The Daily Blog Open Mic – 17th July 2023

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

The Editor doesn’t moderate this blog,  3 volunteers do, they are very lenient to provide you a free speech space but if it’s just deranged abuse or putting words in bloggers mouths to have a pointless argument, we don’t bother publishing.

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  1. Worth considering. Especially when we look at NZ’s facile immigration policies – often stolen from, and enforced by our white western colonial masters.

    I think however lil ‘ole NuZull that punches above its weight can lay claim to having the most incompetent, unaccountable, arrogant, slow, bullshit and spin oriented immigration agencies among the ‘superior’ nation states (i.e. the non brown, non black ones).

    Nationall is the new all-inclusive name for the Party that cleans up – everything. Citizens are being exposed to the world through free trade and the millions of clever minds there swamp the smaller number here in finding a way to strip NZ of any financial security or advancement they have or will ever make. Now the savings, that a scrupulous government enabled people to make, are being to be raided by the unscrupulous lust for gold far beyond Donald Duck’s grandpa. And people need to draw on their savings because of the high cost of housing, a basic; high through gummint’s continually unwise behaviour

    Kindly the Nationall gummint that wants to be, is going to allow us to empty our piggy banks until we are so empty we have to beg MSD that won’t advance anything until you have used all your resources.

    1850 when we started was a difficult time, and lately it is considered we had got too lazy and complacent, and now the fix is to be a losing team in the world stakes. But line up and buy tickets to watch this real-time disaster play. Roll in the clowns, jesters and mummers.
    Mummers were originally bands of masked persons who during winter festivals in Europe paraded the streets and entered houses to dance or play dice in silence. “Momerie” was a popular amusement between the 13th and 16th century.
    Mumming play | Medieval, Folklore & Ritual – Encyclopedia Britannica › art › mumming-

  3. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    Lols. That really is as funny as a fart in hurricane, just as it is wondering why the reluctance to get NuZull on Ear funding in this space, going forward.

  4. A few matters from Ian Powell’s article in Scoop.

    ,,,In 1993 the then National government introduced an ill-fated market model to base the health system on. Public hospitals were required to compete both with each other and private hospitals for government funding. They were state-owned companies covered by the Commerce Act.
    Over time this system began to peter out because of the negative downsides it created, including impracticality, and increasing public opposition. It became an electoral liability. On 1 January 2001 it was formally abolished.

    The Public Health and Disability Services Act, which replaced it, was based on cooperation rather competition, primarily through the newly established district health boards.

    But, in the mid-1990s, this competition driver had posed a predicament for medical specialists, many of whom (less than half) also to various degrees worked privately…

    Most specialists who also had private practice still worked 30 or more hours per week in the public system. Most of them were strongly committed to their public hospital and did not want it undermined…

    In this context I successfully negotiated a clause beginning at Rotorua Hospital. It recognised both the right of specialists to private practice and the responsibility to address conflict of interest..

    The Rotorua clause was a balance between the two and became a standard clause extended to most public hospitals in that decade….

    I think this article should be read for background on our health system (now called Te Whatu Ora) and we must not forget the competitive system is based on a known falsification in business economics. Competition can be ruthless for a while when coming from some well-heeled entity, and when it is most successful in providing lower prices and some unique advantages and smaller businesses have vanished, then becomes a monopoly. Like the government but this one has power to dictate terms and methods, and wants to make a regular profit. It may sell itself to another entity and the consumer has to pay more to keep the percentages stable but valued on the new price. Government has been sold a pup and the wealthy are buying and selling us.

    Think of this process like an attack by locusts; these human locusts hone in on anything that they can buy up and sell us or take over manufacturers of supplies we need and sell them overseas or make us pay more for things when causing a shortage.

    And real locusts may reach us yet. At present Africa is getting a bigger pain from them than in the past.

  5. Tax ; I’ve been reading Georgette Heyer, a prolifc author often In the Jane Austen style, but also detective novels, died 1974. It’s interesting, particularly perceptions of tax officials. Heyer though popular and well versed in the mannerisms of the Regency age, with much time on reference, was not feted by literary critics and had the tax man to contend with.

    …To minimize her tax liability, Heyer formed a limited liability company called Heron Enterprises around 1950. Royalties from new titles would be paid to the company, which would then furnish Heyer’s salary and pay directors’ fees to her family. She would continue to receive royalties from her previous titles, and foreign royalties – except for those from the United States – would go to her mother.

