Labour’s Party List over/under rated rankings


Labour have released their Party list and there are no real surprises.

Labour will be lucky to hit mid 30s in terms of Party vote, but will only get there if they have more in the tank than just removing GST off fruit and vegetables.

If they have meaningful policy, they can hit the mid 30s, if they simply limp to the election with just GST off fruit and Vegetables, it’s all over rover.

People have waited 6 years for the transformative policy Jacinda promised them, Chippy has moved to ‘Bread and Butter’ politics but if all that means is just GST off fruit and vegetables, no one will be able to buy any bread or butter.

There will be a host of marginal electorate seats Labour won with the giant red wave of 2020 that will all be up for grabs as well.

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Here is the Labour list with TDBs Underrated/Overrated rankings.

Labour Party list for 2023 election – Underrated/Overrated rankings

1 Chris Hipkins – Underrated

2 Kelvin Davis – Overrated

3 Carmel Sepuloni – Overrated

4 Grant Robertson – Underrated

5 Megan Woods – Overrated

6 Jan Tinetti – Overrated

7 Ayesha Verrall – Underrated

8 Willie Jackson – Underrated

9 Willow-Jean Prime – Underrated

10 Damien O’Connor – Underrated

11 Adrian Rurawhe – Underrated

12 Andrew Little – Underrated

13 David Parker – Underrated

14 Peeni Henare – Underrated

15 Priyanca Radhakrishnan – Underrated

16 Kieran McAnulty – Underrated

17 Ginny Andersen – Underrated

18 Barbara Edmonds – Overrated

19 Jo Luxton – Overrated

20 Duncan Webb – Underrated

21 Rino Tirikatene – Overrated

22 Deborah Russell – Overrated

23 Rachel Brooking – Underrated

24 Jenny Salesa – Not really sure

25 Tangi Utikere – Not sure really

26 Camilla Belich – Overrated

27 Tracey McLellan – Who?

28 Shanan Halbert – Underrated

29 Glen Bennett – Who?

30 Vanushi Walters – Who?

31 Georgie Dansey – Underrated

32 Dan Rosewarne – Who?

33 Naisi Chen – Who?

34 Anahila Kanongata’a – Who?

35 Angela Roberts – Underrated

36 Tāmati Coffey – Overrated

37 Ibrahim Omer – Underrated

38 Neru Leavasa – Who?

39 Toni Boynton – Who?

40 Anna Lorck – Underrated

41 George Hampton – Who?

42 Rachel Boyack – Underrated

43 Angie Warren-Clark – Who?

44 Liz Craig – Who?

45 Michael Wood – Sigh, oh Michae!

46 Terisa Ngobi – Who?

47 Helen White – Underrated

48 Arena Williams – Underrated

49 Phil Twyford – Who?

50 Steph Lewis – Who?

51 Sarah Pallett – Overrated

52 Ingrid Leary – Who?

53 Lemauga Lydia Sosene – Who?

54 Parewhati Taikato – Who?

55 Estefania Muller-Pallarès – Who?

56 Fleur Fitzsimons – Underated

57 Reuben Davidson – Who?

58 Nick Ruane – Who?

59 Fesaitu Solomone – Who?

60 Mark Hutchinson – Who?

61 Nerissa Henry – Who?

62 Myra Williamson – Who?

63 Oscar Sims – Who?

64 Aladdin Al-Bustanji – Who?

65 Gwendoline Keel – Who?

66 Kharag Singh – Who?

67 Emma Dewhirst – Who?

68 Zulfiqar Butt – Who?

69 Ben Sandford – Who?

70 Simon McCullum – Who?

71 Guy Wishart – Who?

72 Deborah Rhodes – Who?

73 Jamie Toko – Who?

74 Luke Jones – Who?

75 Beryl Riley – Who?

76 Ethan Reille – Who?

If Labour can not bring some major policy concept to the table, they will have the election to National and ACT, and that’s when the real anger at the political left should erupt.

Ruling out a sugar tax is another swing and a miss from a timid Prime Minster not prepared to do anything.

Chippy’s brittle caution is winning him no friends.

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  1. Who of the top thirty are in which faction? And who out of the top sixty supported Jeremy Corbyn ans Bernie Sanders?

    • how is kid starvers lying slurs relevant to nz politics at all kristoff…’d be just as good to ask who supports starmers stalinist purge of people like ken loach

      • @Gargarin:— Extremely relevant. The last time there was any sign of life at all within the N.Z. Labour Party was when there WERE Corbynistas and Bernie Bros. in the party — before their preferred leader Cunliffe was kneecapped on television by a Blairite hatchet-man called Chippy.

