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    Comvita said HoneyWorld was the largest mānuka honey retailer in Singapore and represented a highly strategic acquisition in one of Asia’s premium growth markets.
    The deal would give Comvita a 50 percent market share in the mānuka honey category in Singapore.

    Who are the major shareholders of Comvita?
    Milford Asset Management Ltd. Kauri Nz Investment Ltd. Accident Compensation Corp.
    COMVITA LIMITED : Shareholders Board Members Managers … › … › Comv

    I think it is time for government to take action to ensure this valuable resource stays in NZ hands perhaps by helping Maori get a controlling stake. I did find in Waatea news an item on Kanuka but I do not understand how it is good for NZ as a whole and Maori in particular whio regard manuka honey as a taonga. to let this slip away. Of course NZ leaders have always been pussies about acting to protect our brands and resources, just remember the Kiwi brand used for shoe polish etc. But much can be done with manuka honey.
    …One company driving the research is Manuka Bioscience, which manages six mānuka plantations in partnership with iwi landowners, some of whom are shareholders in the company.
    It produces a range of products, including its ManukaRx skincare brand.
    Trials into mānuka oil’s efficacy in treating mild to severe eczema and impetigo – or school sores – is expected later in the year.
    Oil derived from mānuka leaves has 80 natural compounds, Stuart Cairns co-founder of Manuka Bioscience, tells Kathryn Ryan.

    This is the trail of action that has led to failure to protect our manuka brand against foreign incursion.\

    Just turning business over to Maori is not enough to ensure that there will be good stable returns and satisfaction to Maori from their businesses. The business world is full of sharks with sharp teeth. So government needs to ensure bicultural trusts in some areas need to be set up to prevent mistakes.

    Incidentally why can’t I find any reports on google under ‘Maori business comment’ Similarly I couldn’t find any relevant listings on RNZ! More about health, arts, climate problems. Pretty poor I think.

    But did find this very important piece.

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