What Warmongers Judith Collins and Winston Peters are really doing in Australia for the AUKUS Military Industrial Complex

They rally around the family, with a pocket full of shells! Warmongers on parade!

Judith Collins, Winston Peters head to Australia for meeting with foreign, defence counterparts

Winston Peters and Judith Collins are right now on the way to Melbourne for the first meeting between both the Foreign and Defence Ministers of New Zealand and Australia.

Let’s get this completely straight.

Winston who loves America almost as much as he loves himself plus a Minister of Defence with the nickname ‘Crusher’ who has a long and twisted history of abusing political power, have fecklessly led us into an American War and we all have to pretend this is normal?

Oh and now they are off for a private meeting with the AUKUS Military Industrial Complex?

A Military Industrial Complex that has been softening us up for months…

New Zealand officials began pitching the benefits of joining AUKUS months ago – documents

Documents show Defence officials have for months been pitching the benefits of joining the AUKUS military alliance.

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Defence Minister Judith Collins meets her counterpart in Melbourne on Thursday and is expected to raise the prospect of joining the non-nuclear part of the deal – called Pillar 2.

…why the fuck are we pretending Winston and Judith and a weak Luxon sending Military personnel to select targets for America to bomb is reasonable and normal while we get sucked into the vortex of the Military Industrial Complex?

Do any of you honestly think Warmongers like Winston and Judith are operating in our  best interests as they meet the Military Industrial Complex Nazgul?

We should all be deeply alarmed at where Winston and Judith are leading us and all those who defend their actions are covered in the same blood splatter!

This isn’t normal, and it should be criticised fiercely!

My dear fellow New Zealander’s, there are enormous tectonic shifts occurring and you are being blinded to them all by the petty and the meaningless.

The half billion dollar contract to Rocketlabs ties us into the Military Industrial Complex.

They rally ’round the family with a pocket full of shells.

Warmongers on parade.


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  1. With any luck, the Axis of Resistance can put a Nuclear bullseye target right on top of that nest of Vipers in the Beehive & send them a Hypersonic Sarmut missile to get rid of these War Pigs, one & for all!

  2. Go you @ MB. I think you should hook up with Russell Brand and his people. ( Yeah, I know. “Haw-haw-haw!” Right.)
    “My dear fellow New Zealander’s, there are enormous tectonic shifts occurring and you are being blinded to them all by the petty and the meaningless.” Exactly but there must be a question. Why?
    Are the rich elite looking to turn AO/NZ into a kind of last-post gun ship landing strip as the planet melts?
    My other question is: Who the fuck voted for these creeps? Who voted for vile collins and that awful, awful, lying, deceitful, fucking odious winston peters? Are there that many stupid people out there? Jesus Christ! It’s truely depressing and terrifying.
    At the risk of sounding paranoid, how do we know if we did get the results we voted for? How do we really know, I mean, really, really, actually for sure know that luxon, peters and fucking hideous seymour actually, really, genuinely got elected. Did you see the papers come in? Did you see them being counted? If there’s one thing that forty years of neo-liberalism has taught me is that I can’t trust one single solitary Nu Zillind politician, public servant or bureaucrat. The chilling question then, is, who can I trust? I trust my dog. That’s about fucking it. I’m truly staggered that after all this time people voted for the above sociopathic, narcissistic arseholes. No disrespect to actual arse holes which, unlike our pathetic politicians, perform a vital service. I wonder what all those little pre-election, pro-natzo fly minions who were to be found buzzing around here at that time think now? Can they think while counting their bribery money?

    • Agree with you CB and ask myself the same question.
      How is it that there are so many total fools who actually voted for the horrible National party when it was blindingly obv. that it was still full of Key’s ghastly colleagues. They were revolting then and we knew they’d be revolting again. And here we are finding out that nothing has changed.
      I blame it on a lot of inexperienced voters. Ready to believe the B/S being spouted on the right. Sounded heaps better than where they’d came from so must be ok. And then there’s dreadful social media with no requirement to be accurate.

      Winston-first voters. How can they be so thick and still be alive?
      ACT and Nats voters. Their memories must be in a dire state that they don’t recall the Banks/Dotcom/helicopter fiasco, the pig and sheep farm fiascos, the Orewa speech/Waitangi fiascos, the Oravida fiasco, the fuel pipeline fiasco, the Mother of all Budgets fiasco and all the other fiascos they have presided over.
      Not to mention the appalling candidates they have presented the electorate with at times. The conmen and perverts which we have been expected to be content with.

      it’s the old story. You don’t know what you’ve got, till it’s gone.
      It’s their job to make sure our few remaining assets are gone soon.

  3. The average age of those two is seventy-one. The Second World War was actually happening when Peters was born. Fresh thinking is probably not their thing.

