (and ignoring white collar crime) and we have a cauldron of toxic right wing revenge fantasies masquerading as social policy.

The lives of beneficiaries and state tenants are about to become far, far, far more desperate, damaged and corroded.

This policy will only drive up harm, domestic violence, suicide, crime and homelessness.



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  1. Meanwhile Jerry “that’s no moon it’s a space station” Brownlee is going to make the lobbyist list confidential again after National, not that many months ago, were saying we needed transparency. If you want to talk about state beneficiaries that list will contain some.

    This coalition is a very bad joke. We have gone from inept under Labour to a bunch of lying conniving a’holes.

  2. Totally agree with Bomber here. Bennie Bashing is the core responsibility of Tories everywhere. Despite sirkey growing up on a single parent bennificiary income in a state house!

    It is now the worst time for anyone to have to interact with MSD/WINZ–they are out to get you and make your life more miserable than it is already. And a cruel reality is that union members–PSA–will largely be those putting the boot into vulnerable people, denying entitlements and sanctions galore.

    Thousands more people need to get back into politics and direct action to sort this shit out until we abolish MSD/WINZ and institute a Basic Income for all administered by IRD. Labour dragging the chain on instituting the WEAG recommendations is coming back to haunt ordinary people now.

    There is a huge contradiction involved in all of this…capital requires an army of “reserve labour” aka unemployed, to put downward pressure on wages and to keep the working class subservient, the Reserve Bank has directly stated this. The RB wants the unemployment rate to rise.

    But…unemployed or underemployed rather than being heroes of the nation in the fight against inflation are characterised as dirty filthy bludgers, and sadistically treated by MSD/WINZ. Sue Bradford will be shaking her head after the struggles of the 90s. Burn Shipley Burn!

    • It’s worth saying that again:

      “unemployed or underemployed rather than being heroes of the nation in the fight against inflation are characterised as dirty filthy bludgers, and sadistically treated by MSD/WINZ.”

    • There needs to be an organised labour movement response to expose the real culprits here — the corrupt Labour Party bureaucracy and their corporate donors.

      These turncoats had a large enough majority to reinstate the Full Employment Policy, that abolished mass unemployment for over forty years. This would have rendered the demagogic attempts to turn workers against one another redundant in an instant.

      By deliberately positioning themselves to the right of the Post-War Consensus (including one-nation conservative Tories), the Labour Parties can keep raking in donations from Wall Street — including the banks and insurance companies, who have been lobbying for a full privatisation of social security for decades.

      Even a mild New Deal Democrat like Bernie Sanders ran on a platform of the universal job guarantee. It is 1929 all over again: any social-liberal today that is to the right of F.D.R. is universally loathed; any former social democrat that is now to the right of the Clement Atlee is rightly denounced as a traitor.

      • What a load of twaddle. The Labour party received the least of the major parties in donations ($1,372,198) for the last election – compare this to National ($9,018,511), ACT ($4,909,139) and even the Green Party ($1,533,158). Labour only just pipped NZF ($1,281,432) despite the fact NZF only really factored in the election race from about 6 months out from the election.

        Labour’s biggest issue was not moving to the right of political centre – it was an inability to actually get things done – incrementatlism and a lack of accountability for this. The massive proposed building programme was the biggest issues in terms of non-delivery – but there were others. It was nothing to do with their placement on the political spectrum.

  3. Genuine beneficiaries should get more money if needed to get them back on their feet but those that are taking the piss need to be weeded out .

    • It seems to be a conservative mantra that there are hundreds of thousands of people ripping off the country living on the benefit, lying on the couch watching TV all day. There might be a few, but in general it’s pure bullshit. Trying to live on a benefit is not easy. Except for those conservatives who try it for a couple of days and say it’s fine.

      • Let’s face it, despite white males being very well represented in the stats there will lots out there who think all the beneficiaries have brown faces.