  2. Pretty audacious to have a list of 76, be lucky to make it to 15, probably much less

    McAnulty stands a good chance of unemployment and playing fast and loose with the democratic principle of one person one vote, he deserves it!

    Yesterdays men, Wood and Twyford should have resigned, times up gents! Both their reputations are trashed permanently and neither have anything to offer. The future Labour caucus cannot afford to carry dead wood like this pair, in fact it simply must distance itself from the 2017 2023 disaster it became and both are reminders with a radioactive half life that wont stop giving to the new government. Their safe-ish seats should be given to bright new prospects who actually have a future in politics and something positive to contribute rather than clinging to a bloated salary to pay the mortgage, or share broker!. But it sure as shit beats the dole playing amateur MP’s doesn’t it without a trace of dignity between them. I have no respect for self serving creatures like this.

    But honestly, a clean out of many of these chumps will be a good thing if Labour can give itself a thorough top down overhaul including candidate selection processes!

  3. How many of these will make it into Parliament? “Heaps” says Chippy.
    Yahoo News:
    In another marker of doom for the incumbent government, a record number now feel negatively about the future, with 29 per cent putting New Zealand on the right track, and 60.5 per cent on the wrong track.

    Mr Hipkins remains chipper about his party’s chances, offering a one-word answer on Monday when asked how many MPs he would have after the October 14 poll.

    “Heaps,” he said.


    National – 33.5 (up 3.5)

    Labour – 26 (down 4.5)

    ACT – 14 (down 1)

    Greens – 9 (down 0.5)

    Maori – 6 (down 1)

    NZ First – 5 (up 2)

    TOP – 4 (up 1)

  4. now i’m not endorsing the bacon butty

    But there’s really quite something to the way that the dominant Wellington weirdo fruitarian wing that dominates Labour wouldn’t condescend to drop GST on even one component of such a staple, isn’t there?

    • Perhaps, but at least they’re not proposing Shaneel Lal as Min of Health or Meghan Markle as G-G at this stage.

  5. At first glance this looks like the rankings have been done as randomly as the postie delivers the mail.
    At second glance, useless Davis and ruthless Sepuloni up the top defies rational explanation, and raises the question of who’s holding who hostage here, and why. What a shocker.

  6. Twyford only a who. Surely must be overrated.

    Next to Hipkins was one of Jacindas main henchmen.

    Besides latest Roy Morgan has Labour At 26%. So looks like peeps see them as all overrated.

  7. A sugar tax on the working class is what wet dreams are made of for the Labour middle laptop class who reside in Wellington and like telling people what to do

    • The tax on smokes is causing ram raids, like we need ram raids for people to get cokecola. Alcohol, gambling, taxed by the fun police. If only Aussie bank profits were more fun we might a have a financial transactions tax!

  8. ” If Labour can not bring some major policy concept to the table, they will have the election to National and ACT, and that’s when the real anger at the political left should erupt. ”

    They are going down like a lead balloon.

    I don’t know who is advising Chipkins but he is either out of his depth or completely detached from the current reality or he has a cunning plan to turn it all around….where is the guy who took the leadership 6 months ago promising bread and butter and back to basics ? none of which is going to happen unless he addresses some major issues like tax and other structural problems that are not going to go away only worsen.

    The times we live in and the crises that are here now demand bold leadership , political courage and a determination to re examine fairness and an economy that delivers for more than the current upper echelon of our rigged plutocracy.

    Sadly unlike the past at watershed moments no one is stepping forward.

    Certainly none of the list or electorate MP’s in LINO’s current line up.

  9. “…If they have meaningful policy,….”
    The trouble is, nobody believes that they’d get it done even if they had any meaningful policies. A once-in-a-generation FPP majority in MMP and they’ve squandered goodwill & indebted future generations to what end? Massive bureaucracies overseeing increasing failures by any available measure in all areas??

  10. Its bizarre that Jan Tinetti and Ginny Anderson both go up the rankings. Both a symbolic of why Labour is in the shit, both former Wellington bureaucracy drones and one who mislead the living daylights out of parliament, that should have seen her gone. But both awful in their portfolios anyway, justice excluded as Anderson will not have time to worsen anything.

    Anderson may not make it back if its a bath of blood for Labour come election night, I doubt she’ll hold her seat, but Tinetti will linger, unfortunately. Labour really don’t need her baggage and voters don’t need a reminder of how crap things were under this edition of Labour!

  11. Good news for those in the business of traffic management.
    At least 20 competent stop go sign operators available from November. Great timing with the Nats roading plans.

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