    Within several years, however, a tax inspector found that Heyer was withdrawing too much money from the company. The inspector considered the extra funds as undisclosed dividends, meaning that she owed an additional £3,000 in taxes. To pay the tax bill, Heyer wrote two articles, “Books about the Brontës” and “How to be a Literary Writer”, that were published in the magazine Punch. She once wrote to a friend, “I’m getting so tired of writing books for the benefit of the Treasury and I can’t tell you how utterly I resent the squandering of my money on such fatuous things as Education and Making Life Easy and Luxurious for So-Called Workers.” (I think she was being ironic but a hard-working author might be forgiven.)..

    The limited liability company continued to vex Heyer, and in 1966, after tax inspectors found that she owed the company £20,000, she finally fired her accountants…Heyer’s new accountants urged her to abandon Heron Enterprises; after two years, she finally agreed to sell the company to Booker-McConnell, which already owned the rights to the estates of novelists Ian Fleming and Agatha Christie. Booker-McConnell paid her approximately £85,000 for the rights to the 17 Heyer titles owned by the company. This amount was taxed at the lower capital transfer rate, rather than the higher income tax rate[…

    Perhaps a bit boring but if you are interested in how the taxation system works at times, and can seem crushing, this in UK post war particularly for an individual, is interesting. She has cared for her two brothers, supported her mother and husband for a time, and been a mother and housewife? while turning out two books almost each year with meticulous backgrounds and worrying about the tax inspector quibbles. My sympathy is with her.

  6. Chris Hipkins needs to release a statement saying he doesn’t represent New Zealand on foreign policy specifically when it comes to providing support and money for these terrorists:

    If he does support terrorism on civilian infrastructure and murder of civilians then Hipkins and his government should permanently relocate to Europe to be amongst their own.

    • Hipkins is a darling of the far right now, violence and hate is the main tool of their fascist agenda. Look at how long it took Hipkins to acknowledge the domestic terror in NZ, what with the ram raiding and the ugly, swaggering creeps walking our streets and hurting our people. And Hipkins is certainly aligned with fascist ideology, he facilitated the New Zealand experiment with forced medical procedures, government psyops and totalitarianism. He can’t say now he cares about local communities with his form, and not when he backs the atrocities his government is funding overseas.

      • Golly worser and wroser. This – lyrics from The Big Hurt.
        ,,,Now it begins, day after day
        This is my night, ticking away
        Waiting to hear footsteps that say
        “Love will appear and this time to stay”

        Oh, each time you go
        I try to pretend
        It’s over at last
        This time the big hurt will end

        We have revolving politicians but they go, resume still without giving access to the real NZ and just play at doing things as if they know and mean to do the work needed from them.

        And then we get the embittered people who seem to enjoy citing wrongs and mistakes and setting up despair and not appealing for better. Anger is energy, a force. We have to boost our energy from other vital emotion, determination to improve things, not just grim dissatisfaction. But we need to both understand what is going on clearly, and see where other mistakes are waiting in the wings to come on stage and do their damage.

        Perhaps if we put Dylan Moran on first and then get down to some serious thought about what positives we can do.
        Because it is true that the pollies are useless and have given up their sacred duties and handed them to business. Also it is true that we were told that under business things would be more efficient, and costs would go down. But still the businesses would make a profit doing the same things as gummint WTF. But thinking again that does not compute; it never could compute; and the idea that business would be really concerned about citizens’ needs and services required – never happen.

        But then unfortunately also even gummint can’t be concerned about our babies, our own noble, miraculous creations, and being there for the mothers and fathers carrying on the human race, our nation, and our culture. So we have the mess we have now with nobody able to believe anything completely. What we need is in the last verse of WH Auden poem 1September 1939.
        Defenceless under the night
        Our world in stupor lies;
        Yet, dotted everywhere,
        Ironic points of light
        Flash out wherever the Just
        Exchange their messages:
        May I, composed like them
        Of Eros and of dust,
        Beleaguered by the same
        Negation and despair,
        Show an affirming flame.

        Yes keep that light going. Can we keep thinking, conversing, struggling and questioning and supporting each other trying to sweep the chaff away and look at the yellow-brick road underneath. Which one are you? Need a mix I think.
        On the journey to the Emerald City, Dorothy and Toto are joined by…
        the Scarecrow, who wishes he had brains;
        the Tin Woodman, who longs for a heart;
        and the Cowardly Lion, who seeks courage.

        Why bother to think up new stories and initiatives – authors, creatives have already dreamed up various positions and futures. I invite you to find something to carry in your heads to enliven your days.
        From the USA: Yogi Bear : Boo Boo, you’ve tried to stop my brilliant ideas with common sense a thousand times. or
        Mark Twain: “If you tell truth you don’t have to remember anything.” |
        It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. | Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.

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