MEDIAWATCH: Why Tamatha Paul was right and wrong to cancel Mike Hosking


Tamatha Paul reveals why she refused to be interviewed by Mike Hosking on election night

Wellington Central’s new MP Tamatha Paul has revealed why she wouldn’t talk to Mike Hosking during his election night coverage.

The Green candidate won the seat convincingly over the weekend, however refused to be interviewed by Newstalk ZB’s Breakfast Host when asked.

Tamatha was right to deny Hosking an interview. He isn’t a broadcaster, he’s an Alpha Right Wing Troll who is out for gotchas and the one of chance to maul her.

Where she is wrong in how she turned it down because there is strategic advantage here.

Hosking doesn’t have Willie Jackson or Chloe on regularly because he’s intimidated at being proven wrong in his echo chamber. He only invites on people he can dominate and humiliate.

He also has the largest radio audience in the country.

As the Greens new role as the Leader of the Opposition starts to formulate in the wake of Labour’s meltdown, they will need to start planning right now how they maximise that.

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Tamatha should have said, “Kia ora Mike, thank you for the invitation but I will turn it down because in the past you have shown yourself to be more interested in creating heat than light on any issue and the Greens aren’t interested in pointless arguments. We want to have conversations so if you are open to real ongoing debate I will accept a weekly slot with you on ZB to facilitate a conversation rather than a one off argument. If you are prepared for that, let me know’.

Gaining a foothold into the right wing media empire of NZME to successfully run circles around Hosking weekly is the kind of strategic thinking the Greens need to step up with as they become the new Leader of the Opposition because cancelling media works for the Wellington Woke on Twitter (aren’t they all on Mastodon now?) but woke cancellation doesn’t work in the real world.


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  1. Chris Hipkins, Grant Robertson, Andrew Little, Megan Woods all appear on the Hoskings breakfast show. So does James Shaw.

    So no there really is no excuse. Hoskings may be a troll at times but I have some respect for those that stand up and take the fight back to him.

    But then coming from Wellington City Council our new Wellington MP won’t really be interested in talking to people outside of her echo chamber.

      • What does that have to do with other politicians (including one of the leaders of the Green party) appearing on the Mike Hoskings show? Oh wait – nothing.

          • I don’t know. You could ask him. Then you could ask James Shaw why he fronts but Tamatha doesn’t. Our Chris Hipkins why he did but Jacinda Ardern didn’t. Ultimately they are the only ones that can answer you question.

            • But we don’t need to ask though, do we? Tamantha stated quite clearly in the interview in the link as to why she wasn’t interested in talking to Mike Hosking.

              • I did hear what she said. He’s said hurtful things apparently. And her comment about “didn’t align with our values in the Green Party” doesn’t really explain why one of the co-leaders of that same party will talk to him.

                So her choice, but I think it’s the wrong one as an MP.

  2. All media is important, including alternative media, and the reasons why are self-evident. Politicians should be able to cope with persons who think differently, it’s part of their job.

  3. Joe Bloggs from Ekatahuna. Agree, but it may be more than just a Wellington thing. Unfortunately, cancelling and anti-freedom of speech generally is very much a left-wing dynamic globally.

    • Really Snow White? Most voices that even dare to criticise Israel are cancelled and you can be sure that’s not the exclusive domain of the left.

    • @snow white it’s not left wing and… I was going to say it’s liberal but it’s not that either… It’s people who are intolerant bullies and they don’t care what the politics are is so long as they get to bully someone.

      It used to be that being a conservative racist was a great place to be if you wanted an excuse for being a bully but this generation have found a new place where they can diguise their hatred as self righteous anger.

      Real left wingers should remind these newcomers that being left wing is about economic justice and equitable outcomes and real liberals should remind them that being liberal means being open minded – not just for people we like but especially for people we don’t like

    • Hoksings talent is getting ratings not bringin insight or understanding to an issue. And I”m not saying this because I disagree with his politics – I think Mathew Hooten’s politics are off the planet, but you still learn something when he talks.

  4. Hard to obtain a gotcha moment when there are no gotchas to be found. However, her not fronting at all makes it look like she has something to hide, thus looks like he got her regardless.

    • Yeah, agree with ya tony he is a fuckwit who wants to ask some fuckwit questions because he is upset greenies won, he hates them and labour. He is a true-blue tory wanker.

  5. I turned off both the despicable TV trolls, Hoskins and Gower, about a decade ago. In fact, they caused me to ditch TV altogether and I saw no reason to seek them out on radio.
    My life’s been so much better for it.

    • Hosking makes himself look silly, along with most who are silly enough to associate with him. I’m not sure whether you can grasp that, Bob I.

      • Broadcaster of year yet again so very successful in his field of endeavour.
        I’ve no problem in grasping what you say but fail to understand why you say it.

    • Career
      After leaving school at 16, Hosking wrote to Radio Avon and Radio Windy looking for work, and gained a job as a copywriter at Radio Windy.[3]

      In November 2020 he was named one of the best dressed men in show business on David Hartnell MNZM’s Best Dressed List.[5]

      Personal life
      In 1989, Hosking married Marie Angela Hosking,[6] and, in June 2001, she gave birth to twins Ruby and Bella.[6][7] They parted in August 2002.[6] In 2003, they were involved in a court case against Pacific Magazines, that involved photos taken by tabloid journalist Simon Runting[8] in December 2002 of Marie and her two daughters.[6] The case in question Hosking v Runting lead to the creation of the tort of privacy in New Zealand common law.[9]

      In 2012, Hosking married fellow broadcaster Kate Hawkesby.[7] She has three children from her previous marriage[10]

      Politics and business interests
      In an interview with North & South in 1990, Hosking described himself as “a money person, I’m a capitalist. I’m to the right of Roger Douglas.”[11]

