The Daily Blog Open Mic – 20th November 2023

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

The Editor doesn’t moderate this blog,  3 volunteers do, they are very lenient to provide you a free speech space but if it’s just deranged abuse or putting words in bloggers mouths to have a pointless argument, we don’t bother publishing.

EDITORS NOTE: – By the way, here’s a list of shit that will get your comment dumped. Sexist language, homophobic language, racist language, anti-muslim hate, transphobic language, Chemtrails, 9/11 truthers, Qanon lunacy, climate deniers, anti-fluoride fanatics, anti-vaxxer lunatics, 5G conspiracy theories, the virus is a bioweapon, some weird bullshit about the UN taking over the world  and ANYONE that links to fucking infowar.


  1. I’m bloody devastated!.
    Where the Hell is Chrus Trotter? Is that broad church left still Hell bent on punishing each other for speaking thier minds?
    PLEASE don’t tell me I have to go slumming it on other platforms (in this virtual space, going forward) to see his words of wisdom.
    Bow alley Road? maybe. The Standard? Nah! Get away with ya! The Voice of the Left? Scoopings?
    Jesus the ‘Left’ is in a bad way, especially since the Right is in such a shambles.
    Pull ya gorjiss selves together will ya. (Or not)

  2. To update on my previous comment about Chris Trotter. Not only did the free speech (right wing thing) guy censor my comment saying I wouldn’t be coming back over the last straw of his ‘supporting Israel is the litmus test for Leftists’ article but he wouldn’t even publish my response to his goodbye comment to me. In that comment I asked if he was a born-again christian, which is relevant to his rightward drift. What can you say … except thank him for his brilliant oratory for the people back in the day.

  3. Far right legislators in Israel’s parliament put up a bill to kill all captured Palestinian POWs, leading to a heated argument with families of the Israeli captives, who fear a mirrored response from Hamas.


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