Greens Back Striking Teachers


The Green Party stands with ECE teachers striking for better funding and conditions.

“The working conditions of our teachers are the learning conditions of our tamariki. The Green Party is calling on the incoming Government to prioritise our teachers and address the many issues the sector faces” says Green Party education spokesperson Teanau Tuiono.

“We acknowledge that this is the first time early childhood teachers and workers have taken strike action – and they would not have taken that decision lightly.

“This is hugely significant and shows how bad the conditions have become.

“While they may be valued by many of us, they have not been valued by the Government. Nearly every one of us will remember a teacher who helped inspire us. But, the work is demanding and underpaid.

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“The incoming Education Minister, whoever that may be, needs to come to the table and ensure that serious issues around funding, understaffing, and student to teacher ratios are resolved, so that every teacher is supported to teach our youngest,” says Teanau Tuiono.