Trump is horrifically the Republican nominee after another New Hampshire rout



The march of white christian fascism continues and it is now impossible to not conclude Trump will be the Republic nominee.

North Hampshire is relatively sane and if Nicky Haley can’t win here, it’s over.

Despite the huge money interest backing her, Trump’s appeal to the working classes who have been left behind by 30 year of neoliberalism is too great.

Those resentful working classes love that the elites who despise them hate him, because  that is what modern politics has mutated into thanks to social media hate algorithms, personally offended voting blocks seeking vengeance upon those they hate.

All eyes are now on Trump.

His possible re-election is the momentum for every other power to try it on and take as much as they can before he is elected and then ‘negotiate’ a symbolic peace while keeping what they want.

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If Trump wins, he will bring a level of isolation and internal fascism never seen before. His militarisation of ICE with massive detainment camps is the effective creation of an internal secret police with vast unchecked powers.

It’ll be the worst bits of the Handmaids Tale mixed with Toxic White Christian Nationalism.

He will refuse to leave office if he is elected.

This is who we have allied ourselves with in the Red Sea War.


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    • The crowds are being led a merry dance to oblivion, this is the problem. The wisdom of understanding the power of the crowd – the power of the people – is what allows the world to be run by unelected, unofficial rulers (big money interests) through their worldwide mainstream media machine which is then able to manipulate the wisdom of the masses in a manner that suits big money interests. This, in conjunction with their bought and paid for political lackeys, is what chiefly determines the wisdom of the crowds!

  1. Donald Trump is the most racist president in the history of the USA. He is also homphobic, transphobic, mysognistic, aporaphobic, workerphobic, fat phobic, pro police brutality, antivax, anti atheist, etc.

    The guy want to roll back civil rights in this country and bring back theocracy, lynching and segregation, as well as allowing robber barons like Elon Musk to treat their workers like dirt and pollute the air and water.

    He will also bar atheists and trade unionists from entering the USA, and start a mass progrom against LGBT’s.

    And the commentors here will love it.

    • Ahhh Millsy….unfortunately your diatribe about ‘reckons’ were said, by much more intelligent people than you, when he became the president and none of their ‘reckons’ ever eventuated.
      He will start WWIII….nope in fact he did not start a war in the 5 years, almost unprecedented for the USA.
      He is a racist….more blacks and Latinos employed under his presidency than that of Obama, the supposed saviour of peace and race relations.
      But by all means do what you do Millsy and tell everyone what you ‘reckon’ will happen either in NZ or USA, you will be wrong again….
      (Disclaimer: I’m no fan of Trump, he is a narcissist and loopy, but his stats when president were good for the US population, minorities included)

      • He tried to start one with Iran.

        And blacks had a sharp increase in getting gunned down and beaten up by racist white Trump supporting cops, who dont belive in stuff like due process.

        No point in having a job if you are going to be executed in cold blood because you had a taillight out on the way home.

        Bootlicking fuck. I bet you are a member of the KKK

        • Folks…phew…reading millsy, it’s hard to take…now you know why Trump has so many supporters. Because of the aggression coming from these so-called left leaning democrats, the Millsies of the world. These so-called caring, world-saving are righteous condescending militant zealots, and they are more aggressive than any hard right winger could ever be. Just read millsies personal attacks on I’m Right – calls him a bootlicking fuck member of the KKK. You know what folks – I hate the orange bastard – but you go Trump. Stick it to the Millsies.

          • Im guessing you are as racist and homphobic as Trump is. This guy wants to roll back 50 years of social progress, sexual revolution, gay rights, teaching evolution, civil rights, you name it, all gone by lunchtime,

            • Quoting the aims of the Ayatollahs again, Millsy.
              It used to be as safe as a bank …. Now it is: As safe as a gay or a transexual in Gaza.

            • Really you think no war Trump wants to roll back the sexual revolution. He’s all about grabbing them by the pussy and promoting woman in hot work places like the Miss World competition and getting it on with porn stars. He’s traditional family values guy 😉 But notably according to him he never visited Epstein Island unlike the Leader of the Clinton Democrats.

      • Trump is corrupt no matter how you look at it, he has been found guilty of tax fraud and of at least two counts of sexual assaults but by all means talk him up as it says more about you than him and no, you’re most definitely not right.

    • Funny how you didn’t post shit like that when back at The Standard Millsy, care to explain why one rule for your posts content in TDB Vs TS?
      Or are you just a hypocrite and know the dross you post here will not get you banned?