      In 2012, Hosking was revealed to have received $48,000 in payments and perks from SkyCity Auckland Casino for doing regular work for them, while still working as presenter for TVNZ.[12] During controversy over proposed taxpayer subsidies for Sky City building a national convention centre, Hosking wrote in defence of the subsidy, describing the convention centre as an “aspirational investment”.[13]

      In 2013, he was the master of ceremonies at Prime Minister John Key’s state of the nation speech, which he also endorsed.[14] Hosking rejects the scientific consensus on climate change, stating on Seven Sharp that he doesn’t believe in the IPCC report.[15]

      In 2015, Hosking was accused of overt political bias by NZ First leader Winston Peters and Labour leader Andrew Little,[16] a claim strongly denied by Hosking and Prime Minister John Key.[17][18]

      During the 2017 election campaign, Hosking was appointed moderator of one of the televised leader debates, and was again accused of political bias by much of the New Zealand public. This led to a petition for his replacement being widely circulated, and collecting over 75,000 signatures. Debate host and organisers TVNZ responded that it would not placate the petition signers, and affirmed that it will keep him on as moderator.[19]

      Hosking is opposed to Māori wards.[20]

        • “In 2012, Hosking was revealed to have received $48,000 in payments and perks from SkyCity Auckland Casino for doing regular work for them, while still working as presenter for TVNZ.[12] During controversy over proposed taxpayer subsidies for Sky City building a national convention centre, Hosking wrote in defence of the subsidy, describing the convention centre as an “aspirational investment”.[13]”


  6. Exactly.. you have to back yourself to out debate him. Be confident enough in u convictions. That’s what democracy is and what this country needs.

    Have data and facts for u point of view. Not I hate all white CIs males.

  7. Jumped up, ripped jean, highly paid tory mouthpieces like “Mi-cockskin” have no automatic access to anyone and nor should they. Talk to them if you please or not I say. The got-ya/attack school of interviewing is so past its use by date.

    Damien O’Connor showed how it can be done yesterday with his “fuck off I’m going to the toilet” that many would have cheered on.

    Tamatha can now consider whether to engage with the rat pack at her leisure–that is what Baldrick did with his refusal to go on Moana’s show and many others. The torys pick and choose their terrain so should the Greens and others.

  8. You don’t get more enlightened journalism by pandering to subpar trolls like Hosking.

    He’s not qualified, it’s perfectly appropriate to require journalists that are.

  9. Politician or not, life is too short to engage with smarmy fuckwits. Michael Hosking is a smarmy fuckwit and so are those who tune into him. Greens campaigned to their voters, therefore engaging with Michael is not relevant. Michael is no longer relevant.

  10. If Tamatha has had anything to do with the current state of Wellington I hate to think what that may transpose to the country as a whole.

    • Jack Tamatha signed out the full plan for bike lanes in Wellington which is costing rate payers circa $2 hundred millon. Thanks Tamatha. So few people use these bike lanes, it will do sfall to reduce emissions and council is already financially in trouble with the EQ strenghtening we have to complete. Meanwhle Wellington’s pipes are bursting and need replacing.

      Tamatha is 26 years old and a green activist. All I can say is thank god she is off the council and won’t be able to do much in opposition

      • Anker “ thank god she is off the council…”. Yep! But pity poor Andy Foster, actually a sound chappie on environmental issues, now stuck with her up in Parliament.

        Foster’s involvement in protecting the Wellington Town Belt from commercial development, including at one stage by money-grubbing councillors themselves, well and truly pre-dates the woke wee Greenies with their dopey rainbow crossings and buggering up the main drag thru’ Island Bay.

        We fought hard battles to save the lungs of the city, in 1987 and 1994, with talk-back radio screaming like banshees about not getting a mini Battersea Fun Fair plastered over Mount Victoria to bring in tourist dollars for the few, and it defies reason that essential water and sewage systems bursting out all over suburbia and the CBD are put on the back-burner for virtue-signallers on bikes, in a very walkable little town. The Greens need to grow up.

  11. My age-peer Hoskings is a thorough-going numb-nut — you can pick up what I want to call him by assonance.

    I’ve known him on the media since the early 90s. There’s something wrong with him.

    If there was a Green who could send the batty guy home, as he’s obviously up for, it would solve all the problems with them. I.e. their inability to ‘talk’ for their quite obvious truth.

  12. In support of your case, Chomsky appeared on the Community College guy from Austin, Texas’s vlog. Alex Jones, immediately after, proclaimed he was brighter than Chomsky. Maybe, Vidal even, appeared there. All are outside the MSM.

  13. Mike Hosking is irrelevant, good on her for not going on is show, he is only after controversy,. Now his precious Nats are in Government what on earth is he going to moan and bitch about every morning. Most left leaning people don’t listen to him or engage in talk back so his show is going to be a very boring echo chamber.

    • Ahhh but Jules he has the highest ratings in the country, what you suggest…RNZ? That no one listens to except the leftie rabble who love the mangled maori interloping with English?
      I for one would heartily agree to cut funding to RNZ let them fend for themselves in the market, I would also sell off TVNZ whilst you can get something for it, in a few short years it will be worth nothing.

      I mentioned to a few over the last few years ‘RNZ should get no tax payer funding’, well the pearl clutching and hand wringing was a sight to see, I then asked them ‘what station do you listen to?’….all bar one NEVER tune into RNZ and the one who did only for the 6am news before heading into shower and off to work….it’s a money pit, just like maori TV, money poured in for little or no listeners/viewers. (Although they are not allowed to release the maori TV viewing figures)…wonder why eh? Lol

  14. Most of Hosking’s most ardent fans listen to him daily like most of the commenters here,their intimate knowledge of his background testament to that.


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