The Daily Blog Open Mic – 14th November 2023

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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    Who and what is being studied to get the richness picture. Trouble with us is that our really rich people move away, leaving just traces in the mud left behind, and that would bring down our readings.

    Is there a study measuring lower income people and their amenities, as they aren’t allowed to amass capital for a buffer for emergencies, the gummint doesn’t like that. Would it check how many blankets or covers they have when sleeping outside, meals a day with all the nutrient requirements, clean water from avaible fountains, shelter from the rain, a venue to meet and watch tv or play cards with a glass of something intoxicating if wished? Small things like that would be riches. And for those with children the necessary measures would be greatly multiplied. Which country has the most homeless – a sort of Olympics, but that is named after a mountain in Greece, ours would be more suitably after a copper mine in Bougainville, going down to the bowels of the earth.

    Do we still feel human? Do we care about each other in this country? Or are we owned by a group of finance and class fetishists who farm us and have decided we can birth in the fields or at the side of roads as if we were animals? This is the world we have slipped into, and the slippery slope is still resulting in casualties piling up. It’ isn’t a piece of cake or even like a hard bruising All Black match, it is the emergence of new wonderful humans and a serious exertion of body and mind. What are the celebrated National Council of Women doing about this? Have their sharp teeth and determination been filed down and sat on; have they been ‘captured’ or gone too the comfy chair too much and as in near Victorian days, it wasn’t done to get excited and show emotion, it wasn’t ladylike.

    We don’t need woke women’s sort, full of aggro and angst about how they feel, and how unfair everything is to them, but a middle sort of woman with her head screwed on, interested in others as well as herself, her own friends and family, and prepared for action; if political being cross-Party (we have many cross parties of the ‘wrong’ or fragmenting kind, here in Kiwiland). Starting with helping women all though their lives to be strong-minded with wide viewpoints, informed, capable, progressive and happy with it, embracing difference, would go a long way towards getting a human-oriented place to survive in.

    Cos that’s what our future will require if we want some civilisation and love for each other to continue and exist for the survivors into some unknowable future. And think about the width of thinking the ancient Greeks had just about love. Let’s do some thinking today, in the modern age, about philosophy etc, and don’t let it drop because we think we now know it all. We have to notice that each generation has to learn things again, some passed on, but some through their own experience, and we need to action on the newly experienced whizzards. Think Terry Pratchett who has a special place in the hearts and minds of positive thinkers. We go in cycles. but at the present more of us are going to the trick-cyclists!

    Some presentations on the internet on relationships and love.
    This wikipedia page lists six from Ancient Greece.
    I like Storge – I think that covers the approach needed for the future.

    Whereas Ludus here may be what society is engaged in at present; a lot of posing and too much falsity. Eros is also discussed here and has more depth to it than a lot of heavings, buzzes and ‘a pocket full of mumbles such are promises’.

  3. Has anyone read this book, it sounds as if it might speak to us now.
    Preconfiguring the philosophical fiction of Colin Wilson, The Riddle of the Tower is J.D. Beresford’s [1873-1947] most profound statement on the human soul, and a thought-provoking exploration of man’s self-destructive drive toward comfort, order, and technologisation.

    The Riddle of the Tower by J.D. Beresford & Esmé Wynne-Tyson
    Solar Press › products › the-riddle-of-th…

    …J. D. Beresford was affected by infantile paralysis, which left him partially disabled. He was educated at Oundle. ..

  4. What do you do with a thing like Seymour?
    I think you probably just have to let itself play itself out. (As I was saying to Andrew Kingston, just the other day when we were discussing the parasitic nature of the flea, Good things take time)
    In the end, we agreed they ( the contradictions he espouses between acknowledging the Maori World and the one that isn’t, and then denying a difference) will probably end up eating each other if planet Erf doesn’t end first.
    He probably needs to go take some advice from His fag hag Brooke, OR make plans to transition

    One of New Zealand’s leading fashion designers, she has an exhibition celebrating wool until December. Liz also has plans to create a textile hub at the Corban Estate Art Centre in Auckland – where her ongoing exhibition is taking place.
    Why not give this a go? Something positive we can do, as we rein back on environmentally and energy-unsound dried milk powder. Fonterra is making moves to improve things but the animal health treatment and overstocking must be faced and bettered or a truth campaign might be mounted by someone in our overseas markets.

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