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RT, 17 Jul, 2023 09:03

Black Sea grain deal ‘is terminated’ – Kremlin

Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the end of the agreement is not related to Ukraine’s attack on the Crimean Bridge
I am surprised that all the vile pro-war trolls haven’t piled on already, as they usually do, to claim that Russia is the victim here. That starving millions of people is justified. Because, y’know, Ukraine is a fascist dictatorship, NATO is about to invade Russia, Ukraine is persecuting Russian speakers, blah, blah, blah.
And then finally, just to put a cheery on top of this stinking pile of pro-war bullshit, some ‘whataboutism’ stating the 500,000 Iraqi children condemned to death as the direct result of the sanctions imposed by the Western powers and the US imperialist aggressor on Iraq, somehow justifies what the Russian Federation is doing in Ukraine

The cruelty of the Russian imperialist aggressor targeting Ukraine grain exports, is revealed in UN world hunger statistics.
@49:00 minutes
….122 million more people are now facing hunger than in 2019 according to this report. Which says the war in Ukraine and the Covid 19 pandemic had a devastating impact on global food supplies.
In total, it said between 691 and 783 million people went hungry in 2022, the UN’s largest state of food security and nutrition report in the world ever, found. It said that global food insecurity had worsened in recent years due to a perfect storm due to Covid-19, extreme weather events, and ongoing conflicts, particularly the war in Ukraine and the impact of the blockade on the port of Odessa, exposing the world dependence on Black Sea grain, sunflower oil and flour exports….
….it talks about the importance of the Black Sea Port Initiative….

Slava Ukraine


Patrick O’Dea is a staunch Unionist and human rights activist


  1. Hang on a minute Pat
    Where did the vast majority of Ukrainian grain go to in 2023?
    Poor African countries ?
    Educate yourself rather than take western imperialst talking points for gospel,Spain%2C%20while%20Turkey%20ranked%20third
    ” China was the leading export destination of agricultural products from Ukraine secured by the Black Sea Grain Initiative as of July 17, 2023, at eight million metric tons. Furthermore, six million metric tons went to Spain, while Turkey ranked third. The agreement between Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and the United Nations opened three Ukrainian ports for agricultural exports. Low and lower-middle income countries received nearly 20 percent of grain exports from Ukraine under the agreement as of January 2023. On July 17, 2023, the Russian government announced that it suspended participation in the deal.”
    Part of that deal was allowing Russian grain and fertilisers to get to market .
    But sanctions on insurance co.s who insure the shipping prevent Russia from supplying fertilisers and grain

    • So bloody what Francesca! What’s your point? Russia’s always the victim? If you act like a criminal on the world stage, do you deserve any breaks?

  2. The goal of destroying the economy of the world’s largest grain producer (Russia) is more important than allowing exports to those in need. It seems Russian grain is not fit for the stomachs of the hungry. Just a shame that the EU was the largest recipient of the now deceased deal, instead of letting poorer nations get priority.

  3. Yes, we wish all the best to both Russians and Ukranians, two countries bound by history and people. You forget to mention that the hundreds of billions spent on weapons here, mostly by the aggressor America, would solve any global hunger, homelessness and sustainable future crises. Instead the world’s money is undemocratically appropriated and sunk into a black hole of fascism, profiteering and death.

  4. I as yet, cannot understand the logic of Russia refusing to negotiate another deal. There is something here that we are not privy to.
    The outrage of bombing grain ports in Odessa and the audacity to target grain carrying ships as hostile is a criminal act.
    I think the grain ships should be given an armed escort and NATO to sink any of the Putin’s Black Sea fleet that attacks the freighters. It is time the blockade is broken. Ironically my great grandfather was a Russian Navy captain but I’m sure he would see my logic.

    • Your great Grandfather would be astounded at your critical thinking or lack there of.
      So your “Russian Navy captain” (imaginary Grandfather) would agree its logical for NATO to attack the Russian Navy? (Him)
      You do understand attacking Putin’s black sea fleet is an act of War?
      Son its time to hit reset again and start posting under a new name, this ones shot.

