Imagine if the Woke, BLM, Trans and MeToo movements had listened to the 1990s Rainbow Community on how to build solidarity instead of their own alienating intersectionist subjective rage?


Imagine if MeToo hadn’t mutated into a Salem witch trial where the new evidential threshold becomes ‘whatever a women says on Twitter’.

Imagine if BLM acknowledged that far more white people were shot by Police than black people and instead of rioting had progressed their argument with solidarity?

Imagine if the Trans community had not been so screamingly militant?

Imagine if the woke hadn’t started cancel culture deplatforming?

Imagine if the entire Identity Politics movement had sought to build class solidarity rather than alienating bullshit?

Since 2016s #MeToo moment, a coalition of 5th wave feminists, non gender binary activists, Critical Race Theorists and Critical Gender Theorists have manufactured a faith based woke dogma, the holy trinity of which is:

1 – All white people are irredeemable cross burning racists.

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2 – All men are rapists.

3 – Everyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans Community.

Woven into this woke Identity Politics Holy Trinity, is the ‘BELIEVE ALL WOMEN’ mantra, because intersectionism decrees all men are part of a power dynamic which means they can never be victims and because women are morally superior to toxic masculinity males, they would NEVER lie about that abuse.

When it comes to the whole Trans debate, I’m old fashioned. I think finding your true self and being comfortable in your own skin is one of the most important journeys of the human experience.

The idea that there are some men who believe they are women and some women who believe they are men and some people who believe they are both and some people who believe they are neither is as uncontroversial to me as the range of human skin, eye and hair colour.

Referring to someone by their preferred pronouns and identity is just basic good will courtesy offered to every fellow citizen.

If a trans person wishes to share a prison cell or locker room with me, I don’t care, but where I get cancelled by the woke is when I also agree that biological women have a right to philosophically and intellectually challenge some of the identity politics dogma that is being used here.

There is a legitimate debate between gender critical feminists and trans activists but what does it say about that debate when gender critical feminists have been pushed all the way over to the side of Nazis?

I have many self declaring feminist women who privately tell me they have real misgivings with some of the Trans woke dogma but are terrified of saying anything because the Fourth Wave Feminists, non-binary activists and trans ally vegan mommy bloggers rip them to pieces on social media. Part of the problem is that the Trans activists themselves have helped make this debate so radioactively toxic with their cancel culture dynamics.

For me the true tragedy here for the Trans community and the rest of the Idenity Politics movement is how quickly their alienating and over the top attacks along with their fourth wave feminist allies have eroded and burnt so much of the good will the rainbow community had built in the 80s, 90s and 00s.

The rainbow community pre Trans activism had worked to make love and family inclusive, the new woke Trans activists built pure temple cliques that created diversity by cancelling everyone who didn’t agree with them.

This entire issue has caused immense damage on the Left and rather than debating the material well being of citizens, we are lost in middle class identity politics virtue signalling that censors rather than answers and in that cultural space, anger grifters like Posie Parker flourish.

I remember trying to tell the woke 5 years ago not to start a free speech culture war. ACT was on .7 until woke activists gave Seymour the free speech ammunition and he’s now 12%.

Please sweet Jesus, could the middle class woke stop fucking the Class Left before the election?

Imagine if the Woke, BLM, Trans and MeToo movements had listened to the 1990s Rainbow Community on how to build solidarity instead of their own alienating intersectionist subjective rage?

Meanwhile the planet is melting, we get it wokies, your self constructed identity is more important than our shared humanity!


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  1. Asking the Woke, BLM, Trans and MeToo movements to cooperate and moderate abuse would require a lot of egos would go unexpressed. And less opportunity for grifters.

    • They can only do what the liberal political machine tells them to do, which is quite specific: DO NOT freely co-operate, and do NOT admit unapproved groups or persons, or else no more Wall Street donor money for you (which, since they have no mass support, would mean everything collapses immediately).

      The Clintonites doubled down so hard on particularism eight years ago because their entire project — more Reaganomics, globalism, and Brzezinskyite/Straussian forever wars — was in severe danger of being swept away, by actual mass movements: the Bernie Bros., the Corbynistas, the Trumpers etc.

      Martyn’s idea of returning to the 1990s wouldn’t work either, because the anti-scientific nonsense of Poststructuralism was already taking over academia and civil society back then (the ‘Science Wars’). The labour movement institutions Martyn is referring to were in trouble by the 1970s (Western governments were funding an earlier, anti-Soviet, anti-union, ‘critical theory’ ideology), and they went into near-total collapse after 1989 (dismantled from the inside by the Third Way Liberals, who started the pivot to Poststructuralist propaganda, extreme sectarianism, and denialism of class in general).

  2. Again, lets not forget, this is all ruling class created division of the people, designed to blindside us while they implement, via their bought and paid for puppets, policy that favours them and hurts us.