      • Biden supports civil rights and the inherent protections in the US constitution (due process, etc). Trump think that blacks should be strung from lamposts, and want to ban abortion and bring back anti-sodomy laws.

        • millsy – Biden does NOT support civil rights….Trump has NEVER stated stringing up blacks from lamp-posts, the abortion ban is in effect due to the Democrats inaction on purpose, as for anti sodomy laws and Trump? No link

          • Trump has repeatedly said he wants a total ban on abortion, and that he is fine with cops being allowed to gun down who they like, In the USA, a white man can shoot and kill anyone who is black and he will walk free, plain and simple, and Trump supports that.,

      • Only because he is not president. I think it’s easy to forget what a train wreck he was in his time in office.

        Trump openly tried to channel taxpayer money into his hotels, while he hands out jobs to his kids like Ivanka, who makes enormous profits of all her merch which is manufactured in China (despite Trump supposedly being against all this), kills shit loads during covid, doesn’t get them out of Afghanistan, whips up an actual attempted coup and continues to lie about the results, and continues to campaign pretty much because he relies on donations and can’t afford not to. You could go on and on.
        Biden = good, definitely not but let’s not pretend Trump is better

        • But how many people in the rest of the world didn’t get bombed and how many US soldiers didnt lose their lives by Trump. My take on Trump is that he resents people paying too much tax to be wasted on the MIC when people could use that money to stay in his hotels and golf resorts.

          • Trump has pardoned numerous war criminals, including an odious individual that would take body parts as souviners. His message is that if you wear a uniform with the US flag on it, you are allowed to do what you like to unarmed civilians, and there will be no concequences. Cops, soldiers, you name it, they have a complete free hand to kill anyone anywhere.

      • Wow Nathan seems you have no history of Trumps misdemeanours. He is an appalling human being no matter how you size him up against Biden.

    • “Donald Trump is the most racist president in the history of the USA.”

      Given that 12 U.S. presidents owned slaves at some point in their lives and 8 owned slaves while in office not 100% about your above statement Millsy . .

  2. I picked up a young American couple hitchhiking in the North before Christmas.
    They told me that people vote for Trump because he believes in negotiation and that Americans are sick of war

    • LOL, the guy wants cops to slaughter blacks in the street, and massively deport anyone who is brown. He also tried to start a war with Iran, and thought he could step out North Korea, People forget to half of Bush’s cabinet endorsed Trump, and he picked hardened neocons like Bolton in his administration.

  3. Heeeeeeeere’s the new president of the Ewe Ess, Aye?
    Ba ha! See the kids run for it. Ba hahhahaha abba abab hhhhaaaaa!
    One more little thing. I see people are getting into word swords with im right and bob the first etc.
    Don’t let inflammatory wankers push your buttons because they might well be the same inflammatory wanker using different nom de plumes. The most intelligent approach would be to ignore them/they/it which shouldn’t be difficult because they have nothing of any value to add to any discussion which further suggests they’re the same thing. Also AI. I mean, how do we know for sure?
    The Guardian.
    DPD AI chatbot swears, calls itself ‘useless’ and criticises delivery firm
    Company updates system after customer decided to ‘find out’ what bot could do after failing to find parcel

  4. Mango Mussolini returns? well our yankee friends will have done it to themselves like munters in various countries, including this one, have lately. The US of course has a bent FPP voting system with the Electoral College (equal rep numbers for California and Montana) gerrymandering and voter suppression laws that make it very difficult to deny the ruling class candidates–illegal in some states to provide water to people waiting to vote where voting station numbers have been reduced! Dirty fuckers.

    The hope is for a big turnout–of women and young particularly–to deny the comb over king. Many polls show the demographic shift in the United States, this is the last throw for the white supremacists and lunkhead oxy brigade. USA will is already younger and browner, just more organising and participation needed. But it hangs in the balance when you consider the Jan 6 attack on Congress.

    • Organizing and participation but ultimately a brown black female politician does what’s required of them just like Obama the Droninator.

  5. The “massive detainment camps… and vast unchecked powers” will only be used against illegal immigrants whom he and his supporters don’t want. How long would we tolerate boat load after boat load of illegal migrants landing on our northland beaches and walking into Auckland. We rounded up our own returning citizens and detained them under military guard only a couple of years ago. But that was okay because it was done with kindness.