  4. Excellent, we need missile and drone tech as the future for our defense.
    Wasn’t that long ago Winston wanted a trade deal with Russia so the guy is certainly not just an American puppet.

    I’d be more worried about Oravida swamp Kauri Collins’ husbands ties to China and potential to leak AUKUS secrets.

    • Fuck no this is the worst deal in history way worse than Keys make deal 4% GDP growth trade deals. New Zealand is going to get poorer. Nationals job creation has never been able to keep pace with inflation ever! It’s all corporate favourites.

    • Imagine thinking that human beings who see what’s been happening to zionists and your puppets in the last few years will think that buying missile and drone tech from you losers is the right solution. It’s hilarious that you’re trying to shill for buying $70,000,000 Predator drones like the one that the heroes of the Iraqi Resistance tagged along right behind with a $120,000 special FPC-equipt Shahed-136 a few days ago, right into an American occupational base.

      Noone in this country believes you zionists. You can drop all the bombs on kids you like, it doesn’t make you strong.

      We are New Zealand taxpayers here, sir. We aren’t buying your lies from ‘tel aviv’.

  5. Objecting to partnering with the Aussies, our closest friends with whom we share the same values, in a time of heightened global tension and threat from Islamic terrorism, Chinese expansion and Russian hegemony who the fuck are you gunna call?

  6. Yes, and who gave that money to rocket labs? So fucked up how they slid in almost under the radar to operate here in NZ
    Pollution from rockets.
    Kill chain.
    Betrayed and disenfranchised local Maori.

  7. Well these two fuckwits, Collins & Peters have just pissed off China bigtime, NZ & Australia’s biggest Trading partner by participating in a FUCKUS Joint Statement condemning the Chinese & the Chinese are furious at NZ, they expect it from Australia but not NZ who previously maintained a neutral stand in Geopolitics but now this new Govt is angering China & others over the totally bullshit & proven to be utterly fabricated Uyghurs story & the other bogus Human rights issues China is supposedly committing, but this tired, phoney, American narrative to demonise the Chinese is patently false & easily debunked! China is being demonised for the Crime of replacing America as the Worlds number 1 Economic Superpower! This fake concern America harps on about for the Uyghur Muslims, what a joke, as if they care about Muslims, look at what they have done to Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, killing millions & they have the audacity & hypocrisy to call out the Chinese, give me a fucken break? THE US is currently complicit in Israeli War crimes & genocide in Gaza, killing Muslim Arabs, the US supplies the bombs doing all the killing of Palestinians & provides the weapons, intelligence & funding that enables Israel’s War criminality! And don’t get me started on America’s Proxy War they started in Ukraine in 2022, they funded & armed Neo Nazi’s & created a Ukrainian NATO Army to fight & kill Russians, now 500k Ukrainian’s are dead, one million permanently injured & thousands of dead Russians they they sabotaged the Minsk Peace agreements not once but twice, it’s hypocrisy on steroids & China doesn’t come close to the murderous crimes America has done in the World? So What is NZ going to do when China dumps NZ as a Trading Partner, which is going to happen under this current Govt, they are burning all the goodwill & hard work & Trade deal accomplishments to win over China, all achieved under Labour, but now China will look elsewhere othet than NZ if we are viewed as a hostile, untrustworthy partner & once their gone theirs no getting that relationship back? China have plenty of other places to buy their Dairy product’s from, Russia which is China’s Ally, has developed a new, massive & huge Dairy Industry that dwarfs NZ tiny Industry! China has options to get Dairy products from elsewhere, NZ doesn’t have any other major Trading partner options outside of China so Keep going Collins & Peters, you won’t be so smug when China dumps NZ as our major Trading party & for what, to kiss the wrinkly old incontinent ass of Genocide Joe Biden & the dying US Empire who are jealous of China supplanting them as the Worlds largest Economic manufacturing power, its pathetic, look at the economic damage that has been done in Europe over their myopic support of America’s failed project Ukraine disaster, the EU is being deindustrialised & their Economies are in freefall, in recession & they have lost the competitiveness they once had from getting cheap Russian gas but now its all over for Europe! NZ & Australia are destined for the same fate by hitching our wagon to America’s never ending Neocon War profiteering & Warmongering!

  8. “Do any of you honestly think Warmongers like Winston and Judith are operating in our best interests as they meet the Military Industrial Complex Nazgul?”

    I don’t know about ‘our’ interests, but they probably are operating in NZ’s national interest, which isn’t necessarily the same thing. Your commentary leaves out:
    1. NZ’s strong national interest in protecting international trade routes.
    2. Its interest in not being left behind by its allies in the field of military high tech. (And if you think military high tech is irrelevant, go tell it to the Ukrainians and see what response you get).


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