Craps Superstitions: Luck and Rituals at the Craps Table


Gamblers at craps tables are among the most superstitious folks in the whole gambling industry. Whether playing in a land-based lobby or on a licensed iGaming platform such as Bruce Bet, the bettors believe in several myths that they are convinced influence the game’s outcomes.

Well, to be fair, players who choose this game over dozens of others usually believe in superstitions because the outcomes of each round are purely based on chance. Thus, some players seriously think they can use voodoo tricks to influence their luck in this game. The superstitions come in different forms, and some players even stick to specific routines, like playing with a particular colour or staying in contact with physical objects when playing.

For sure, there is absolutely no logical or scientific reasoning behind the superstitions surrounding the game. But as is human nature, we are built to believe in something irrationally in situations where we have no ounce of control. Here’s a look at the most questionable rituals and myths associated with this game of chance.

Lucky/Unlucky First-Time Players

If you’ve never played craps before, you’re typically referred to as a virgin, implying you’re playing for the first time. First-time players are believed to be lucky or unlucky, depending on gender. The superstition states that if a male ‘virgin’ starts rolling the bones on the table, it brings bad luck to other players.

On the other hand, even veteran gamblers tend to believe that a female player who has never played craps before will positively impact the further gameplay at the table when they make the first roll. Have you ever heard about the concept of ‘lady luck’ in gambling circles? This is where the term originated – a ‘virgin’ lady who brings good fortune to the table with her debut roll.

If the Die Bounces Out of the Table, It Marks the Beginning of an Unlucky Streak

If the shooter rolls the bones incorrectly out of the table or, unfortunately, leaves the gaming site, some gamblers believe the next roll with a fresh start will be unlucky. It’s weird that some still hold this superstition, as it can also happen with an inexperienced player mishandling the dice. How can bones leave the table and be a reason for bad luck on the next roll? Well, here’s the reasoning behind the belief:

  • Some players could conceal the dice and walk away from the table briefly. They fear that another player might switch their dice with fixed dice;
  • Others may also leave the craps table with the bones believing that once they break the rhythm of the game, they’ll be lucky on the next roll.

Therefore, in such a case, most shooters may insist on continuing the game with the same die that bounced out of the table. They do that believing it’s a way of countering the bad luck and maintaining a winning streak.

When a Shooter Is on a Good Roll, Don’t Touch Them

When the shooter is on a hot streak, and other players at the table are winning, then when someone touches them, it’s believed that it brings bad luck. The reasons behind this superstition include:

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  • Touching the shooter will disturb the zen of good luck;
  • The shooter will lose concentration and start rolling differently due to the disturbance.

There Will Be a Change of Luck if the Bones Hit a Person’s Hand

This is another weird superstition that gamblers believe to jinx their luck if they roll the dice and it hits the hands of any game participant. Some players will even ask the dealer to provide new cold dice if it happens.

Cold Dice Is Bad Luck

Most players avoid being the first person or the only person at the table. The myth here is that a warm dice brings luck. So, gamblers let several shooters play before them, and they believe this act will warm up cold bones.

Moreover, this also happens when a cold pair of dice is thrown out of the table, and the casino wants to replace them with new ones that are surely ice cold. Some superstitious players will ask the dealer to give them the same dice so that they can continue playing with the warm bones.

Never Say ‘7’ by Name

Superstition warns bettors against mentioning the number seven. Instead, players should refer to it as ‘the devil’ or ‘it,’ which is believed to ward off bad luck.

Superstition vs Odds and Strategy

Statistically, superstitious acts do not affect the outcome of the rolling dice. This is because dice are non-living and non-electronic objects, meaning they don’t remember or record the previous throw(s). The dice results are random, and 7 is the most probable outcome upon a roll as it has the most available combinations. As for online dice games, the outcomes are produced by random number generators.

So, while it’s possible to think that these craps superstitions will bring you good or bad luck during the game, you should understand that all these are just old wives’ tales. Instead, consider learning the proper craps winning strategies to increase your winning chances.


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