Voters who elected the ACT/National/NZ First Government have to own it


Let’s be very, very, very clear.

Voters who elected the ACT/National/NZ First Government have to own it.

The scale of carnage this hybrid mutation of spite will cause is on those who voted for it! ACT, NZ First and National have all been VERY open about their toxic policy so no one who voted for this cocktail of malice can pretend to not know what happens next!

The magnitude of using the State to punish the weak while actively empower the rich is a sickening political vandalism of the egalitarian state but voters don’t give a fuck.

All they wanted to do was shit on Labour with no idea what they voted in!

The shock of how bad things for workers is going to be is clearly apparent at TVONE…

What workers can expect under a National-led government

…the right to sack, the robbing of stat holidays, the robbing of sick days, the ending of Fair Pay Agreements – it’s all there for everyone to see.

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The Press are shocked at how the whole election has been rigged for landlords…

What will change for landlords under National-led government

…the right to throw tenants out, the ending state house builds, throwing Kianga Ora tenants out, the tax loops holes handed back and the entire tax cut aimed at rich landlords highlights the scale of class war that the Real Estate Pimps won.

The Environment is fucked thanks to climate change and dairy intensification that has polluted 80% of our rivers…

More than 80% of New Zealand’s low-lying lakes and rivers surveyed ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’

…and the Corporate Farmers are gleeful they won’t be forced to stop and the gang crackdown has Police State written all over it…

What will National’s crackdown on gangs look like?

…and let’s not forget the 600 000 who use food banks monthly while the rich get a $250 per fortnight tax cut…

Cost of living crisis: More than half a million people rely on food charity each month

……because voters were spite voting against Labour or staying at home altogether, the electorate has no idea what extreme beast slouches this way from Bethlehem in the form of this ACT/National/NZFirst hybrid mutation.

The counter productive right wing knee jerks manipulating our anger and fear will make this country far worse as the Real Estate Pimps, Corporate Farmers and Billionaire class dance and sing.



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    • Yes indeed. The labour led government failed us.
      We voted, we will soon have a new government and now we must hold this new government to account!

    • @mitch.
      Off you go then and take your spelling and grammar with you.
      Bizarrely and bafflingly many people have forgotten all about rogers neo-liberal act of terror he inflicted on us back in 1984. You do know that political neo-liberalism is still a thing, right? Non-politically, neo-liberalism could be called crime. Political neo-liberalism will be described by it’s promoters as trickle-up opportunities and put that way neo-liberalism reads like a pyramid scam. Wikipedia:
      The majority who voted for national, it’s ACT sideshow and their Machiavellian confederate side kick and general go-to bullshit blatherer could be called mashed potatoes without salt. They look like voters but they have no taste. They act like normal functioning people, talk to them and they’ll tell you about the weather, they dress off the rack and drive cars with no soul and look like sparkling vegetable graters, they’re the ones who live in those dire housing ‘estate’s’ with all those ‘slate’ coloured roofs and only a meter apart. They’re the houses they bought because the hoardings and adds showed AI generated expansive lawns, rambling gardens, and views that go on forever an’ that.
      The modern voter who voted National, ACT and NZ First expecting change, prosperity while sporting that pastel coloured, over the shoulder draped cardigans and perfectly bleached and waxed arse holes look are in for a quite big surprise once the banks crash, the wars have cindered the northern hemisphere and Natasha and Ryan have just ate their last designer cat. The funny thing about good ol God, right, is that he/she/it has strange sense of humour.
      The National Party’s neo-liberalism got us to this point. And at this point, we’re fucked. And all you Dicks and Dopes who keep blaming labour. Just stop it! You’re making yourselves look like the fools you now know you are. Labour’s dead. It’s gone. It was buried in a shallow grave by roger douglas and his cronies back in ’84 so they could make off with our taxes paid for stuff and things. Since then, we’ve not had democratic politics. We’ve had a steady stream of ‘lobbyists’ sniffing out our farmer earned money, state built infrastructure but the politics you think you have doesn’t actually exist. Ask Adern of Chipkins? They’ll tell you. They’re not going to be the last rats to jump from the sinking shit barge.
      I used to think that if you don’t vote then you have no right to a say. In neo-liberal land it doesn’t matter whether you voted of not. You still get fucked without the kissing. What we do have is what I’d term and polite fascist autocracy. Sleep well tonight.

  1. Waste a time telling these dummies people didn’t seem to have learnt from the last time National were in power, assets were sold, and state services were run down, the gap between the haves and have nots increased. This lot will do a lot of damage in the three years they have.

      • Incorrect tinker just ask the nurses , teachers and other health workers and lowest income earners if it became a canyon. I think if you were balanced you would tilt your head from the far right to at least the middle. I doubt you’ve ever cared in your life judging by your name calling.