      • Act of war? Who the f… started the war mate!? You are a complete tosser!
        And you have a peasant- like mentality. Considering your origins it’s not surprising!
        Why are you so concerned about Russia? It’s not your country, you have no connection to it and you know f…all about it!
        As for critical thinking you have zilch! Nada! All you do is repeat Putinist agitprop! You should be ashamed of yourself supporting that bunch of criminals in the Kremlin!

        • Seriously Ovod you still don’t know the difference between a Special military operation and a declaration of War?

          • Special military operation my ass!
            Keep parroting your Kremlin propaganda lies! You are completely brainwashed!
            The rouble is weakening. Putin is on the way out!

  5. No Ben the point is that your analysis is reliably one sided. For centuries if not millennia, military commanders have written about the importance of understanding your enemy. It helps to win wars and more importantly when to avoid them.

    Take the article above
    “Ukraine is persecuting Russian speakers, blah, blah, blah”
    Steelman the Russian position. What do you think has been happening in Eastern Ukraine since 2014, who were most of the 14000 deaths in the east, who do you think was first to break the Minsk accords, how, why?

    Go back through each of the numerous milestones all the way to James Baker’s ‘NATO not moving an inch to the east’. Ask yourself what would 2023 Washington do in the same situation? Is Putin evil and irrational, a cartoon villain, or is he behaving in a predictable way for a rational man in his position. What has he been saying about Ukraine and warning the US for over a decade? Any comment on the 2022 draft peace treaty that Washington via Boris Johnson instructed Zelenskyy not to sign (that is not Kremlin propaganda, Ukrainian press reported it at the time).

    You try to portray this as a simplistic moral tale by starting the morality clock in 2022. I’m not saying Putin is the good guy here either. Like the US over the last 20 years this is the latest of multiple Russian wars since Putin came to office, (although Russia appears more loyal to its allies than the US). This is not as you seem to think a battle of good vs evil, this is great powers colliding with the end of the unipolar moment with millions of ordinary people crushed in between. Sadly I see no Khrushchev or Kennedy to pull us back from the brink.

    “Slava Ukraine”
    Perhaps try being an analyst instead of a partisan?

    The Ukrainian people do not deserve this, the Russian people do not deserve this. What may earn you more respect, beyond reporting the battlefield, is to critique the narratives from Washington (rather than uncritically repeat them. Did you really believe Russia blew up their own pipeline for which they had a tap?) and equally, critique the narratives from Moscow (rather than ignore them). Genuinely informing the public discourse is vitally important now with a conflict that has burnt through hundreds of thousands of lives, displaced millions, will contribute to regional famines that may kill tens or hundreds of millions, and risks sleep-waking us into WW3 through a cascade of recklessness.

  6. Putin’s state of health according to General SVR:
    Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Yesterday, the representatives of South Africa and Russia officially confirmed what we have been reporting for a long time – Russian President Vladimir Putin will not personally participate in the BRICS summit, which will be held in South Africa. On the part of Putin’s entourage, there was an attempt to promote the idea of ​​sending a double instead of the president, but Putin’s last conversation with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa forced him to abandon this idea. The fact is that Cyril Ramaphosa during the conversation directly stated that the participation in the summit of “people portraying the first persons of the states participating in the summit” is unacceptable. Putin was so discouraged by this statement that he could not answer anything intelligible and only mumbled something indistinctly, allegedly, he “does not know anything about such plans on either side.” In principle, the decision to take part in the summit via video link is a great relief for the President of Russia. We have already reported and will repeat once again: RUSSIAN PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN WILL NO LONGER PERSONALLY PARTICIPATE IN FOREIGN TRAVEL. The Republic of Belarus may become an exception, but this option is also unlikely. Putin’s state of health does not allow him to take part in such events. Yesterday, during a meeting with representatives of the leadership of the military bloc, which was held via video link, the president was briefed on the situation at the front and talked about “retaliation strikes” for the Crimean bridge in Ukraine. But the participation in the meeting of the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Patrushev, did not allow the potential of the imagination of representatives of the Ministry of Defense to be revealed. Therefore, the results of both “retribution strikes” and “successes” at the front looked much more modest than the lies presented to the president the day before. Putin was generally dissatisfied with the report and demanded the speedy implementation of all the promises of the leadership of the military bloc. While the president was indignant at the lack of real results at the front, a man resembling Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the supervisory board of the autonomous non-profit organization Russia-Land of Opportunities. The doppelgänger was in high spirits and held the event slightly on edge. Also, in a good mood, the double of the president held a meeting with members of the Government via videoconference. In both cases, there were reservations and memories not related to the past of the real Putin, but who cares. The people see a youthful, healthy, vigorous and full of energy “president”, but the semantic content and inconsistency between the form of behavior and the presentation of information, the public no longer cares. The understudy, in the image of the president, is firmly entering the information field, filling the vacuum in the absence of the real Putin, every day getting more and more chances to remain the only “Putin” after the death or removal of the real one.

