Dear Left NZ – roast Luxon at Waitangi for his hard right settler racist Government


National have claimed they aren’t anti-Māori, aren’t beneficiary bashing and aren’t lying about climate change!

They have allowed gas and oil back in, are robbing climate change budgets, are passing hard punishment regimes for beneficiaries that will target drug addicts and the disabled, they have changed Māori names back to an English one that National’s own MPs can’t name properly, banished the Māori Health Authority, threatened taking money from Public Servants who speak Māori,  dismantling 7aa to steal another generation of Māori babies AND starting legislation that redefines the Treaty???

This new hard right racist Government is only bonded by its love of bashing māori, workers, the environment, renters and beneficiaries!

Why attack public services for using Te Reo, WHEN ACT AND NATIONAL PASSED LAW TELLING THEM TO DO THAT IN 2016???

What’s changed?

Māori were used as a punching bag before the election in a deplorable manner and the angry redneck response that race baiting has attracted has demanded an anti-Māori policy response and the new hard Right Government is obliging that knee-jerk in the hope of pacifying those angry rednecks and calm everything down so they can get back to inflating property prices.

The Right turned co-governance into a conspiracy to take over NZ Democracy despite the Right being the ones who created the co-governance model Labour used to pass law in good faith with Māori!

The Left use the co-governance model the Right built yet it’s the Left’s fault???

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The Right have played to their voter’s bigotry and are just expecting the rest of us to accept it???

There is an entire generation of Kiwis who are not frightened by Māori culture and want to see the promise of the Treaty fulfilled because by doing that, we fulfil ourselves!

Treaties are to be honoured, not settled!

This Hard Right Racist Government is being protested against from day one.

The NZ Political Right have mistaken anger at Labour as a mandate for culture war vengeance, Majoritarianism isn’t Democracy!

The shock wave of how far right this Government is taking us is generating an enormous amount of voters regret as what Kiwis have done to themselves by voting against Jacinda for having the temerity of saving us from a mass death event.

2023 wasn’t an election, it was a  grudge fuck against Labour by an embittered post Covid electorate who were economically insecure, alienated by woke dogma and heart broken that all Labour could do with a once in a generation MMP majority was ‘good first steps’ rather than transformational leaps.

It has resulted in a Hard Right Racist Government bound together only by a shared glee in bashing beneficiaries, workers, renters, prisoners, the environment, gang members, drug addicts and the disabled.

Dismantling the values of a liberal progressive democracy to cement into place 19th Century White Settler privilege using culture war vengeance as social policy IS NOT Democratic, it’s majoritarianism without any of the values of a true Democracy.

You can’t shit on Renters, Māori, the Environment, Workers, Beneficiaries and Prisoners while pretending to be democratic.

That’s the zeal of the Lynch mob, that’s not Democracy!

Majoritarianism is the whip of the autocrat masquerading as legitimacy. Is has none of the soul or wisdom that a Democracy requires to be meaningful.

The Right seemed to think the only ones who are allowed to protest are the Taxpayers Union and Groundswell, well surprise kids, here it is coming back the other way!

Waitangi Day next year will burn.

The peace has been broken by these hard right racist clowns and so too is the detente. Now it is protest on every front against these racist corporate stooges!

You intend to use democracy to lash the vulnerable and the poorest amongst us with no consequences?

Oh you silly right-wingers!

National voters wanted stability and their house prices to rise by 10%. They sure as Christ don’t want ongoing race wars and social conflict!

This new hard right Government with their reactionary culture war vengeance fantasies have met an immediate wall of resistance and it hasn’t managed to be one month old yet.

The fear in Luxon’s eyes at each press conference would be funny if its ramifications weren’t so dangerous!

They have already forgotten this…

…Waitangi Day 2024 is the first moment of resistance to this Government’s anti-Māori, anti-environment, anti-renter, anti-worker, anti-beneficiary agenda. We either stand as one or fall individually.

Now is the time to make a stand against the usual petty bigotry of bloated political egos and make it clear in no uncertain terms this new hard right racist Government’s agenda will not be tolerated.


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    • There seems to be three people hell bent on risking rioting and you just named one of them. As Martyn has pointed out previous National and Act iterations had enough brains to realise taking measures to address historical wrongs makes the country far stronger. I notice then old wankers seemed to be very much in the minority.

      • Haha Joy, why would he want to attend? He is quoted as saying he wants to govern for “ALL” New Zealanders. Bob the fist is not a bit out of step, he’s off the planet.

  1. I’d be very surprised to see any of the Coalition of Cruelty at Waitangi.
    Luxon is already running scared and dithering.
    Jones, of course, says he’ll be there but he’s not that big a cheese. As above, 94% of people didn’t vote for his party.

