Waatea News Column: Most anti-Māori Government in modern NZ History is about to be elected – why?


If polls are to be believed, Aotearoa New Zealand will elect the most anti-Māori Government in moden NZ History.
Under an ACT, National and NZF Government it will be Aotearoa New Zealand, minus the Aoteroa!

A recent CoreData poll found 88% of Kiwis supported co-governance, and yet it and 3 Waters have been manufactured into an existential race war against white people.

The most depressing bit about the radioactive 3 Waters debate was that it’s only focused on the pipes, so effectively 1% of water ways in NZ!

Not the 70% of our rivers that are too polluted to swim in!

Not the water making people sick from Nitrates.

Queenstown’s recent water issues and Auckland having raw sewage pour into our beaches highlights how urgent it is to repair those pipes!

Claiming as some have that 3 Waters and Co-Governance are part of a secret agenda for Māori to ‘take over’ highlights how far the Coloniser Settler Culture will go to ignore the promise of the Treaty in favour of self interested lies.

With Covid lockdown, many of our neighbours and friends and whanau have gone down conspiracy theory rabbit holes fuelled by social media hate algorithms to create narratives that are exacerbated by loneliness and economic anxiety.

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It has created a ranker and fury that only abuse can sate.

This racism comes from frightened and anxious people who are lonely and scared, for them I have nothing but pity, but the leaders and dark money interests of these narratives who weaponise them for political manipulation must be denounced and taken to task for unleashing the worst angels of our nature.

The wounds of racism caused this election will not heal in 3 years under an ACT + National + NZF Government.
First published on Waatea News.


  1. NZ is a racist country said my white South African friend. Imagine that a white south african saying that NZ is a racist country!! As a full blooded Maori I can only agree because I witness it daily.

    • Total agree and while I’m not Maori I also cop all manner of racist shit thrown at me as well. It seems to be the NZ way. But it won’t end anytime soon, there is far to much money and control on the table for it to do so sadly.

    • Stephen….there is NO full blooded maori your believing a lie.
      Search your family history, there will be a white fulluh or white Sheila in there somewhere, sometimes it’s better to believe lies than actually find out the truth!

  2. Labours problem Martyn was that it was not campaigned on, it was brought in with no consultation, no announcements.
    NZ voters do not like policy by stealth, also the explanation of the policy was terrible and shrouded in question marks when MPs and PM were quizzed on it, and when that happens the public get suspicious and want more questions answered, they were not answered with any conviction.
    3 Waters, Co-Governance, He PuaPua….all sneaked in, they are now reaping the rewards of that deceit with 25% support.

    • Agree. The stealthy manner in which things have been dropped on NZ is what is pissing so many off. That pissed off is being spun up as some big racist thing when in facts it’s far more about the Govt not bring people along with it.

    • Co governance did not “sneak in” under Labour. Have you been out of the country for about 15 or so years? If people actually spoke about reality it might help ffs.

    • Co governance did not “sneak in” under Labour. Have you been out of the country for about 15 or so years? If people actually spoke about reality it might help ffs.

  3. It’s not….. most anti Maori government in NZ history…It’s ….most anti Maori government in Aotearoa’s history ….get it right….

    • Sorry, mate. This word was never used by Maori or anyone else to describe this country as a whole until the mid to late 1800’s. It was originally used to refer to the North Island. In the Declaration of Independence in 1835, New Zealand was called “Nu Tireni” and in the Treaty of Waitangi five years later, the variant “Nu Tirani” was used.

  4. 3 Waters transfers the assets of local councils, the assets of the citizens of the cities and towns of this country over to quasi corporations with a racial component. It’s the same playbook as transferring the the government trading departments in the 1980s into state owned enterprises and subsequent privatisations. It’s the first step in the privatisation two step. The second step is to load them up with so much debt that we are told There Is No Alternative but to privatize the assets. And the citizens will pay off the loans so they will have paid for the assets twice and have nothing to show for it except to be subjected to high water prices by rent seekers.


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