Wakey Wakey Auckland Council – Keep Your 2030 Climate Target – Restore Passenger Rail


This morning at 10:30am around 20 Restore Passenger Rail supporters staged a sleep-in at the Auckland Council, to highlight the Council’s decision to slow progress on sustainable transport options.
“We don’t want Auckland Council to ditch its 2030 climate target just because they think it’s too hard or too expensive,” said Restore Passenger Rail spokesperson Jonty Coulson. “It would be a slap in the face for the thousands of Aucklanders who still live with the uncertainty of whether or not their homes are liveable after the Anniversary floods and Cyclone Gabrielle earlier this year.”

“This is a life and death decision for those charged with leading our city, not a decision for the bean counters. The climate crisis won’t go away. Auckland Council must act now to prevent further climate breakdown and climate deaths. We want them to move quickly on increasing sustainable transport options.”

Restore Passenger Rail supporters have been staging creative protests around Auckland this week from delivering an oil rig to the new government’s Climate Change Minister’s office to spray painting two luxury car yards. They are asking for a nationwide passenger rail service and free urban public transport in our cities.

“New Zealanders want transport options that won’t make the climate crisis worse,” said Coulson.

“We need leaders who will face up to reality. Ditching its 2030 climate target is irresponsible and plain reckless behaviour by the Auckland Council. Are they asleep at the wheel? Wakey wakey Auckland Council! Aucklanders have waited long enough. Move quickly, now, to increase efficient and sustainable transport options in Auckland.”


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