ACT bash drug addicts and mentally ill – this isn’t a welfare policy, it’s a right wing revenge fantasy!


NZ election 2023 live: ACT announces welfare policy, targets drug addicts and mentally ill

The ACT Party has released its welfare policy today, which calls for benefits to be taken off people who can’t work due to drug addiction or mental illness and aren’t seeking support.

ACT are slipping in the Polls, so they do what the Right does best – bash the dirty filthy bennies!

Targeting drug addicts and the mentally ill is so on brand for ACTs petty fascism, what the play is privatisation of welfare.

Private welfare companies will be brought in to take contracts and they get bonuses from either transitioning the mentally ill and drug addicts into work or cut them off welfare altogether for breaking some bullshit rule they invent.

This is welfare privatisation using drug addicts and the mentally ill as the punching bag.

Once established they will come after solo parents, the unemployed and the disabled with the same cruelty.

This is where we are in the election cycle right now, beating up on drug addicts and the mentally ill.

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This is what we is, this is what we are.

This isn’t a welfare policy, it’s a fucking right wing revenge fantasy.

If National and ACT really get in to do cruel shit like this, we will be a lesser, nastier more spiteful nation.



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  1. Another great article Martyn, your dead right, this is nothing but pure right wing revenge hate fantasy, as you said?
    I was waiting for the eventual & hateful, bash the Bene rhetoric to finally make a appearance in this Election cycle & the weasel David Seymour, went straight to the old well of the imaginary Lazy benefit bums like a Blow fly going to dogshit? Seymour should know, he’s the ultimate Political bene bludger having had his snout in the Taxpayer’s trough for years without providing a shred of value for money, so this tired, wash & repeat rhetoric gets wheeled out again to spitefully go after the sick, the vulnerable, the disabled & ones with complex injuries & those who are mentally ill, these people are often used by the right as punching bag’s because they are voiceless, powerless people? This sick Nazi bastard Seymour must not be allowed to be part of any Govt, he reminds me of the Nazi’s in that Movie “The Pianist” on that night of broken windows when the Nazi’s entered Polish buildings & pitched wheel chair disabled Jewish people out of windows from a height to their deaths! This is what Seymour intends to do, throwing a Class of people, Beneficiaries like the Jews, consisting of the sick, disabled & injured on to the Streets forcing these incapacitated people to find nonexistent jobs & participate in support & training by privatised Organisations that don’t exist? What’s especially dangerous is that Seymour intends to tell GP’s to force sick people back into work they can’t do, to criminalise the injured saying that they are being fraudulent! Wh? Because they are just lazy, bene bludgers sponging off the Taxpayers dime? Well Seymour should know something about that, this arsehole has been bludging off the Taxpayer’s for years as a worthless, good for nothing, useless sack of crap Politician, just a despicable human being that even the Founder of the Act Party despises!

  2. Problem is far greater – NZ has become the place to go for criminals, drug smugglers and money launderers – part of this is that there is government money coming in each week, to keep their addictions going and part of it is that NZ government and justices and immigration seems to think these crimes are small and meaningless.

    NZ needs to stop our growing drug community, at source by going after the drug smugglers and the money launderers that keep criminal gangs including drug dealers going and keep new crims and their workforce out of NZ.

    NZ is sending the opposite message with people laundering millions of dollars in illegal money here, once caught and convicted, practically zero consequences.

    I’d hate to be a police officer on this case and find out that the people convicted get a slap on the wrist in their luxury abodes here in NZ, while Kiwi taxpayers on low wages living pay their court, police and justice costs. Justice sucks in NZ.

    Operation Martinez: Auckland money launderers walk free from court after $123m in cash deposits

    Could that immigration don’t care about criminal convictions for new residents, and a cat can be a reference for new arrivals be part of the problem?
    Shambles of our visa regime: Immigration staff reveal their truth

    New recruitment campaign for immigration although I suspect it has already gone viral,

    Are you a criminal, mentally ill or have major health issues and want new pastures for others who work honestly, to support your lifestyle? Will no other country have you and you need a quick escape from past problems?

    Come to NZ!!!!! We want your bum on our seat and your problems to be paid for from our citizens and growing government debts!!!!

    • It’s actually an offence to stop someone stealing alcohol in NZ.