    There’s a reason why this hoopla and growing censorship is on the rise – right now – some heavy handed policy is coming our way. We had a teaser of this just a few years ago, but with the world nearing its end now – climate-wise – as early as 2025, according to some, then heavy handed policy of the likes we have never seen, will need to be implemented in order to manage the fall out of a world nearing its end. We are heading towards major societal-level change, connect the dots thereafter….

  3. Imagine if subtraction was commutative. Imagine if water never froze. Imagine if chocolate fish could swim …

    • Imagine there is no heaven
      It’s easy if you try……..
      Imagine all the people,
      living life in peace!!

      We should at least try!!

      There is no evidence that the planet is melting!

  4. You make a VERY valid point Martyn, and if you want to be REALLY scared, there is a strong historic precedent:

    This was exactly where socialism found itself back in the 1920’s and the result was the same. Frustratingly, there were no spontaneous uprisings of the working class to take over the means of production and distribution as Marx had anticipated.
    However, a leading young socialist in Italy noted that whilst the peasants weren’t at all motivated by their class status, they had been prepared to die for their nationality and culture when fighting alongside him against the Austrians in WW1.
    So, he rejigged socialism along national and ethnic lines. He gave it a cute Italian name referring to weak twigs that when bundled together became collectively strong. The twigs bundles are called fascii in Italian and the movement he created and led was called fascism. That young socialist was Benito Mussolini.

    Let’s not go down that road again, eh?

      • Andrew forgets to mention that ‘Il Duce’, as well as ‘Der Fürher’, were fraudsters: they pandered to voters by calling themselves ‘socialists’, when they were in fact they were anti-socialist zealots — obsessed with a witch hunt against so-called ‘Cultural Bolshevism’, and funded by many of the largest industrialists and financiers (who then promptly crushed all actual socialists, using a massive surveillance apparatus and police state).

  5. Martyn – They, the current crop of activists, are in it for power and money, the historic protesters of the past were for basic human rights….huge differences

  6. Two words of explanation.
    Social. Media.
    Every narcissist has a platform, and a bubble of echo chamber supporters.
    Wrathful indignant meme posting has replaced rational discussion.

    Was the Internet ever truly gonna’ become a force for liberation?
    Yeah, nah. It’s working perfectly well thank you, now get back to work while we drain you, your family, and the planet, dry.

  7. Martyn: “There is a legitimate debate between gender critical feminists and trans activists but what does it say about that debate when gender critical feminists have been pushed all the way over to the side of Nazis?”

    Nah. Transactivists have been claiming GC women are fascists for years. We aren’t and have never been fascists.

    But, Transactivists have been shouting we are for years, and it’s not surprising that the authoritarian right are now coat-tailing GC women.

    Fascists have never been pro-women’s rights. Of course, they acknowledge the material reality that human sex is binary and immutable. However, unlike feminists that accept sex-based stereotypes (as do gender ID ideologists), right wingers want females to be kept subservient to males.

    Gender is a social construction built around sex. The difference between right wingers & gender ideologues is that gender ID ideologues believe if a person does not conform to sex-based stereotypes, they must be trans, non-binary, gender fluid, etc.

    Kellie Jay Keen has not helped the tarring of GC feminists as nasty right-wingers by appearing on platforms with some very dubious right wingers.

    • Nonsense. As she said herself she will talk to anyone.
      KJK has awoken many New Zealand men and women into action who have hitherto swallowed dead rats for years.
      She is responsible for the beginning of the pushback of trans ideology at least in New Zealand.
      For many voters this gender debate is more important than any other single issue.
      It has caused otherwise party political stalwarts to change sides.
      Albert Park was a tectonic shift for many who were not only there but those online globally who witnessed the appalling display of mediaeval apoplectic mob rage directed at a tiny opiniated woman’s rights campaigner who was prevented from uttering a single word.

  8. do I care…look no drag artiste is going to break into your house steal your clothes and replace them with pink tutus aint gonna happen…so what’s the real problem here….don’t understand things different to me, don’t like things different to me…exterminate exterminate EXTERMINATE and that frankly goes for both sides

  9. Do many members of these groups realize that they are perpetuating a hierarchial social structure in Western society instead of destroying it? The time taken in unpaid leave allows employers to offer work to candidates who aren’t activists. Moreover, benefits are canceled for activists who aren’t actively looking for work. The financial drawbacks involved in being part of an activist group allow capitalists to thrive. If the capitalists had increased competition, they would have to reduce the prices they charged for goods. So instead of protesting, start a competing business.

    Now, this is the tricky part. Central government will often offer jobs to activists but they also control prices. So they employ activists as politicians but they also increase petrol prices and refuse to tackle the associated environmental issues to any substantive degree.

    So streamline candidate selection processes. For example we could implement quotas. At least forty percent of MP’s to be of indigenous descent. Forty-five percent to be women. Anything could be considered really, to distract any socially ambitious activists.

  10. Georgina Beyer was a trans that got respect – not for being trans but for what she achieved.

    So over the ‘modern trans’ whinners and grifters!

