We are about to elect a Climate Criminal Government as Global Warming boils planet


Global warming was a theoretical threat that would impact us sometime in the future.

we were wrong.

What we are seeing in the Northern Hampshire with extreme forest fires and extreme flooding alongside extreme heat waves is looming large now in the Southern Hemisphere.

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…in barely 300 years since the Industrial Revolution we have generated a level of co2 that would take hundreds of thousands of years to generate through natural causes.

We know that tipping points built into the biosphere can flip and cause vast differences of temperate from during hot to freezing cold within decades.

We are past any chance of preventing what is already baked into the climate and radical adaptation is our only hope.

It seems bewildering that as the Planet boils, New Zealand is about to elect its most climate denier Government ever promising more gas and oil exploration.

ACT and National aren’t climate deniers, they are Climate Criminals!

We know now that the oil companies lied to us…

Inside Exxon’s Strategy to Downplay Climate Change

…while those who profit from pollution do everything to pretend climate change isn’t a legitimate concern…

Groundswell NZ to hit the road again

Groundswell NZ co-founders Bryce McKenzie and Laurie Paterson will be climbing back on tractors for another nationwide trek, but this time their message is for voters.

The pair led the major Howl of a Protest journey in July 2021, opposing the Government’s rural sector regulations and policies, followed by another nationwide event, the Mother of All Protestsin November that year.

Nothing had improved since then, McKenzie said.

“There hasn’t been anything wound back – and they’re still coming at us with new regulations.’’

…Farmers are like students, feminists and Antivaxxers, in that they are never happy.

As the climate deniers and climate minimalists continue to bleat that climate change is a socialist hoax, or pretend we can’t do anything, or factiously claim ‘the climate always change’ while they continue to spread spiteful disinformation and  malicious lies, the planet is melting…

World registers hottest day ever recorded on July 3

Monday, July 3, was the hottest day ever recorded globally, according to data from the US National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

The average global temperature reached 17.01 degrees Celsius (62.62 Fahrenheit), surpassing the August 2016 record of 16.92C (62.46F) as heatwaves sizzled around the world.

The southern US has been suffering under an intense heat dome in recent weeks. In China, an enduring heatwave continued, with temperatures above 35C (95F). North Africa has seen temperatures near 50C (122F).

And even Antarctica, currently in its winter, registered anomalously high temperatures. Ukraine’s Vernadsky Research Base in the white continent’s Argentine Islands recently broke its July temperature record with 8.7C (47.6F).

…as the world melts, National, ACT, Groundswell and Federated Farmers are promising to do everything to undermine the very little the Greens/Labour have managed.

The level of denial over what is happening and where this is all going is beneath the challenge of the moment…

Damning report finds more than 400,000 New Zealand homes at risk of flooding

Newly released research has found more than 400,000 homes around New Zealand are at risk of flooding.

The report by NIWA and the University of Auckland found 441,384 residential buildings were in flood-prone areas, with a hefty estimated replacement value of $218 billion – a massive 12 percent of New Zealand’s housing value. 

…The Biggest Lie in NZ Politics is that NZ Dairy is the cleanest and greenest in the world when the reality is that it’s a cherry picked nonsense that leaves out pollution so NZ Dairy can get to the numbers to pretend to be clean and green.

Russel Norman’s take down of this Dairy propaganda on The AM Show recently was just ruthless…

“NZ is the biggest seller of a simple commodity called dried milk powder, the cheapest of the cheap, and if you look at what is happening in food production around the world they are looking for more environmentally sound food products.

They are looking for higher value products.

We’ve gone down the pathway of the lowest quality commodity you can produce in the world.

NZ is mid range in terms of its environmental cost per kilogram of milk solids, there is nothing special about it, and we do feed a small number of people compared to the billions on the planet and the economics is very clear that you can be just as profitable if you pull back on the stock rate, pull back on the amount of fertiliser and actually produce a higher product.

Organics is in fact doing incredibly well globally, so why don’t we become a producer of dairy rather than the producer of the cheapest commodity on the planet which results in us trashing our water ways and being big climate producers, that’s a better pathway isn’t it?

…he’s so right!

We always ignore that the 40million number is based on us selling milk powder as a base line ingredient filler for the manufactured food industry. The PR spin pretends it’s wholesome NZ cheese and milk and meat those 40million are eating when the truth is the vast majority of what we export is basic bitch milk powder used as a filler ingredient!

The Climate Crisis was some event we feared at the end of the century, what we are seeing is an unleashing of heat events well beyond what we feared.

There is just no plan to adapt to this new reality when it should be the driving force to begin immediate and radical adaptation for what is coming.

We have no comprehension of what is coming and we are simply not prepared for the age of consequences.

Watching National, ACT and Corporate Farmers use their economic and political muscle to avoid responsibility for what comes next can only be resolved by civil unrest and a campaign of civil disobedience against those interests.

Just consider how the Corporate Farming Lobby have managed to avoid any tax on their pollution since mid 2004!