  2. Another cautionary tale for you lazy morons who voted the neo-natzo ACTzo clones and Fuck NZ First back to the steerage of our beautiful AO/NZ. You ignore the rich, trample on the poor and suck on U$A dick.
    The Guardian.
    This is where U$A arse lick luxon and The Twerk are dragging us down to, to where Whinny will be waiting to brain-spurt his far-right apologist wank.
    “Ever since he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in college, not a day has gone by when Scott Ruderman hasn’t injected insulin into his body. It’s an expensive daily ritual, but he has little choice. “After a few days without it, I’d die,” the 33-year-old said.”
    Those of you who are experiencing a sense of delayed shock at the prospect of three fucking years of shiny greed and lizard talk? You must react. Remember that old saying? ” Evil prevails where good people fail to act.”
    The only way that I can think of to purge ourselves from the evil scourge of roger douglas’s neo-liberalism is to strike against the banks who have us by the balls and vagina’s and send in a royal commission of inquiry to hunt down the traitors. Farmers and @ Maori? You’re up. You MUST get together and strike. ( But I can hear a chorus of Haw-haw-haw’s coming from old white racist Southland cockies and Maori gang-bangers fresh back from selling Meth to their broader whanau. )
    Look. Our politicians are now Lobbyist Bitches. Our politicians are NOT OUR politicians. They fawn before money and if you’ve got a lot of money, i.e. billions and multiples of millions then it’s safe to say you’re also a fucking criminal and do you know what makes a perfect criminal? No conscience. No regrets. No heart or soul. Criminals think that rorting the already poor is a noble bloodsport. I know. I’ve seen them. I’ve been amongst them. I’ve listened to their drunken trecherous plans. Our AO/NZ is a crooked paradise run by psychopaths who know how to exploit weak minds.

    • Spot on Countryboy. The latest fawning before money comes with the news business confidence is up. No fucking wonder, they donated $6 million to buy the election and now look out, they will want a return on investment from National and that’s a fact!

  3. The more scam Government policy created free asset collector capital gain a person is handed the more they hate everyone without that free capital gain. This country is now just a soup of hatred.

  4. OK Martyn, we’ll own it if you own the results of the previous government:

    > Racial division tearing apart our society.
    > Undermining of democracy.
    > Undermining of several human rights, in particular free speech.
    > Weaponization of mainstream media into a propaganda tool.
    > The destruction of the education system from top to bottom.
    > Ballooning debt and government waste.
    > Non delivery of infrastructure projects.
    > The rise in violent crime.


    • > Racial division tearing apart our society.
      And who stirred up racial hatred for their own political ends? Yep, the 3 Coalition of Chaos parties. Now the Right have to suck up what they created.
      > Undermining of democracy.
      You may not have noticed but we just had a (democratic) election. Hardly an indication of tyranny.
      > Undermining of several human rights, in particular free speech.
      The very blog you comment on is a sign that “free speech” is alive and well. In fact Martyn goes above and beyond in publishing some of the hate-filled bile from various right wing nut jobs.
      > Weaponization of mainstream media into a propaganda tool.
      For big business – yes, of course. The moneyed and powerful have always driven their self-serving narrative in mainstream media. Not surprising, given they own it. That’s why sites like TDB are so popular with the rest of us. But I don’t think Jacinda is on the editorial team here just to allay your fears.
      > The destruction of the education system from top to bottom.
      A longstanding destruction, with it’s roots in the 1984 revolution for the rich, and continued by all governments ever since.
      > Ballooning debt and government waste.
      Yes, we should have let businesses crash and burn during the global pandemic, everyone lose their job, and subsist on grass and leaves.
      > Non delivery of infrastructure projects.
      An argument for bringing back the Ministry of Works. Yes!
      > The rise in violent crime.
      A direct result of the sick and damaged society created over the last few decades by pursuing neoliberal capitalism. The same demented creed that blue governments have also slavishly followed since 1984.

      ALL New Zealanders have to own the current state of affairs.
      And the course correction needs to start with supporting political elements that don’t espouse maintaining the parasitic relationship with the wealthy and powerful. As we have just witnessed, $6 million from these leeches was enough to buy the lazy inept Nats and criminal Actoids. And they expect payback.

      • Excellent Jase I concur. Although I neither have the time nor energy( I am retired) to respond to right wing Andy, your words are my sentiments. It absolutely puts to bed his “opinion”, none of which is based on fact. The fact that Bob agrees is evidence to that.


      This indicates how vested interests in National win elections.
      There is no evidence to change business confidence yet, given National have not formed a government. Clearly the power brokers in business will want a return on investment.

      I would list the previous 9 years results of National Andrew, however the list is too long.
      I would say your list is complete nonsense and borders on irrational right wing thinking and ironically the same mainstream media you say have been weaponized by Labour is the same place where you get your information from attacking the government, you probably listen far to much to Mike Hosking and believe what he says is gospel.

  5. This is the price we must pay to send Labour a strong message that they must reform, drop the neolib, woke identity politics division and start advocating for the liberal law abiding working majority. if not, they are not welcome back.


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