    It is a strange world in the Kremlin even even half of this is true!

    • Not even half is true though. Putin has just refused a request by Ramaphosa to stay at home to save SA the problem of having to refuse to comply with the UN instructions to arrest him on arrival .Ramaphosa asked him to send Lavrov instead but that request has been rejected.
      D J S

  7. Pat continues his historic “anti sovietism” from the old CPNZ “People’s Voice” paper days. It is pathetic–to be anti soviet back in the day was basically to be anti communist in essence, which he continues to prove with his every post.

    Very few TDB participants I imagine would be that interested in old commo sectarian rumbles now, but Pat is a revisionist of the first order and has lost his way. I do not support Russian Authoritarianism, and a mate of mine in an international Union Federation had a number of difficult situations to deal with from Putin’s union busting.

    US Imperialism however is still the main threat to world peace. “Neither Washington, Moscow, or Beijing” is the the true working class internationalist position.

    • Anonymous blood thirsty prowar troll continues his anti-historic pro-Putinism.

      As for my “anti sovietism” it seems it is something I shared with the Russian people.

      The thing you don’t understand Tigermolehill is that it was the Russian people that brought down the Soviet Union.

      It’s always good to be on the right side of history.

      • Quite right Pat. It was the mothers of 19 year olds being brought back in coffins and body bags from Afghanistan that helped to bring the Soviet Union down plus the Chernobyl disaster.

      • Putin and his crackpot western supporters seek to reverse the judgement of history.

        “Pat continues his historic “anti sovietism”” TIGERMOUNTAIN

        Tigermolehill continues his “pro sovietism”.
        Nursing a long dead and buried sectarian grudge of the past, to cling on to a fantasy of Russia as the “Socialist Homeland”.
        The old pro-soviet left, like Tigermolehill, the Russian socialist homeland was beyond reproach.
        Today the last remains of the Soviet Empire, is a nakedly avaricious neoliberal capitalist state.
        But still old pro-soviet commos like Tigermolehill can’t let go of their long held illusions. Just as they did back then, during the peak of the Soviet Empire, old commos like Tigermolehill excuse and/or deny every human rights abuse and imperialist adventure, by the new imperialist Russian Federation. Old habits die hard.

        No amount of military force and the mounting atrocities committed by the Russian Federation, can achieve the return or the Soviet Union, or dig up the long buried corpse of the Greater Russian Czarist Empire, that Putin says he wants to resurrect.

        Putin compares himself to Peter the Great in quest to take back Russian lands

        President draws parallel with tsar who waged war on Sweden and says campaign in Ukraine stems from ‘basic values’

        Vladimir Putin has compared himself to the 18th-century Russian tsar Peter the Great, drawing a parallel between what he portrayed as their twin historic quests to win back Russian lands.

        “Peter the Great waged the great northern war for 21 years. It would seem that he was at war with Sweden, he took something from them. He did not take anything from them, he returned [what was Russia’s],” the Russian president said on Thursday after a visiting an exhibition dedicated to the tsar.
        After months of denials that Russia is driven by imperial ambitions in Ukraine, Putin appeared to embrace that mission, comparing Peter’s campaign with Russia’s current military actions….

        …..Peter the Great, an autocratic moderniser admired by liberal and conservative Russians alike, ruled for 43 years and gave his name to a new capital, St Petersburg – Putin’s home town – that he ordered built on land he conquered from Sweden.
        It was a project that cost the lives of tens of thousands of serfs, conscripted as forced labourers to build Peter’s “window to Europe” in the swamps of the Baltic Sea coast.
        Before Putin’s visit to the exhibition, state television aired a documentary praising Peter the Great as a tough military leader, greatly expanding Russian territory at the expense of Sweden and the Ottoman empire with the modernised army and navy he built….