    The Maori King’s call for a big meeting on 20th. Jan will be giving them sleepless night.
    According to Business Desk, the Maori economy is worth about $70 billion to NZ.
    Can the new finance minister afford to offend people who contribute that much?

    We’re always told Maori are a drain on our resources.
    The Maori asset base is estimated to be about $50 billion. Our 14 billionaires don’t hold that much combined wealth.

    As in every country, wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few but even so, having policies which make that worse is surely seen as detrimental by people with any sense. How does making that factor worse, improve the lives of the wealthy? It quite simply, does not. They will prosper for a while, but sooner or later, depriving a large part of the population of money to spend will have an impact on their millions and billions.

    Get to Waitangi Luxon and Co and explain yourselves and be prepared to face your punishment. You owe that to us all. Your policies are illogical and we want to know why you’ve implemented them?

  2. The Last Election was all about what they call “GET BACKS”? Embittered Kiwis wanted some Get backs at the Labour Party for saving their Income & Lives from the Covid Pandemic so they spitefully turned on Labour without realising what they were doing by voting Right? They are now waking up to the reality of the utter Horror & Shit show Coalition of Circus freaks they elected into Govt? They thought they voted change but all they got was a return to the National Party of Old because a Leopard never changes its spots! Also, the right’s entire purpose of the Maori racebaiting & racism is a diversionary Tactic & strategy, look over there dummy while we do this over here? All the noise & fury this Racism fuss creates is purposely & cynically done to distract & divert the attention of the Voter from the Neoliberal carnage they are inflicting on this Nation? It’s classic Dirty Politics, using the Elites divide & rule tactics, the use of Class Warfare or concocting some sort of Controversy to get the Peasants fighting, NZF & Act are the foil & provide cover for the National Party to enact their Legislative vandalism thats now reeking havoc, Seymour & Peters take the heat while Luxon & his arsonist MP’s undermine & destroy our Democracy to create a Neoliberal Corptocracy & Political Oligarchy! Yes stir up the Class Warfare against the Proletariat working class, beneficiaries & the poor while the Natz go into overdrive & quietly line the pockets of the Landlord class, Big Dairy & other Corporate interests! It’s a shell game to hide the real game here by the NACTZI, Winston First Regime! Ninety percent of Kiwis, the bottom feeder Class that Luxon refers too, will get Neoliberal, Trickle down Economics & Austerity while the Rich prick Class consisting of Elites like Luxon & his elk will get Corporate Socialism in a Flood upwards of Tax breaks & unTaxed profits, all backdated of course, it’s reverse Robin Hood Economics of stealing from the Poor to pay the Rich, it’s nothing but a Wealth transfer, from the majority to a minority, nothing more? This isn’t a Govt running this Country, it’s a despotic Corporate Regime run by ex-Business hacks like Luxon & Bishop who were bought & paid for & who have been paid Lobbyists for Big Business interests, how much of a kickback did Bishop get for scrapping the Smoking Legislation? With the Nactzi’s in power, those Business interests are now cashing in on the Investment they made which enabled the National Party to steal this 2023 NZ Election, it was a illegitimate result caused by Election interference, this Election should be staged again! In the meantime, enjoy your miserly $2 a week Tax cuts, while the Landlords get $1 billion a year Tax cuts, Neoliberal austerity, financial stress & the loss of your purchasing power is coming to a Town & City near you, ENJOY?

  3. Get the Pink Rubber Dildo Sex Toys ready to FLY at Luxon’s Bald Dome face aka Stephen Joyce style, that’s what this Racist Arsehole deserves, Maori need some “Get Backs” on this disgraceful, disgusting Right wing Govt, the Coalition of the Circus Clowns starring Baldy dickhead Luxon, Winston old fogey Biden & Twerker Weasel boy Seymour & Waitangi is the perfect protest venue, Bring on the Clowns, there has to be Clowns?

  4. Yes, Joy many of our tribes have money and assets now and we need to unite (kotahitanga) because united we are strong. This coalition government has a toxic anti Māori, poor, working class, women and PI agenda. They are also environmental killers. Already our new PM is looking flustered this may be the hardest three years of his life and ours if he continues along the austerity lines of cutting everything, he will go down in history as one of the weakest PMs. Using the stick approach does not and will not work against many NZers they will just get their backs up and dig their heels in, far better to offer the carrot.

  5. Politics in NZ has become too personal, petty and self-indulgent it’s no longer about us (the people) it’s about them (the politicians) Act and NZF are nasty, mean and divisive. It is going to be a long hard three years battle with a government that now think they know best.


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