Political Caption Competition


CB: “I’m here to meet the new Hamilton-West MP, can you grab me a gin and tonic cheers.”

TP: “….”


  1. “Marina Davidson’s hapū has lodged a treaty claim against your house, the entire street actually…sorry to have to tell you.”

  2. ” Thanks CB for spending a couple of hundred thousand of Nationals donations war chest on advertising on the Stuff website for me. And who said you can’t buy an election?”
    CB.. Gurav Sharma who?

  3. “Cuz. Just because you’ve got the bauld head thing going on doesn’t mean that you’re one of us.”

  4. If you ID pronto as a Maori woman, Marama might just leave your land alone and free to eat W’s PC chocolate and sausage rolls.

  5. What you need to know is that alcohol is the accepted drink here, and we have a mania for sausage rolls (the sort you eat haha) at moment and we always follow trend-setters, so if you fit in you’ll be jake.

  6. Just don’t go chasing ladies over Parliament grounds after dark like Roger the Cur used to, hands out of pockets at Question Time, and keep your sausage roll under your desk.


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