Political Caption Competition


Green Party throws Gloria under an electric bus


  1. I could put a brainyquote about fire here but the site I think was bought by some entity that has gone from flashing a distracting message over the site and now refuses to allow me in because it must check that I am, or it is secure. The view of buses on fire, is synonymous
    with our systems being disrupted by the control of voracious megalomaniacs.

  2. The Heat is On. (Beverley Hills Cop soundtrack)

    The same week the New York Times named exploring Aotearoa New Zealand by train as one of the best things to do in 2024, commuters are lamenting the country’s “Goldilocks” rail network.
    Those relying on the line between Wellington and Kāpiti have had a frustrating start to the working year, with heat restrictions and then a power outage – also caused by the warm weather, according to KiwiRail – disrupting services.
    KiwiRail said trains were forced to slow to 40km/h when track temperatures reached 40 degrees Celsius. Heat restrictions were common over summer, and they could be in place late into the evening during hot summer days…


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