They have pushed and pushed and pushed it off for 20 years!

National have already promised ANOTHER 5 year extension which will mean the agricultural industry have managed to stop any tax on their pollution for quarter of a century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claiming that NZs emissions mean nothing in comparison to China and India isn’t a justification to do nothing, it’s an acknowledgement that radical adaptation is the only move left because those Goliath economies have already doomed us to a dangerous climate change future!

The Left must force a bargain with Farmers for strategically essential reasons.

They are going to feed us when the famine comes.

A recent report on food security found NZ had incredibly low food security because it was so open market driven and refused to subsidise farmers.

Which is where we on the Left must drive the debate.

We should absolutely consider subsidising food grown by NZ farmers and horticulturalists and our seafood and meat and dairy that generates a 15% price reduction for all NZ produce consumed here.

Rebuilding a direct link between the harvest grown here, the people who grow it and a grateful local market who enjoy the product WITH a 15% price reduction.

Climate change will kill global free market supply chains, we are locked into hyper-regionalism. We need to build new economic structures, subsidising NZ kai for the domestic market would lock in certainty for producers while strengthening food security for the population.

We have to find new ways of working together to ensure we can survive what’s coming.

We are a nation of fatherless children raised by angry solo mothers, a low imagination horizon juvenile settler culture built upon stealing indigenous land and polluting it without restraint. A rugged individualism dependent on exploiting a low wage economy and rigging under-regulated capitalism for the rich.

The old greeds, the old hates and the old exploitations will no longer hold the system together if that system is melting in real time.

Super-rich warned of ‘pitchforks and torches’ unless they tackle inequality

Global elite told at London’s Savoy hotel of real risk of ‘civil disruption’ if more is not done to help struggling millions

This is the age of consequences.

They won’t be pleasant.

BTW – the planet is melting…

South-east Australia marine heatwave forecast to be literally off the scale

Australia’s south-east could be in for a marine heatwave that is literally off the scale, raising the prospect of significant losses in fishing and aquaculture.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a patch of the Tasman Sea off Tasmania and Victoria could be at least 2.5C above average from September to February, and it could get hotter.

Oceanographer Grant Smith said the colour-coded scale the bureau uses to map forecast sea surface temperature anomalies stops at 2.5C.

“We didn’t account for anomalies that high when we developed this … it could be 3C, it could be 3.5C, but we can’t see how high it goes,” he said.



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    • Greens have done an appalling job so far for climate change. They are an embarrassment to the environmental movement that their voters voted for.

      Many green voters did not vote for trans joy and no condemnation of beating up old woman at woman’s protests.

      Wonder what the perp will get, James Shaw got his face punched and the offender got prison, now let’s see what happens when a woman gets punched out with fractures, with video evidence and if there is a dual justice system developing in NZ.

    • Yes precisely, Labour are criminals also. They were pathetic.

      When a complaint was laid with the district council up Whanganui way about some things that look like cows in the river the eventual response was the law only applies to milking cows…and they weren’t milking cows. Do you believe this, it is outrageous.

      Stop private jets flying into our country… oh dear the rich shits can’t come…

  1. Who you vote for is irrelevant (I’m actually a Green Party member), how you personally prepare is not. No politician anywhere will make the changes required, they send their thoughts & prayers, shake their heads & wring their hands, they’ll put on their best concerned expressions and carry on with business as usual.

    Laws & controls will get harsher, restrictions on everyday citizens tougher, but nothing will stop nature. Buckle up, learn how to grow your own food, harvest your own energy & collect your own water. Learn to be self sufficient because you certainly won’t be able to depend on a future government. Be prepared, the future is here.

    • I disagree who you vote for is seriously important, The more votes the Greens and Te Pati Maori rack up the more influence they have over pushing a major party into a corner over this.

      Yes of course – I have committed to not flying overseas on holiday ever ever, and hopefully not in Aotearoa either.
      I do have solar
      I do grow my own food
      I do have huge water tanks.

    • Can’t vote for 2 parties that are pushing intentional misinformation that goes against the science. Science that NASA believes, NOAA believe and even the IPCC believe.

      The NZ Govt is more concerned with taxes than staying on top of the actual science.

      Don’t believe me, go look for yourself, as everyone should far more than they do, it’s not hidden. Suss the methane angle.

      That will, should, also explain why agricultural thinks the Govt is fucked in the head around emissions.

      • “ Agriculture” or at least a sizeable number of them just don’t want to pay for anything or stop pouring shit and nitrates into our water sources.

    • Bob there are over a hundred other small countries like NZ, and if they all take your stupid, self-centred, childish attitude, the overall impact will be considerable.

    • Yes Bob the First it is a drop in the ocean, but we in the first world need to take some responsibility, our footprint on the planet is way beyond what it should be.

    • Bob/ Bob the first/John, you’re insanity knows no bounds. Your attitude is pathetic.

