If you honestly have a problem with Tory Whanau bringing her dog to work, you just hate Māori Women


For Fucks sakes…

Why Tory Whanau’s dog is her latest headache

Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau has been bringing her dog to work, where it is not allowed.

The Post reports Whanau has been breaching the council’s tenancy agreement by bringing her dog, Teddy, to the office.

In an emailed response to The Post, her office confirmed the lease agreement the council had for its offices on The Terrace “does not allow animals on the premises”.

However, it said the council hadn’t received a formal breach notice from the landlord, nor had the landlord asked her to stop bringing the dog in.

…Jesus wept, if you honestly have a problem with Tory Whanau bringing her dog to work, you just hate Māori women.

Don’t dress your hate up with the pretence of justification that it speaks to her entitlement or any bullshit excuse you are draping your dislike for Māori women up with, just embrace that you are a racist misogynist with Ku Klux Klan level bigotry.

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I am always amazed at how petty we have become as a people.

The fucking planet is melting and you are bitching about the Mayor bringing their dog to work.

This is what Death looks like

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  1. Actually some people are allergic to dogs and it can trigger asthma from pet hair.

    Where does it end, can everyone bring in their pets or just selected few? Why not kids too? As well as smoking breaks you can have dog walking breaks. I predict chaos when the council chamber goes to the dogs, literally. Barkly Manor in Wellington.

    Not a fan of the workplace becoming an individualised playground led by people who often have other problems like getting drunk and leaving restaurants without paying the bill, such is their self importance and entitlement.

    But anybody that objects is clearly racist, (sarcasm). NZ Work is no longer about basic rights of all employees but victimhood of the powerful who can do whatever they like.

  2. How the hell is that line drawn? Those who have a problem with the Wellington mayor have a problem with her politics, poor decision making and overblown self importance – not her race. Thats frankly insulting.

  3. Its futile Martyn to try and inform TDB readers majority of Pakeha descent to the reality of their racist derogatory views towards the indigenous population. This phenomenon isn’t only restricted to good ole Aotearoa, it affects other country’s indigenous populations who had unfortunately been infected by the benevolence of european exceptionalism.

    A strong uppity Maori is seen as a threat and is not to be tolerated by the majority group because they can’t allow space for an alternative viewpoint that is antipathy to white superiority. I myself who identifies as Maori have faced persecution, name calling, stalked, etc… nt only in my life but even on this site because I hold a viewpoint that represents a POV of the struggling Maori who has experienced systemic racism in our ancestral land. No doubt I will be hounded and called names, or ridiculed but I’m strong enough to take their shit not because I’ve had to since becoming racially aware of white controlling spaces but because my people have been in trouble for a long time and the fuck if I’m gonna sit around and placate the feeling of pakeha exceptionalism.

    • It’s not about race, it’s about entitlement. There are not many workplaces that would allow employees to bring their dogs into work. Also the landlord doesn’t allow dogs on the premises.

      I for one do not like dogs in the workplace, as a manager on site, I would be responsible under health and safety regulations, if your dog bites someone.

      I’m confident that my dog is well trained and behaved. But if I brought him in to work, someone would have to keep an eye on him. Especially in a large workplace where the dog doesn’t know the people there.

      This is just not a good idea.

    • Get the chip off ya shoulder Stephen this is not about Whanau`s colour, it is about not obliging rules regarding dogs in a particular building ,particularly a person in a very prominent position. She is doing herself no favours by acting like a spoilt brat.

    • I am a total pakeha who likes your comments, Stephen. Keep it up.
      But I fear that the ‘exceptionalists’ are incurable. I fear that NZ is drifting towards what happened in the Weimar Republic (Germany) in the late 1920s.

  4. Don’t see why Wellington’s Mayor should be exempt from rules that apply to the hoi polloi just because she’s Maori. That would be racist, or reverse discrimination, or unconscious or unconscious bias. The fact that she’s possibly being mentored by Helen controlling Clark, and sometimes sounds to me like her little echo chamber, is of more concern. Every now and then HOD’s bring cute children or grandchildren into work, and the troops quite enjoy it, but an everyday dog being walked by staffers, incidentally paid for by the long-suffering rate payers, is self-indulgent, and may even be the distraction which causes the Mayor to miss meetings. There was a female GG, not so long ago, who used to walk a couple of corgis around in Government House, on leashes. This sort of thing was the prerogative of the late Queen Elizabeth 11, not officials, elected or otherwise.

  5. The last thing I want in my work place is someone else’s dog. Now I know that’s your dog is always well behaved and if it did bite me it would be my fault….

    How many times have we heard that?

    I appreciate that you, your dog is wonderful. However to me it’s a smelly unhygienic poo machine that bites.

    I have no problem with guide dogs they have been trained and know how to behave.

