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    Now the authorities might start handing out obes to those who try and help females/males who get transported into prostitution when they try and find work and a life for themselves in a foreign country, but instead get turned into hopeless slaves. Even in NZ we have had this. with Thai women being cleverly offered help while not being able to communicate outside their building. And imported labour working for little money and tied by debt to a slavemaster business owner are similar.

    Mullane was just trying uber sex; that should be left to professionals., sex makes you vulnerable. Just being a well-off girl with a university degree doesn’t give you a free pass from psychopaths.

  2. The Weekender NZ Geographic Dec.1/23
    Why oh why oh why oh why….?
    …The cost to insurers of just two disasters this year, the Auckland Anniversary Day floods and Cyclone Gabrielle, will be $3.5 billion. And that’s not counting smaller events, like the Southland and Otago floods in September…

    What if we could predict floods? Get people and livestock out of the way? A team of scientists have figured out how to do it. They have the computing power, but they don’t have the data—all because of a government requirement going back to the early 1990s for MetService to turn a profit….

    We could forecast floods better. Why don’t we?
    Floods are New Zealand’s most frequent disaster, and one of the most expensive. But regions have varying abilities to predict floods depending on local councils’ ability to buy weather data.

    And though that data is publicly funded, scientists who have created a national flood-forecasting system cannot put it into practice without free access to the same information.

    We have a choice ahead of us about what to prioritise: the profitability of our research institutes, or public safety…
    And gain public utility of our government-funded necessary resources. Can we get these modern neoliberal cutpurses out of our daily lives where their activities are omnipresent.

    1. Challenge your own negative stereotypes about ageing
    Ageism is “socially-condoned discrimination” and needs to be challenged by people of all ages, says psychology professor Julie Henry,,,
    Another university academic female finding another ism to bang on about.

    I am sure this is not what women mobilised themselves for in the 70-80s. I thought there would be opportunities for women to take time off when they had children, while they took diplomas in parenthood and subjects which interested them. But instead it seems to have bred a race of waspish females who don’t know what their limitations are but are sure that their opinions are divine.

    Being considered as an old person can be useful, and if the person involved doesn’t like it and wants to make a point, they can surprise. Why does she want to interfere with our preconceptions? Is it so that she can produce stats that massage our egos but actually result in a much higher retiring and superannuation age? Nothing is straightforward these days. Don’t expect honest rational thought from anybody, particularly academics, and what you get isn’t even funny.


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