A meeting of mines – Luxon and Seymour hanging out for lunch

A meeting of Mines

CL: “Hey champ, I’ve ordered us the soup broth. It’s delicious, do you like soup broth”?

DS: “Chris, I want to discuss core roles of the executive under any new ACT/National Government…”

CL: “I’ll get us the soup broth then, are you going to Taytay in Sydney? The kids want to go so I’ve hired a private jet. Hope it’s not a Tesla eh? (laughs loudly at own joke)

DS: “…..”

CL: “Chris Bishop is also going, he wanted to get a lift with us, but come on. He was a Tobacco lobbyist, he needs CEO money to ride with my crew (laughs loudly at own joke)

- Sponsor Promotion -

DS: “…..”

CL: “Do you like Taytay? I hate how everyone suddenly became a fan after her latest album, which is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I was a fan from day one. All these newbies sucking up to her now, where was Chris Bishop when she released her first debut in 2006?

DS: “I believe he was 22”

CL: “Are you a Swiftie?”

DS: “…..”

CL: “I think we should have sponsored Taytay’s concert you know, it would win votes with the young female electorate Judith Collins tells me I need to win over. She’s become a great mate recently, hanging out a lot at my house when she turns up unannounced. She joked she was trying to catch me sleeping. I think it was a joke, you can never tell with Judith. Do you trust Judith?”

DS: “I think she’s a treacherous radioactive swamp witch who will always knife you in the back the first chance she gets, sorry, what did you say about the State subsidising a Taylor Swift concert?”

CL: “Yeah, I could get onstage and do a karaoke with her and my daughters will be like ‘Daaaaad’. I bet I can get on The Tictok with that! Are you on The Tictok?

DS: “…..”

CL: They say you will trick me into giving you everything ACT wants including a referendum that will start a race war, but you wouldn’t do that eh?”

DS: “I’ve specifically said I will make you do that”.

CL: “Yeah, but not really right”?

DS: “I’ve specifically said I will make you do that”.

CL: “Yes and I say things I have to walk back all the time too”.

DS: “I’ve specifically said I will make you do that, and have never walked it back. My last 3 press releases have been, “Why I will force this on Chris Luxon, How I will force this on Chris Luxon and When I will force this on Chris Luxon“.

CL: “You guys are so good at press releases, when I was at Air NZ we had a great press release person. Do you think your guys would run the press releases when we take over?

DS: “…..”

CL: “Oh here’s the soup. I love our weekly catch ups over lunch, it’s really helping me understand the man I’ll be working with”.

DS: “…..”


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    • @ RE
      The Daily Blog’s fucking awesome and is far from ‘disintegrating’ as you so uncharitably put it.
      Name just one media alternative to the bloodless MSM that the TDB gives us? There is ‘social media’ I suppose.
      Babababahahha a a hhhahahaha a ! !!! Bahahahhahahahahaha ahahaha ! ! BBBBAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa hahhaahhdhdhahahhaha a

      • I think and not before time,the person who calls themselves countryboy has revealed themselves.

        • If I ever reveal myself to you @ bob you’ll feint with envy. I hope you’ll remember to wear your wide angle spectacles and remember to stand well back.

      • To be fair I was looking for more substance and didn’t take into account the fun aspect here. Shit, have I become that serious with politics.

    • It seems more likely to be your cognizance that is “disintegrating” than what is an article that speaks volumes regarding the Colonial/corporate raiders plans for this country… None of which will work in a societal sense, but will make exploiting the resources, both human, and mineral an easy thing to do.. John Keys handlers must be on the verge of orgasm at the thought of having the country back in their hands so that the rape can continue, unabated this time… Could you have made a more stupid statement? That is debatable, but not by much..

  1. (I can’t help myself)
    “Senior National Party figures have laid out what is at stake at this year’s election to its members, calling it the most important election since 1984.”
    “At day two of the party’s annual conference in Wellington, campaign chair Chris Bishop told delegates the country was at a turning point.”
    “This is nothing less than a fight for the future of our great country,” he said.”
    After this old cockie finished vomiting into the kitchen sink, I started laughing in that hysterical, maniacal kind of way. Yes. I’ve come here and now to vent.
    The national party WERE 1984, let’s remember that. The National Party is the Dark Energy behind rogers flagrant treachery after pupating within Labours now neo-liberal intestines. I’m particularly moved by the above image of the bald rat and the servile Smithers-like character in front of the fat arse that surely must be seymours. Moving, because I’m reminded of the photograph of don brash and winston peters doing tea and nibbles outside that cafe in that infamous image that’s now almost impossible to find anywhere on the net. Fortunately, I have a copy. Don Brash. RBNZ chief now retired and Winston “Yap! Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap!Yap! Nope, nothing to see here…” Peters
    IF, and it’s a huge ‘IF’ Labour’s genuine in it’s trajectory and intent, it could undo national like a ball of nylon.
    ( There’s no wool left because National and its neo-liberal money spongers fucked that up for all of us.
    The Guardian
    “New Zealand’s ratio of sheep to humans at lowest point in 170 years”
    If you’re one of the many morons out there who need shoes to come with directions on how to tie laces you might wonder why wool, mutton, beef and many other foods and agrarian produce once having been exported has anything to do with making “…the future of our great country,…” then you’ll be the first to drop dead of starvation. Natural selection rules!
    If you believe the guff brain-spurted out of chris bishop ( chris bishop… I mean wtf? ) I have a bridge in Auckland I can let you have at a bargain price. If interested, you can contact me here and I’ll send you over the paper work and my bank account number, although cash is best. I can take 20% off for cash, how about that?

    • Are you sure? Or is this just the statement of one of NZs great reactionary rump? Irrelevant at worst, deluded and utterly misguided at best…

      • Bob still lives in the delusional world of planet Key, fiction is his area of expertise. Every time he post’s it’s fiction.

  2. Google reckons a ‘Taytay’ is either
    – ‘The nickname for the romantic relationship between Taylor Lautner, of Twilight fame, and Taylor Swift, country songstress’
    – or ‘a bridge; a construction spanning a waterway, ravine, or valley from an elevated height’

    Ha, ya learn something new everyday, I always though they were called a suspension bridges.

  3. Brilliant Martyn….you are entertaining , educating, challenging, controversial and insightful all rolled up in one…PLUS never boring!
    Love it…
    Thank you.

  4. David wouldn’t agree with the state sponsoring Taytay.
    David only agrees with the state sponsoring Landlords via the 2 billion dollar (and rising), accomodation supplement that puts an artificially high floor under rents, and big business through the wage subsidy.. I mean working for families.

    Ask David next time he’s on your show if he will cut government costs in those areas? Crickets…

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