Political Caption Competition


Meat and two vege


  1. It was totally inappropriate for this poster to be erected by elected councillors of the Wellington City Council whose job is to represent all Wellingtonians, not Green adolescents. They need to grow up.

      • Covid is Pa Councillors are elected to represent the whole city, not to indulge in student canteen level humour, pushing their own puerile views.

        We need them to engage fruitfully with central government, on our behalf, and the head of a council committee taking asinine potshots at that government, is counter productive. They can do whatever they like in their ‘happy hours,’ but they need to be cognisant of boundaries.

  2. Great Picture, I’m going to turn that Picture into a T-Shirt, it’s a money spinner that will make me a millionaire over the next 3 yrs, so I can buy another house, rent it out to some poor peasants & claim all those wonderful Tax cut deductibles, thanks Baldicock Luxon, that picture really does say a thousand words doesn’t it, a limp dickhead knob with two small nutsacks? This horrendous Coalition of Cockjocks are already well on the way to running this Country into the ground, Lets get NZ back on Track, what a fucking joke, it’s the opposite of that, a Trainwreck! The NACTZI NEOLIBERAL NZ LAST Coalition are Disaster Capitalism on steroids, they are already well into their 100 day Plan of vandalising this Country with their ideological slash & burn agenda, they have zero Policies to advance NZ interests, except Making Cigarettes Great Again, Shane Cigareti & Nicotine Willis will guarantee that, those Tax cuts for Landlords of $1 billion dollars a year won’t pay for themselves so charge it up on the lungs of those Cigheads, thats the main priority but why stop there, just legalise Pot, P & taxing Ram Raiders or any other Vice like Prostitution to fund the Taxcuts because they couldn’t give a shit about improving the lives of everyday kiwis, they never have, it’s all about feathering Rich bastards nests & turning NZ into a Economic version of Gaza, burn baby burn & to everyone who voted for these assholes, like all the Workers who wanted to punish Labour for saving their lives & income during the Pandemic, fuck you, now your going to witness firsthand the fruits of your stupidity of voting for National, Act & NZF, your Fair Pay Agreements are gone, any pay rises over the next 3 yrs, GONE & all your your Employment rights destroyed with that Deputy Act Leader with the yarppie Dutch surname, she’s in charge of Employment, she’s a Employee Terrorist & a HR human wrecking ball & this is just concerning one group that will be affected but as the Joker said, You get what you Fucken deserve! Enjoy your Sausage fest Hotdog you suckers & I don’t want to hear any moaning or complaining from you bastards over the next 3 yrs because you have gotten the Govt you voted for & deserve, the most regressive & backward Govt NZ has ever had seen, it’s already a International Laughingstock, NZ’s reputation in tatters, choke on it?


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