        • Shane Shane the retail “get off the couch” politician, and Eeeore Seymore too.
          The more I hear and see of them, including the Trumpian body language, the more I realise they’re not actually that bright.

  4. Upston is a horrid, horrid woman and that’s even before she is the worst minister for social development. She had history as proven by her being negligent as a previous minister for women.
    Her response to Jack shows no plan to help supply beneficiaries with jobs, just whack them.
    And now we see unemployment rising under this government, not surprisingly.

  5. Upston began law school but did not achieve the minimum grades to enter the second year.


  6. “This policy will only drive up harm, domestic violence, suicide, crime and homelessness”

    And it’ll be interesting how much the gNats are going to have to spend on security and fortifying MSD offices.

  7. Right Wing: Unemployment is too low. We need more unemployed people to help surpress wage growth and bargaining power of workers.

    Also Right Wing: We need to punish anyone on benefit for not being employed.

    • You put it more succinctly than me in the first comment here Draft Excluder. This is the glaring contradiction that should be highlighted–Reserve Bank and Capital want higher unemployment, but the subsequent unemployed and underemployed are then demonised and hammered by MSD/WINZ.

  8. 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires each with $50 mil net, the Natzos, and four foreign owned banksters chorus ” Lets whack the crafty, lazy bennies ! They don’t deserve the unliveable pittance they must crawl while begging for. ”
    Ok. I have a solution. Let’s unleash a very public royal commission of inquiry in unison with a team of independent forensic accountants to go up the Natzo’s and all Post 1984 governments, their MP’s, their lobbyists and through their personal banking records like a dose of salts, THEN once that’s done, lets focus on beneficiaries, specifically on how to improve their lives. That Upston woman above looks like a weird blue startled tussock.

  9. NAct supporters have never learned that the square pegs they manufacture won’t go into the small round holes they have demanded.

  10. Allowing beneficiaries to stay on welfare with no checks and balances is crazy.
    No needing to prove you are actively seeking work (most are able bodied) and no time limit to encourage getting into work.
    No wonder the amount receiving job seeker has sky rocketed under labour.

    • Unemployment has skyrocketed under National in just 4 months. Expect more on the benefit under National as the public sector redundancies kick in, it’s what this sick National government does best.

      • Of course it’s increased!
        The new Govt sent memos to all govt dept heads asking for reductions of between 4-7% in their budgets.
        Just as they campaigned on, so contractors were let go, excess fat trimmed….still thousands to go, but it’s a good start!

  11. And what no one is talking about is how National under key merged the SICKNESS BENEFIT and the unemployment benefit into the “Jobseeker” benefit.

    So that “Jobseeker” number quoted includes people on the SICKNESS benefit. I.e., people that are too sick to work, as determined by both MSD and medical professionals.

    I wonder if there was something that happened worldwide, that left a bunch of the population with debilitating long term effects from a novel disease lately … hmmmm … a global pandemic with documented widespread long term effects perhaps?

    Either way, it’s absolutely disgusting that the current lot are pretending like everyone on “Jobseeker” are actually able to work.

    • Nevertheless, hiding the true extent of unemployment has generally been the name of the game for decades.
      Over two decades ago the gubmint extended the definition of what qualifies as employed to those who work for only a few hours per week, wiping thousands from their books.
      I believe that if it were still calculated in the more accurate manner that was used to do so in the early eighties we’d all be rightly horrified.

  12. I can see an uprising happening amongst the unemployed and the poor against this government if pushed hard enough by stupid social policies.

    But it has to happen to make the government and people notice to force change.

  13. What all these arseholes forget is in the last 10 years the population has grown by a million imports .Therefore 6.7% unemployed or not selling fags or vaps there by selling death and ill health .If you increase the population by 20% of cause you are going to have more unemployed as well as more needing health care ,but the dumb arses among us have not caught on to that yet .Then as per a comment above the real dumb want higher unemployed so they can then bash them and make out they are causing the economy to perform badly .But incase we cant get unemployment figures up we will import another 50k just to make sure then pay them to stay at home to make it look like the government has done a great job at lifting unemployment to record levels.