      If you are caught with millions in cash in rubbish bags from smuggled cigs, only in NZ can you get name suppression due to ‘hardship’.

      Make $450,000 in capital gains from fraud, pay only $55k back. Probably worth it. Victim loses $300,000

      • The largest crimes are committed by white collar criminals and politicians ,,,, Seymour supports the former and is the latter.

        An example of the scale of money that a few white collars can scam occurred in AoNz last time the Nacts were in power ,,,, 4 of our (Aussie owned) banks scammed over $2 Billion dollars from our country/Govt revenue ,,,, which they were forced to pay after High court trials.

        This looting of our Govt revenue which was recovered ,,, was equivalent to 100 years worth of benefit fraud recovered in the year it occurred ,,,, that is to say it was 100X larger.

        This bank theft should have been front page news at the time ,,,,, but as it was a tax Rort ,,,, with the Act and National government supporting tax havens and their rorting ,,, and with our dirty media running cover for them, ie ,,

        ,, This all received little publicity at the time, with most New Zealanders knowing nothing about it. … …. and presently ( tax dodger) Google does not make details of this $2+ Billion bank robbery, committed against all of us, easy to find.


        The bulk of addiction and one of it’s possible consequences violent crime, which includes sexual assaults and child abuse, involves Alcohol…. The drug Alcohol

        Last time Act were in Government they used (abused) urgency ,,,, to pass laws making it easier to sell more of the drug Alcohol ,,,,, they did this because they were ‘ambushed’ by a Rugby World Cup ,,,, or they were too lazy/incompetent to plan and legislate beforehand for an event marked on a calendar years beforehand.

        To sum up National and Act are for drugs ,,, as long as the drug is Alcohol…. which is the leading drug of addiction in AoNz ,,,, by a very long country mile.

        And they support white collar crime ,,,, which makes less money available for things like Welfare.

        In fact the hardcore Act supporters want to abolish our Govt paid pensions ,,,, because they hate socialism that much. …. That’s another bad Act fact.

    • Be careful what you wish for & spoken like a petty, vindictive ACT Party Cockroach, coming out of the leaf litter to bene bash, what happens when you lose your ability to get minimum pay rises or forced to work hours or weekends with no overtime rates to appease greedy Employers then get sacked? Or if you lose your job or reach retirement age to discover that Income or Retirement support is no longer there thanks to ACT, what will you do? Whinge your arse off & stamp your feet & I bet, curse the Weasel Seymour as he laughs in your Face with a self satisfied smirk on his dial? Be careful what you wish for because this arsehole will give it to you!

    • @ the rat.
      ” They just need cuddles & an endless supply of taxpayers money. ”
      What? Like the 14 multi-billionaires, the 3118 multi-millionaires with in excess of $50 million each and the national party enabled four now foreign owned retail bankster scum stealing $180.00 a second 24/7/365 after morons got sucked into the Ponzi scam that’s the housing ‘market’? ( Ponzi Scheme. AKA Pyramid Scheme AKA neo-liberalism in fish nets and high heels. )
      Rat in The Cage, like all terminal fools, knows how to take his/her panties down to shit out logical fallacies but perhaps what’s more chilling is he/she’s using damaged people to push The neo-liberal Rat’s agendas. To protect the criminal neo-liberal status quo which manufactures people who go forth to develop drug dependencies. Seeing glimpses of david seymour while knowing the Rat #2 is a roger douglas disciple of the Greed Is Good maxim is enough to put anyone off their tea and toast.
      I wonder what he/she/it thinks of alcoholics? A substantially over-taxed addictive toxin and available from the super market cartel’s and peddled by notorious Ol’Boy’ Kiwi-As corporations who can also be seen on sports people and on broken bottles in the gutters. If that’s not a metaphor I don’t know what is.
      David seymour, to be polite, is a psychopathic and narcissistic egomaniac who should, in reality, be taxed, chipped and neutered.

    • No they need help. Don’t need kicking while they are down Rat.
      Next the Gargoyle will be onto solo mothers for daring to keep their children. Will probably toss them onto the street with Bishop’s troublemakers and Luxons bottom feeders.