    The same holds for people bringing their brats to work

      • Well I’m a white male, not to sure about the sissy gender thingy tho

        Could you imagine the health & safety implications if an employee was bitten by a dog in the workplace?

  6. Her name for start. Her parents must’n of liked her!

    She is useless. All show and now substance. Now where have I heard that before? But anyway. Enough of these Mellinial lite-weights. They’ve had their fun and fucked up everything that they have touched so now they can fuck off.

    This has nothing to do with her sex, race or anything other thing. She’s useless is what it is.

  7. The premise of the article is if you find fault with anything a Maori does wrong you are a racist .It is this type of bullshit that has made Act so popular

    • Trevor, agree 100% it is getting ridiculous and enabling poor behaviour that doesn’t help with racist stereotypes it increases them!

      Today’s headline, a Pacific Island teacher who stole $20k with deliberate fake invoices she created but is allowed to keep teaching. This allowance of dishonesty in NZ, has got to the point where less people trust teachers and educators anymore – with good reason with the amount of dishonesty allowed in the profession.

      This also caught my eye today about Roald Dahl, the woke revisionist version of racism has got to the point where under most circumstances the left and pretty much everyone in history are considered racists from one comment or another. Pretty sure Minto, Jeremy Corbyn, Bomber and most others on this website would be considered racists under this criteria of antisemitic!!! But Gaby will be happy.

      “In an interview with The Independent in 1990 he said: “I’m certainly anti-Israeli, and I’ve become antisemitic in as much as that you get a Jewish person in another country like England strongly supporting Zionism. I think they should see both sides.”

      Roald Dahl Museum condemns author’s ‘indelible’ antisemitism
      Acknowledgment of the writer’s racism will be displayed at the site entrance in Buckinghamshire

      Apparently even the private banks are quick to jump aboard the cancel culture cult.

      Nigel Farage row: banks risk losing licences over free speech
      Lenders told to respect free speech as arch Brexiteer threatens to sue

      • save NZ I hope you’re sitting down, because Meghan Markle is rewriting great novelist and historical chronicler, Charles Dickens’ “ Great Expectations “ with Miss Haversham depicted as a feminist icon, that’s how mad the world is now. And Nigel Farage is by no means the only Brit being silenced by establishment banks because of the views which he holds.

        • Don’t even know if you are joking about Meghan Markle, but many lazy woke are so self important and out of touch, and the literary agents so weak and without morals or any type, they seem to be allowing great works of literature and their authors to be reworked by a bunch of self described a mentally ill, woke, privileged, grifters – but they have a high profile. It started with art where instead of artists who do the work and agents that sell the work, and patrons that buy the work, they created courses for management bureaucracy with ‘art curators’ and the like, who have added their controlling interests of woke and destroying art, artists, a point of view, and history as we know it with woke rewritten, historical, descriptions and cancel culture. From Hitler to Mao those who want to control and destroy, start with destroying art, changing history, a ‘target of wrongdoing’ and humiliation, in their rise to power.

    • Well said Trev. Actually, I don’t have a problem with Tory bringing her dog to work (mainly because I love the Staffies) but whether you agree with it or not you are not racist in the slightest – how do we jump to such illogical narratives these days?

  8. Can’t help thinking that Tory should have been an old grey pakeha male bringing an old beagle to work. Nobody would say a word. Wonder why Tory’s dog cops it?

  9. Heaven forbid we actually hold someone to a tenancy agreement not allowing pets which by the way is a legal binding contract. This has nothing to do with race but a sense of entitlement which is the worst trait for an elected official.

    • fingrinn 100%. The sense of entitlement is appalling, and from Mayor it is bullying, with underlings rarely in the position to do anything about it. Many people might fancy taking their dogs to work with them down the CBD, but they can’t, and they don’t.

  10. The third most powerful elected “officeholdingperson” in the country does not need to obey the rules.
    Laws and regulations are for the common plebs.

    And please do not blame the doggie.

  11. I hope she is following it around with a bag when it decides to have a crap. Just like every other responsible dog ownwer.

    • Doubt it. She reportedly has staff walk the dog so quite likely has staff pick up its crap.

      Bottom line is that the tenancy prohibited dogs.

      Whanau broke the rules out of a sense of entitlement and that’s now an established pattern.

      Claiming that she’s being victimised because of her race or gender is pure gaslighting

  12. I hope she is following it around with a bag when it decides to have a crap. Just like every other responsible dog owner.

  13. Actually, you are partly right Bomber – It is all about pettiness and shrill people getting all triggered about nothing. But it is nothing about racism. Let’s leave Tory and Teddy alone and start concentrating on the real real issues like Poverty and Posie (and whether shrill people have the right to cancel people they disagree with)


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