      ” a bad attitude is like a flat Tyre.
      you can’t go anywhere until you change it”

      Sums you up perfectly.

      • NSC it’s apparent you have no qualifications in science or no qualifications at all. You have joined the popular call.
        I do find you amusing though so please keep it up.

        • Bob, John, Bob the first, hit the right nerve I see, triggered by the accuracy of my comment. As others have pointed out, you are clueless but then we all know that on this site judging by the stupidity of your posts.

    • @ bob. Any action taken by New Zealand will have no net impact on the climate.

      But it is time corporations and governments stop expecting consumers do everything and start making sure that the top polluters are phased out, not being constantly subsidised and that there is greater planning for climate change.

      Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says

      Once India and Africa and other countries with billions of people, go to 40+ degrees what is going to happen? Too many people and neoliberalism and consumerism preaches more people, more plastic more pollution.

      It should be more important to have less people being born, but a greater quality of life.

      • “Once India and Africa and other countries with billions of people, go to 40+ degrees what is going to happen?”

        There will be a lot less people or a lot of people trying to go elsewhere. Apparently New Zealand is nice…

    • So Bob, the party you salivate over want to charge for agricultural emissions so they clearly don’t agree with you. They just said in five years time. Or are they lying about that too?

  2. It would be interesting to see the data on New Zealand’s Co2 emissions , compared to natural absorption , if all of our natural greenery , native forests, bush , scrub were included in the equation. We seem to have accurate data on emissions, but very little research has been done on natural absorption. It’s almost as if it’s in the , to hard basket, and doesn’t seem to fit in with the culture of the ETS.

  3. “radical adaptation is the only move left because those Goliath economies have already doomed us to a dangerous climate change future!”

    This is the most accurate thing you have said in months.

    Taxing farmers doesn’t matter now.

    • When climate change begins to cause total chaos in society (and it will, sooner than many expect) who’s going to bother about decommissioning all the nuclear reactors dotted around the world?
      I believe they take about 10 years to safely taken them out of production.
      When you’re struggling with your neighbour over dwindling supplies of food and water, the last thing you’ll be worrying about is the power plant just a few kilometres away.
      So, not nuclear war as the biggest threat (though that is a threat) but nuclear meltdown!

      • Why do they need to be decommissioned. They produce clean energy and European Greens are all for them .
        Like the WW2 advanced discoveries in many fields due to the urgent need science will solve our problems or the plant will fail may will die but some will survive and we start all over again.

    • Andrew…my plan is to live in the lower South Island of New Zealand and enjoy the advantages of climate change. Bring on the burning….The obvious advantages will be less heating costs, the ability to grow much more variety of food in my veggie garden, being able to have a BBQ and Speights in tropical temperatures yearly instead of a few weeks in so called summer, and enjoy my retirement , taking into consideration the kiwi dream of indoor, outdoor , living…This climate change event will have many advantages for New Zealand and it’s time we embraced the potential of this event…..It can’t happen soon enough for me…..

        • You do realise there are Banana plantations growing very well thank you just an hour north of the harbour bridge and lots of mangos doing well in back yards up the East Cast Bays.

          But I am looking forward to more so rev up those V8’s and bring it on, yummmmmmmmy.

        • Medicinal of course Kiwi….I use the Waikato Draught or Tui , any pig island horse piss will do , to clean the BBQ plate ……Even vegans drink speights with their vegetable kebabs…..mothers milk some say…

  4. Nuclear power is of course the greenest option but the flat earthers cannot get their heads around it.
    Technology should be embraced not ignored out of ignorance.

  5. Why do they need to be decommissioned. They produce clean energy and European Greens are all for them .
    Like the WW2 advanced discoveries in many fields due to the urgent need science will solve our problems or the plant will fail may will die but some will survive and we start all over again.

  6. If we can stop war, we can stop climate change.

    If we can’t stop war, we can’t stop climate change.


    the Russian climate activist taking on Putin’s war
    As Russia seeks to strip Arshak Makichyan of his citizenship, he says negotiating with Putin on the Ukraine war or the climate crisis is impossible – and the west must act now for survival

    Before the war, Russia’s tiny handful of eco-activists used to believe they could lobby the government for real policy change, even as the Kremlin failed to meet its obligations under the Paris agreement on greenhouse gas emissions and continued to profit from exports of fossil fuels.

    But the war has changed everything. According to Makichyan it has shown that it is impossible to negotiate with Putin. He adds that he could “not pretend like it’s normal and continue talking about 2050 when millions of people are suffering now”.

    “I was connecting the dots between the human rights crisis and climate crisis,” he said. “Of course this war was a red line for a lot of people. That’s why I am calling Putin a war criminal and a killer. Because before the war I was thinking that maybe it’s better not to be that harsh on him. But now I think it’s a moral obligation to tell things as they are.”….

  7. China just said they are not going to honour the Paris accords
    Better put fans in the house, buy a convertible and a large paddling pool from The Warehouse!

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