    • ” They just need cuddles & an endless supply of taxpayers money”. Typical “kiwi intellectual”, comments from the deluded and ignorant “moral majority”…
      With rank stupidity and bigotry at a level that only a tory could admire, we are treated to yet another blatant example of just what is really wrong with this country, and why it will be nigh on impossible to rebalance what’s left of NZs society, and the progress that was being made to reconcile our differences, and historical abuses…
      “Doing the grownup thing” was always going to prove impossible with the utter intransigence of the colonial descendants, along with their lickspittles in what passes for a “fourth estate” in this piddling little pile of irrelevance… (If you don’t like hearing that, just go and ask some people from outside NZ, and see just how little they ever think about this place)… That is, of those that even know it exists, which is becoming a tiny minority of people who may, or may not choose to holiday here as opposed to Spain, or some other country that won’t charge like a wounded bull for what amounts to food staples, and anything else worth having, or not… NZs reputation for being the most expensive country on the planet is well earned, and that is about the extent of most foreigners knowledge, the rare occasions when they bother to look.. And when they see the level of idiocy, and narrow bigotry inherent in the countries culture, they breathe a sigh of relief to be leaving again after the week(s) of being gouged, and having to listen to the irrelevant and self serving dribble the locals assume passes for “worldly knowledge”…
      Pathetic, self serving, self absorbed, and childishly ignorant of reality… No wonder I had to pretend to be Australian before people would bother with me in Europe..

  3. I was thinking that New Zealand should introduce these types of policies against politicians and public servants, people like Seymour who for decades have drawn down the largest dole benefits in the country while producing nothing for society. These lazy hypocrites are actually a detriment to communities, attacking the very people they want to serve so badly, with their grandiose speeches, hollow promises and fantasies about spending everyone else’s taxes. Someone talking this rubbish about the most vulnerable should be in psych care, not running for office.

  4. Seymour Butt is not a particularly nice person a nephew of Roger the Rat and Dick Prebble.

    He is Ideologically Driven and has No Real World Experience IMHO.

  5. Acts wish list/secret/real policy

    Raise New Zealand super age eligibility to 7o and privatise it

    Impose 5 year life time maximums on welfare eligibility and privatise

    Sell all remaining Crown shares in the Mixed Ownership Power cos

    Privatise Landcorp, Solid Energy and TVNZ

    Terminate New Zealand on Air

    Terminate RNZ

    Make all schools charter schools

    Increase GST to 17.5%

    Privatise all roads

    End all subsidies for Kiwi rail and public transport

    Appoint Commissioners to run Auckland City and establish a Crown owned Auckland urban development company with a 10 year life.

    Abolish all remaining customs duties

    Amend the RMA to abolish all urban zoning rules

    Increase interest on student loans and privatise

    Bring back millitary style Assault weapons for those who ‘need’ them

    Make AoNz a fully fledged tax haven ….

    …. I could go on but Rat in a rage is a better spokes-vermin for them ,,,, 😉

    • Even though your list has more lies than the average election speech, doing some of those would benefit all of those on real need in NZ greatly.

  6. The ACT party will only last one election cycle. The NATZO wouldn’t want to be undermined by ACT because they wouldn’t want to be pushed further right which could make them unelectable.

    • One election cycle is all it will take to munt the country to the point that it will be beyond fixing without a lot of pain and hardship…. And you’re comfortable with that because they will only last a couple of years or so before they implode? And the filth that pretends to be a news media won’t lift a finger to prop them up?, even if it’s because they were spruiking them so hard this year that they even got in at all?
      This sort of shallow stupidity is why NZ will not survive as a sovereign nation for more than a few months after the Yanks start shooting at the Chinese… We were never taken seriously, and our only use will be as a launching platform for the US, or Chinese navy/airforce, and a place to furlough when the troops need rotating… My assessment of NZ since getting trapped here in 2020, is that it is the most expensive country I have ever lived in, and it has less reason to be so expensive than anywhere else I’ve been… This alone defines the utter fuckwittery of kiwis who stood on their hind legs and cheer for the sellout of their sovereignty, and ability to even feed themselves….

      • Firearms are not essential to life, they have their legitimate uses & allowing suitable people access to them is reasonable but they should expect some restrictions around that privilege.

  7. Ask the people of the Hokianga about the PEP scheme that was implemented in the 1980s. You were either on the scheme or you didn’t get the dole. People that had never worked got sone dignity and a reason to get out of bed and the community thrived. Yes it was inefficient, yes it was beneficiary bashing. It worked though.

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