Polit8ical Caption Competition

The Alliance of Arseholes 


The Alliance of Arseholes


  1. “We keep being asked who wears the trousers in our co-governance arrangement.
    So we’ve solved that conundrum …… by not wearing any trousers!”

  2. The managerial class at work – far away from any workdirt, sitting down, with well-scrubbed, manicured fingernails, and gleaming white teeth.

  3. Jesus wept – nearly Christmas and… not stable; factually, actu-ally unstable and reduced to a grubby ally and perhaps up an alley – without a paddle!

  4. They may be The Three Weak and Unstables but at least they have multi-billionaires, multi-millionaires and four foreign owned banksters stealing $180.00 a second 24/7/365 in nett profits from the domestic property market they themselves leveraged up to help, guide and grossly profit themselves while we’re free to sleep on park benches and take it like Bitches. It’s like we’re all suffering from some kind of mass hypnosis. @ Farmers, @ Maori, @ The Working poor are you up for a bit of a wee strike then? Put your feet up, perhaps to where the last of you’re money is as that loose change between the cushions on your HP faux leather sofa. You haven’t figured it out yet have you? They’re ripping you off. All they say and all they’ll do, and then there’s the things they say they’ll do and don’t, which is most common, means nothing while they get richer. What fucks me off man, is that we’re chained to the spot. Walking about angrily will do absolutely nothing. What will do quite a bit is if city people and farming people went on strike? As in stay at home. Don’t go to work. Do nothing except wait for the royal commission of inquiry.
    If you can’t do that, then they have you proper so you’re fucked. You are in fact slaves. You’re slaves with fringe benefits because you’ve still got a park bench haven’t you?


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