  14. If we have to have the beneficiary debate lets at least have an honest one with our eyes wide open.

    First off, all those useless layabout, ill educated shit on your shoe types people like to cite, are all the one’s the system failed in the first place and ensured their inter generational poverty future was allowed to flourish, so maybe fuck off with beat downs and penalties and in fact properly compensate those whose futures you stole and leave them alone and refocus. You lost that generation when you failed them, to expect the hardcore unemployed to do a back to work course and 40 hour weeks is fantasy thinking, and let’s be totally fucking brutal – You wouldn’t want them packing your groceries or pulling weeds by the pool at your mansion anyway.

    With AI and automation set to further decimate the workforce, and it’s white middle class and upper income earners who start getting let go, someone will have to come up with a plan because we can’t all make your coffee or deliver your lazy cnut tuck truck dinner. Minimum is a UBI at benefit levels for those who won’t/can’t work.

    • Well put. Capitalists need a cash flow presumably so who the hell is going to buy their consumer crap if every bastard is existing at subsistence level like a dystopian movie?

      Wrecked lives and lost potential since the mid 80s are barely reflected on now, except by a few academics–and maybe ram raiders!

  15. Context: Upston is a Minister in a government that has provided military support for the Israel genocide. She is party to a government which supports cigarette smoking and the tobacco industry. She is the Minister overseeing MSD staff who tell jobseekers to ‘go and rob a bank’ when clients are at their most vulnerable. Her lifestyle as a public servant has been funded by the tax payer for years and her solution to growing people not unemployment is to attack the communities that have grown her. She is in no position to lecture anyone about life.

  16. as mps are paid from govt funds they are bennies too…can they be sanctioned ie-number of days spent in the house?
    it’s an easy target for the right…lack of capital gains tax is just a benefit to landlords…time to get tough on the bludgers no thought not

  17. Summary:
    Just give out as much money as we can print. Ask nothing in return. No responsibilities. No obligations. Just fork it out at will. Left wing nirvana.

  18. Good help on the ground where it is needed. Is this from the MSD – the Ministry to Swipe the Defenceless or the MSD Ministry of Social Development?

    Now –

    Back last century. Nurse Maude in Christchurch started doing things for everyday people in need back in the day.
    Sibylla Emily Maude (1862-1935) was a formidable and selfless woman whose standard of nursing was ahead of her time. With singular devotion, she established a district nursing service, combatted influenza and impacted the lives of Christchurch’s most vulnerable.
    The Nurse Maude Story
    Christchurch in 1893 and took up the position of matron of Christchurch Hospital.[3] During her time she oversaw the opening of a new nurses’ home and the introduction of nursing training programmes. However Maude was frequently involved in debates with the hospital board and in 1895 a commission of inquiry was set up into her management of the hospital. She was cleared of all charges, but the experience left Maude convinced that she was not suited to institutional management.

    Sounds familiar cf
    David William Meates MNZM[3] is a New Zealand business leader in Christchurch, New Zealand, and son of former All Black, Bill Meates. He was chief executive of Canterbury and West Coast District Health Boards until 4 September 2020.[4]
    He resigned because of alleged pressure from the Ministry of Health, Crown monitor of the Health Board and Canterbury District Health Board over cost cutting measures.  Meates was farewelled from his position by hundreds of people in a guard of honour.

    On 29 June 2022 he announced he will run in the race for Christchurch’s mayoralty in the October local elections.
    Christchurch Mayoral Election 2022
      Independent Phil Mauger 53,569 45.11
    Independent David Meates 51,298 43.21

    You can try but you can’t make the horse drink when you show it water.

  19. “Breaking News. Government announces fifteen percent increase to minimum wage to efficiently incentivise job seekers off welfare and consequently lowers taxes. Government sees lift in the polls”, a fictional account of a three headed monster government.

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