        In the 21st Century people are heartily sick and tired of imperialism. Any blow struck against imperialism and imperialists anywhere, weakens imperialism everywhere.

        Slava Ukraine

      • [The thing you don’t understand Tigermolehill is that it was the Russian people that brought down the Soviet Union.]
        Actually it was not “the people” that brought down sovietism: it was a drunken sot by the name of Boris Yeltsin; though I guess the people may be held to be partially responsible for the shambolic sate of the economy at the time. The real failure though was due to the inefficiencies of the central planning of the economy.

  8. It’s wild that these “Slava Ukraine” virtue signallers don’t realise they’re mindlessly aping “Heil Hitler”. for a country with a well documented Nazi regiments.

    Anyone “anti war” had plenty of time to get on the peace bus while Russia was for decades asserting verbally its security interests with its neighbours and mighty mighty Nato irgnored them, radicalised their neighbours against them, and twice couped Ukraine before building it into the largest army in Europe while persecuting Russians and shelling those who did not support their coup regime. Passively going along with this plan doesn’t make you a “vile pro war troll”? No, but if you deny this, it makes you a brainwashed chauvinist idiot.

    • I think I know who is brainwashed! You Paul!
      You have fallen for classic Kremlin propaganda with the myths about Nazis in Ukraine. That’s straight out of the Putin playbook. All lies of course.
      Stop repeating Putin’s lies!

      • There are years of Western media reports about the Ukrainian nazis.
        The Christchurch shooter trained with the ukrainian nazis.
        Uknrainian military is covered in their regalia.
        The regime has been revising history to make their nazi forebears patriots, not nazis.
        The nazis have been ethnic cleansing their country of “non ukrainian” culture. Not just russian.
        The Nazis who spearheaded the coup regime were slaughtering their own citizens for 8 years before Russia intervened (and still are).
        Just this years, Ukraine and USa were the only countries to vote for the glorification on Nazi at the UN.

        that’s not “brainwashing” or a “playbook”. It’s hard reality, and all the exclamation marks in the world won’t change it.
        And it is why Russia will win. Because nazis can’t tolerate other people, but other people are everywhere. Just as Nato can’t tolerate a free Russia, With their biggest proxy army defeated, Nato will shrivel up and die as an organisation like the wrinkled little nutsack it is.

      • Uncle Sam, I think, needed an enemy to justify NATO’s existence. But if one was not available it would have to create one. Hence the creation, by propaganda, of the Russian bogeyman. If I believed in re-incarnation I would think that Joe McCarthy had come back as Joe Biden.

      • They aren’t myths you cretin. How the hell do you research anything, or are you just spoon-fed bollocks from a trough?

  9. Classic tactic from Evil Dictators Playbook . Even Hitler had the audacity to claim that Poland, France and the USSR were potential threats about to attack Nazi Germany months prior to doing just that to it’s neighbors. Either that or expounding historic land basis or German cultural/speaking populations to justify invading.

  10. This might be a bit difficult for some columnists (5th?) and commenters here to accept but ultimately do youselves a favour and read this –
    “It is one of the most important aspects of our media system, and yet hardly known to the public: most of the international news coverage in Western media is provided by only three global news agencies based in New York, London and Paris.

    The key role played by these agencies means Western media often report on the same topics, even using the same wording. In addition, governments, military and intelligence services use these global news agencies as multipliers to spread their messages around the world. ..”

    • So what? Your point is totally unproven.
      And you ignore the Kremlin’s propaganda setup through RT, Izvestia, Sputnik, Kommersant etc

  11. Pat I agree with many of your observations but on this you are wrong. Nato has surrounded Russia with basis and military activity. Who is the agressor? USA. How many countries has Russia invaded and how many has the USA (103) since the WW11.
    Suggest you look at Chris Hedges “they lied about Afganastan they lied about Iran …………..
    Don’t blame one side without looking at the history and facts.
    Stop all wars as only the rich prosper.


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