    Georgina was not on a benefit while ‘transitioning’ she actually worked, paid her way in society, was respected and did not make trans her identity. Fuck she even survived and was made mayor and an MP without any pronouns!!! Fuck me!!! How would the woke snowflakes survive life 30 years ago!

    Trans are totally accepted in NZ – Beyer even won an MP seat against Paul Henry in a rural district. The so called trans hate in NZ is fictional. What is under fire is freedom of speech, increasingly people are not allowed to have an opinion on policy that now seems to be discriminating against woman in favour of rights of transgender men for sports, medical treatment, pro gender initiatives that were went for woman!

    Pretty clear nobody cares a fuck about trans as seen by Beyer in NZ but what some fringe activists are doing is causing hate, aka when woke activists in the name of trans seems to be symboling violence and attacking woman, woman’s language and identity and turning up to disrupt protests continually.

    As for trans hate in NZ for being trans. Imaginary.

    People hate what some trans are doing aka attacking woman speakers, violence against woman and children in the name of trans.

    It’s the opposite,

    Growing cases of trans who commit violence against others such as the sadistic murder of teenager Dimetrius Pairama.

    Wanted South Aucklander Bronwyn Warwick convicted of murder, kidnap, robbery in past 30 years ,

    Jailed doctor David Lim – who now identifies as a female – has been denied parole–who-now-identifies-as-a-female–has-been-denied-parole

    Transgender prisoner investigated for sexual assault behind bars

    Trans Violence is minimised in NZ by people like Marama. The violence is the other way around in NZ, but for whatever reason, in the woke cult of government, they won’t help woman here and would prefer to protect men who can now pretend to be woman, and their crimes reported as woman’s crimes!

    The world seem ok with real trans, but less so with the current media and grifting industry based on pretending kids who have other problems like autism are trans, woke stats NZ trying to make people identify as trans, so they can get more funding. Some of the worst examples are making it easy, allowing and protecting males who are predatating on woman and kids, by pretending they are woman.

    It’s not longer safe to pick up an old Granny while hitchhiking aka Bronwyn Warwick

    Too many kids are collateral in this grift.

    ‘NHS trans surgery damaged my body for ever — it’s not safe’
    An autistic patient who reversed his transition is suing over treatment given to young people with gender

    We also have consent issues, it needs to be in law that those who are transgender let people know when they are dating for consent purposes!

    Woman who posed as man guilty of sexual assault

    People need to the the right of consent with sex, in ALL contexts!

    Male’s shouldn’t be allowed to transition to be winners in sports and in academia by displacing woman!

    • 100% spot on again SaveNZ. Just look at what’s happening around the world now about trans
      – there is no epidemic of violence against trans
      – there is no epidemic of suicide if kids aren’t immediately transed
      – 80% of kids presenting as trans have huge other issues, and at least 50% are gay
      – 80% of kids presenting as trans will pass through puberty fine with no dysphoria if left alone
      – systemic reviews of evidence about trans medicine shows that this field is founded on bullshit, poor and often contradictory ‘research’

      I urge everyone to read about what happened at the Tavistock clinic in London. Their in-house joke was ‘when we’re done there will be no gay kids left’- totally out of control, no follow up, no therapy, no exploring the issues, often just pushing kids into surgery & medication on their first fucking visit!

      Thankfully some countries are coming to their senses -Sweden, Finland, Norway, Holland, UK – all turning away from automatically transing kids because the whole trans-intervention movement is based on lies and ideology.

    • “How would the woke snowflakes survive life 30 years ago!”
      That’s simple, many trans people DIDN’T survive the past 30 years hence the high suicide rates and they’re done tolerating it

      • I think you will find suicide has been around forever, pretending that people have historically committed suicide due to trans is fake fakes, to get more grifter $$$$.

        The problem with NZ is that it has become a fringe funder, aka instead of solving suicide they give the money to fringe groups that then try to manipulate the statistic and history to get more funding.

        The funding should be for suicide only and not being manipulated by fringe groups and for themselves charities.

  11. Imagine if those issues didn’t exist. And in the modern media age.

    Sanders did your pure run in ’16 and ’20.

    Don’t blame the victims. Which is what your criticism amounts to. Even the Yank Left doesn’t do that. Why I’m dusty about you and Trotter.

    if this was back in the 70s I’d agree with you since all the middle class not really important liberal issues delivered us to Rogernomics and so neglecting the neediest for 40 years, let alone reacting appropriately to climate change 30 years ago. We were a Gdansk shipyard admittedly, but we flushed out people control with the baby.

  12. “what does it say about that debate when gender critical feminists have been pushed all the way over to the side of Nazis?”

    Bomber, we didn’t make Posie Parker and her ilk align with neo-nazis, she did that herself though her anti-semetic style conspiracy level obsession with trans people…

    And no there isn’t a discussion to be had between my friends and whanau and those who want to take away their rights, how would you like to have a discussion with someone that wants to force you to wear a dress and makeup?

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