  6. The “massive detainment camps… and vast unchecked powers” will only be used against illegal immigrants whom he and his supporters don’t want. How long would we tolerate boat load after boat load of illegal migrants landing on our northland beaches and walking into Auckland. We rounded up our own returning citizens and detained them under military guard only a couple of years ago. But that was okay because it was done with kindness.

    • The detainment camps will be used to discipline the reserve army of cheap Illegal labour that Trump supporters depend upon. If poor old Pedro turns down a shift a Walmart because he needs to stayhome with his sick kid, or he speaks out against being underpaid, his employer can phone ICE and have him and is whole family kidnapped and sent back to Mexico with no due process. GOP fans are more than happy to have illegal immigrants there, as long as they clean their pools, look after their kids and take out their rubbish without making any trouble.

    • The MIQ system is based on a tried and true formular of managing inward movement into this country during a pandemic. Quarantining people for two weeks before they are allowed into a country has been accepted practice since the middle ages.

  7. Sadly seeing Trump’s reelection as a solution to USA’s and globes problems is like thinking locking people up will stop criminal activity.
    The cruel irony is that to a large extent the southern border crossings are driven by people trying to escape the South American drug barons, who are largely funded by the USA drug problem. In the end there is no wall high enough to stop desperate people; the only real solution is to stop that drug trade – electing Trump on the wave of cult Christian Nationalism certainly won’t. The Democrats are really the problem here.
    To not have positioned someone with the ‘X’ factor to fight this election is totally on them. Biden’s refusal to condem Israel’s actions in Gaza is also going to be a huge factor in the election outcome.

    • Trump is the result of a kneejerk reaction to the elites, the woke and the corporate globalists.
      Our coalition represents the same thing although a Claytons version.
      Its the pendulum effect.

  8. It is a foregone conclusion. The only thing that can stop this horendous thing returning is an action which it would be unwise to describe.

  9. Trump is the death blow to Emersonian views of American Democracy, a massively corrupt, unlikeable demagogue with no redeeming features whatsoever. Should he somehow win it will be a disaster for NZ, not because he capitulates to Putin over Ukraine, but because 3-4 four years later some useless fuck like Winston will copy and paste his methods and bring even worse governance to our tragically misgoverned nation.

  10. ” Despite the huge money interest backing her, Trump’s appeal to the working classes who have been left behind by 30 year of neoliberalism is too great ”

    Like a privileged multi billionaire who is immensely more wealthy thanks to neoliberal policies has now become the standard bearer for so many of the impoverished maligned working classes of America shows how insane the political process has become and that these people believe Trump and the Republican party are going to govern in their interests and deliver better outcomes and a future for them and their children is just another example of Trump’s fraudulent behaviour.

    If Trump becomes the 47th President I agree with Bomber , he will only leave the presidency when he is carried out in a box !

      • ” mosa how do you no more about the United States than the Americans? ”

        I don’t , I just listen , observe and follow events and the political process and avoid the MSM for news and opinion.

        Its not that hard to do.

    • “A multi-billionaire … the standard bearer for the impoverished … shows how insane politics has become”. Years ago an american economist told me the only requirements to be president is to be a millionaire and to be mad.

  11. It’s beyond me how a 2 bit guy like Trump hasn’t been jailed for inciting insurrection, stealing classified documents and hiding them in his bathroom, let alone the rape charges….I just don’t get it, why this guy is free. Everyone around him seems to get jailed. How can he even be on the ballot.

  12. Anyone who thought Trump wasn’t going to be the Republican nominee needs their bumps reading. There are several pundits who claim that he is not as popular as some seem to think, I don’t know enough about it to judge. But I’m willing to put a small sum on him losing the presidential election. More than on him going to jail anyway.

  13. Sadly, this is a complete misread of US politics and the Trump campaign in particular. As one who has kept a very close eye on this topic over the past four years, since Jan 6, I can tell you Trump won’t even get on the ballot paper. Two states have already disqualified him, and a further 14 will do so as soon as the SCOTUS decision comes down. A further 24 are set to do the same. The NY case against Trump will decide on penalties, which will be a minimum of $370 million, with up to a billion if disgaugement is added. The Florida case over documents is due before the end of the primaries, as is the Georgia case. Both could see Trump imprisoned. Of he gets convicted on any of these, the Republican Party has said they’ll kick him out of the race and their party. Trump is toast.


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